the trail v9.0

evan chan is dead. we want to know why.

  1. Document Introduction, Thanks, Media Inquiries and Credits
    1. What's New
    2. Unsolved Puzzles
  2. The Discovery Trail - Disclaimer, Introduction and back-story
    5. (Evan's pages)
      1. Meditations
      2. Meditations 2
      3. Meditations 3
      4. Meditations 4
      5. Meditations 5
      6. Meditations 6
      7. Meditations 7
      8. Meditations 8
      9. Meditations 9
      1. Evan Chan's Coroner's report
      2. Kent Whitman's Coroner's report
      3. Kate Nei's Fake Coroner's report
      4. Enrico Basta's Coroner's report
      5. Jeanine Salla's Coroner's Report
      6. Jane Doe Autopsy Photos
      1. Mowz Warez
      2. Old Spanish Dust
      3. The Step Self
      4. Vayu Transcript
      1. Japanese Kate Nei Page
      2. Martin Swinton's Diary
    19. (Red King Crack)
      1. The Monica Swinton Files
    23. *
      1. The Beverly Gilbert Files
    26. The Second AI Trailer
    29. The AI Trailers and TV Spots
    34. *

    37. * means no direct link has been found to this site.
  3. Puzzles
    1. The Chemistry Puzzle [SOLVED]
    2. The Evan Chan login Puzzle [SOLVED]
    3. The 8 Brooks Passing Puzzle [SOLVED]
    4. The Red King Binary Code
    5. The Kent Whitman PDA puzzle [SOLVED]
    6. The Rational Hatter Puzzle [SOLVED]
    7. The Knock Knock Puzzle [SOLVED]
    8. "Mowz Warez" Entry Puzzle [SOLVED]
    9. "Mowz Warez" spiral Puzzle [SOLVED]
    10. "Mowz Warez" Line Graphics Puzzle [SOLVED]
    11. "Mowz Warez" Test Puzzle [SOLVED]
    12. "Mowz Warez" "What's your name?" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    13. "Mowz Warez" "Where am I from?" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    14. "Mowz Warez" "What business am I in?" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    15. The "Reconstruct" Puzzle
    16. The IASA Login Puzzle [SOLVED]
    17. The "Vulture" Email Puzzle
    18. The Business Card Puzzle [SOLVED]
    19. The Base64 Puzzle [SOLVED]
    20. The Plato Puzzle
    21. The ARM "UAN" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    22. The ARM Rally Flyer Puzzle [SOLVED]
    23. The ARM Rally Front Door Puzzle [SOLVED]
    24. The ARM Rally "Abuse" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    25. The ARM Nanocode or "Airplane" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    26. The ARM NY Rally "torn book" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    27. The ARM NY Rally Jigsaw Puzzle [SOLVED]
    28. The Sophia's Temple Puzzle [SOLVED]
    29. The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 1 [SOLVED]
    30. The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 2 [SOLVED]
    31. The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 2.5 [SOLVED]
    32. The PACO Login Puzzle [SOLVED]
    33. The DonuTech Shareholder Information Puzzle [SOLVED]
    34. The ARM Rally Phone Call Puzzle [SOLVED]
    35. The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 3, Hangman [SOLVED]
    36. The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 4 [SOLVED]
    37. The AI Chess Puzzle [SOLVED]
    38. The Red King Chess Puzzle [SOLVED]
    39. The Base64 II Puzzle [SOLVED]
    40. The TV Spots Puzzle
    41. The ARM LA Rally "torn book" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    42. The "By the pricking of my thumb" Puzzle[SOLVED]
    43. The Anotherstone Puzzle [SOLVED]
    44. The Laia Email Attachment Puzzle [SOLVED]
    45. The "Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    46. The MSD Brutus Image Puzzle[SOLVED]
    47. The MSD Enigma Puzzle [SOLVED]
    48. The Beelzebub email "antique lures" Puzzle[SOLVED]
    49. The Loki Bug Numbering Puzzle
    50. The Loki Pieces Puzzle
    51. The "As flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    52. The Cahir Images / MSD Enigma #2 Puzzle [SOLVED]
    53. The Brutusconv Puzzle [SOLVED]
    54. The Jason Puzzle [SOLVED]
    55. The Dominoes Puzzle [SOLVED]
    56. Catskill Seaview Clinic Patient Records Puzzle [SOLVED]
    57. Brutus.jpg Puzzle
    58. Martin Swinton's Voicemail Password Puzzle[SOLVED]
    59. The "We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    60. Laia's Domino Puzzle [SOLVED]
    61. The Turnabout Puzzle [SOLVED]
    62. The Martin Swinton's Diary SPID Puzzle [SOLVED]
    63. The SPCB SPID Text Puzzle [SOLVED]
    64. The Origen MLH Puzzle [SOLVED]
    65. The Red King SPCB Text Puzzle [SOLVED]
    66. The Baseball Puzzle [SOLVED]
    67. The "The tongues of dying men" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    68. The "Martin Swinton's Baseball Image" Puzzle
    69. The thief.asp Puzzle [SOLVED]
    70. Laia's Guest Check Puzzle [SOLVED]
    71. The Watchtower Security Password Puzzle [SOLVED]
    72. The "Connect the Dots" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    73. The "A little more than kin" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    74. The Room Number Puzzle [SOLVED]
    75. The Movie Poster Puzzles
      1. David's Outline [SOLVED]
      2. Puppet Master Seal - Plaintext [SOLVED]
      3. Puppet Master Seal - Barcode
    76. The "Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    77. The Anotherstone Images Puzzle [SOLVED]
    78. The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle, Day 5 [SOLVED]
    79. Red King's Math Puzzle [SOLVED]
    80. Nancy's Plant Puzzle [SOLVED]
    81. Katya's Code Puzzle [SOLVED]
    82. Svetlana's Biology Puzzle [SOLVED]
    83. Svetlana's Notes Puzzle [SOLVED]
    84. Eliza's Post-Mortem Puzzle [SOLVED]
    85. Watchtower Crash Analysis Puzzle [SOLVED]
    86. "Then no planet strikes, no fairy takes" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    87. Mother Pieces Puzzle [SOLVED]
    88. "If music be the food of love" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    89. The Musical Napkin Puzzle [SOLVED]
    90. The Bathroom Tiles Puzzle [SOLVED]
    91. The Menu Puzzle [SOLVED]
    92. The Go/og Puzzle [SOLVED]
    93. The Hayate Puzzle [SOLVED]
    94. The Orikaeshigatae Puzzle [SOLVED]
    95. The Red King "P" Puzzle [SOLVED]
    96. Cloudmaker's Beautiful Land Puzzle [SOLVED]
    97. Javascript Credits Puzzle [SOLVED]
    98. Ghaepetto Puzzle
  4. Incoming material
    1. phone calls
      1. (503) 321-5122 (The First Trailer Number)
      2. (212) 502-1177 (Jeanine Salla's Voicemail)
        1. Pressing "2"
        2. Pressing "5242" (Laia)
        3. Pressing "6476" (Miro)
      3. (919) 425-2310 (Nancy Chan's Voicemail)
        1. Pressing "2426" (Chan)
      4. (212) 613-1680 (Martin Swinton's Number)
        1. Pressing "4862"
      5. The "Unknown" call
      6. (702)-387-2350 (Not Pia)
      7. The ARM Rally call
      8. (702) 387-3822 (Pia's voicemail)
      9. The Mephista Phone Call
      10. The Second Unknown Call
      11. (212) 465-3157 (From Oliver to ARM)
      12. (212) 613-1632 (Statue Security)
      13. (713) 867-5980 (Movie Stuff)
      14. The Teddy Phone Call
      15. The Mother Phone Call
    2. Faxes
      1. The Belladerma Fax
    3. Emails
      1. The "Mephista" Email
      2. The "Mother" Email
      3. The "Mario Dauphin" Email
      4. The "Mother" Email to "Not Evan"
      5. The Hoxa "Albatross" Email
      6. The DonuTech Autoresponders
        1. Tiffany Wang
        2. Carter Swem
        3. Moussa Zaki Khalil
        4. Valerie Devidal
        5. Ibrim Hoxa
        6. Svetlana Cellini
        7. Salif Ojukwa
        8. CIO (Chief Information Officer)
        9. Arrancha Valapiso
      7. Jeanine Salla's Autoresponder
      8. Electric-Toyland Autoresponder
      9. The "Not Pia" Email
      10. The "Laia" Email
      11. The 2nd "Laia" Email
      12. The Mother "Vulture" Email
      13. The 3rd "Laia" Email
      14. Loki's autoresponder
      15. The 4th "Laia" Email
      16. Jeanine Salla's Autoresponder (2)
      17. John Galt's Autoresponder
      18. The 5th "Laia" Email
      19. The 6th "Laia" Email
      20. The 7th "Laia" Email
      21. The 8th "Laia" Email
      22. The Beelzebub Email
      23. The 9th "Laia" Email
      24. The Mother "The Witch" Email
      25. The Cybertronics Autoresponders
      26. The 10th "Laia" Email
      27. The 11th "Laia" Email
      28. The 12th "Laia" Email
      29. The Mother "Candy" Email
      30. The 13th "Laia" Email
      31. The 14th "Laia" Email
      32. Mother's "Forgiveness" Email
      33. Carter Swem's "Change in Policy" Email
      34. The 15th "Laia" Email
      35. The "Surfacing" Email
    4. Artificial Intelligence - The Movie
  5. Current Dead Ends
    1. Sites without working authentication
    2. Sites that are not game sites
  6. References in the Game World
    1. Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass
      1. General Information
      2. The Red King
      3. The Rational Hatter
      4. 7/22
      5. The Looking Glass
      6. Alice and the Turing Test
  7. Other Sources of Information
    1. Cloudmakers Yahoo! Group
    2. For Evan
    3. BWUNN
    4. SphereWatch
    5. How to spot game sites
  8. Puppet Masters
    1. Puppet Master Credits
    2. Puppet Master IRC Chat

1.0 Document Introduction

Welcome to The Trail, compiled and maintained by Dan Hon ( When linking to the Trail, please use this address Suggestions and corrections should be sent to the trail address (

The Trail resides at the following locations. We are working on providing mirrors.


    Just a few people I'd like to thank...

  • Thanks to Bronwen Liggitt, for her constant help and support from the beginning.
  • Thanks to Cabel Sasser, for pulling us all together.
  • Thanks to Irwin Dolobowsky and Dan Fabulich, for helping the Parents.
  • Thanks to my family, and the Deity Of Your Choice.
  • Thanks to the prolific listmembers of "Cloudmakers", a Yahoo!Group, without whom this would not have been possible
  • Thank you to the "PuppetMasters", those who have created this game, for creating something that has truly brought a diverse group of people together in a manner never before achieved. You've done good.

    compilation credits
    This document would not exist were it not for the efforts of its compilers and contributors.

  • Trail Service Packs 1 and 2 provided by Andrew Cohen.
  • Versions 7.0+ compiled by Andrea Phillips ( with the help of Irwin Dolobowsky (, Dan Hon (, and Brian Seitz (
  • Versions 5.8+ compiled by Dan Hon ( with the help of Irwin Dolobowsky (, Bronwen Liggitt (, Andrea Phillips (, and Brian Seitz (
  • Versions 4.5+ compiled by Dan Hon ( with the help of Irwin Dolobowsky ( and Andrea Phillips (
  • Versions 3.8+ compiled by Dan Hon ( with the help of Irwin Dolobowsky (
  • Versions 2.0+ compiled by Dan Hon (
  • Versions 1.0 to 1.7 credited to Cabel Sasser, (

    media inquiries
    All media inquiries and questions concerning the Trail, its maintainer and compilers and the thousands of members of Cloudmakers list should be sent to Bronwen Liggitt, at It is requested that anyone mentioning the Trail and associated documents inform Bronwen, so that the Cloudmakers members can be made known of recognition of their work.

1.1 What's New

Version 9.0 Updates:

  • Released July 25th, 2001
  • AKA "So long, and thanks for all the fish"
  • Credited Orikaeshigatae solution (see 3.94)
  • Added additional CutoftheVoid translations(see 2.35)
  • Added new Laia Meditation (see 2.08.09)
  • Added poll results to Poli Pulse (see 2.36)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary (see 2.15.02)
  • Added Puppet Master Credits (see 8.01)
  • Added Puppet Master IRC Chat (see 8.02)
  • Added Javascript Credits Puzzle (see 3.97)
  • Added Ghaepetto Puzzle (see 3.98)
  • Added "Surfacing" Email (see 4.01.35)

Version 8.2 Updates:

  • Released July 22nd, 2001
  • AKA "better ingredients = a beautiful land"
  • Updated Jelyhed pop-up (see 2.06)
  • Updated with Jelyhed pop-up (see 2.24)
  • Updated Jelyhed pop-up (see 2.14)
  • Updated with Jelyhed pop-up (see 2.22)
  • Updated with Jelyhed pop-up (see 2.15)
  • Updated Jelyhed pop-up (see 2.12)
  • Updated with Laia's clay clues (see 2.08)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary (see 2.15.02)
  • Added site (see 2.36)
  • Solved Cloudmakers Beautiful Land Puzzle (see 3.96)
  • Updated Sophia's Temple Puzzle with Cloudmaker emotions (see 3.28)
  • Considered The thief.asp Puzzle Solved (see 3.69)
  • Updated Mother Pieces Puzzle with slideshow link (see 3.87)
  • Updated Unsolved Puzzles (see 1.2)

Version 8.1 Updates:

  • Released July 17th, 2001
  • AKA "But wait...there's more!"
  • Added the 15th "Laia" Mail (see 4.03.34)
  • Updated Bangalore World University (see 2.11)
  • Updated AIT Today (see 2.02)
  • Updated Bad Metal (see 2.33)
  • Added "If music be the food of love" Puzzle (see 3.88)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary (see 2.15.02)
  • Added the Musical Napkin Puzzle (see 3.89)
  • Added Down and Out Cafe (see 2.34)
  • Added Bathroom Tile Puzzle (see 3.90)
  • Added Menu Puzzle (see 3.91)
  • Added Cut of the Void (see 2.35)
  • Updated Familia Salla (see 2.08)
  • Added Hayate Puzzle (see 3.93)
  • Added Go/og Puzzle (see 3.92)
  • Added Orikaeshigatae Puzzle (see 3.94)
  • Updated Red King SPCB Hack (see 2.19)
  • Added Red King "P" Puzzle (see 3.95)
  • Updated Family Chan (see 2.01)
  • Added Cloudmaker Beautiful Land Puzzle (see 3.95)
  • Updated Unsolved Puzzles (see 1.2)

Version 8.0 Updates:

  • Released July 14th, 2001
  • AKA "The threads come untangled"
  • Solved Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle Day 5 (see 3.78)
  • Updated Bangalore World University (see 2.11)
  • Updated CatskillSeaviewClinic (see 2.22)
  • Updated Jeanine Salla's Autopsy Report (see 2.10.05)
  • Updated Room Number Puzzle (see 3.74)
  • Updated Denkendeshaus (see 2.13)
  • Updated Evan's DonuTech page (see 2.05)
  • Updated InOurImage (see 2.09)
  • Updated AIT Today (see 2.02)
  • Updated Rogue Retrieval (see 2.17)
  • Updated Anotherstone Puzzle (see 3.43)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's voicemail messages (see
  • Added the 14th "Laia" Mail (see 4.03.31)
  • Added Red King's Math Puzzle (see 3.79)
  • Updated SPCB News Page (see 2.07)
  • Added Mother's "Forgiveness" Email (see 4.03.32)
  • Added Carter Swem's "Change in Policy" Email (see 4.03.33)
  • Added Laia's 7th and 8th Meditations (see 2.08.07 and 2.08.08)
  • Added Nancy's Plant Puzzle (see 3.80)
  • Added Katya's Code Puzzle (see 3.81)
  • Added Svetlana's Biology Puzzle (see 3.82)
  • Added Svetlana's Notes Puzzle (see 3.83)
  • Updated Coronersweb (see 2.10)
  • Added Eliza's Post-Mortem Puzzle (see 3.84)
  • Updated ARM News (see 2.06)
  • Updated Watchtower Security (see 2.32)
  • Added Watchtower Crash Analysis Puzzle (see 3.85)
  • Updated Cybertronics News (see 2.21)
  • Added "Then no planet strikes, no fairy takes" Puzzle (see 3.86)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary (see 2.15.02)
  • Added Mother Pieces Puzzle (see 3.87)
  • Added the Mother Phone Call (see 4.01.15)

Version 7.3 Updates:

  • Released July 8th, 2001
  • AKA "Wow, another hard puzzle!"
  • Added Teddy's Phone Call (see 4.01.14)
  • Added Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle, Day 5 (see 3.78)
  • Updated Bangalore World University (see 2.11)
  • Updated Denkendeshaus (see 2.13)
  • Updated InOurImage (see 2.09)
  • Updated Evan's DonuTech page (see 2.05)
  • Updated CatskillSeaviewClinic (see 2.22)
  • Updated Unsolved Puzzles (see 1.2)

Version 7.2.1 Updates:

  • Released July 6th, 2001
  • Updated Electric Toyland with "R" link (see 2.18)
  • Fixed minor HTML things

Version 7.2 Updates:

  • Released July 4th, 2001
  • AKA "Happy 4th of July, all you Yanks"
  • Added Meditations 5 (see 2.08.05)
  • Added Meditations 6 (see 2.08.06)
  • Updated Statue Security phone number with current message (see 4.01.12)
  • Added 13th Laia Email (see 4.03.30)
  • Updated AIT News (see 2.02)
  • Added "Be thou as pure as ice, as chaste as snow" Puzzle (see 3.76)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary (see 2.15.02)
  • Updated BWU News (see 2.11)
  • Updated SPCB Red King Crack (see 2.19)
  • Added Jeanine Salla's Vayu Transcript (see 2.11.04)
  • Added Jeanine Salla's Autopsy Report (see 2.10.05)
  • Added Jane Doe Autopsy Photos (see 2.10.06)
  • Added Anotherstone Images Puzzle (see 3.77)
  • Updated InOurImage (see 2.09)
  • Updated (see 2.24)
  • Updated denkendeneshaus (see 2.13)
  • Updated Rogue Retrieval (see 2.17)
  • Added Bad Metal (see 2.33)
  • Updated Room Number Puzzle (see 3.74)

Version 7.1 Updates:

  • Released July 2nd, 2001
  • AKA "Revelations"
  • Updated Metropolitan Living Homes news (see 2.12)
  • Updated Sophia's Temple to include Mike Royal (see 3.28)
  • Updated Clinique de Lille (see 2.25)
  • Added new Electric Toyland Specials (see 2.18)
  • Added Mother "Candy" email (see 4.03.29)
  • Changed name of Mother "mother mail" to "The Witch" (see 4.03.24)
  • Added and Solved Room Number Puzzle (see 3.74)
  • Added Movie Poster Puzzles (see 3.75)
  • Added (713) 867-5980 Movie Stuff phone number (see 4.01.13)
  • Added Artificial Intelligence: The Movie section (see 4.04)
  • Added Puppet Masters section (see 8.0)
  • Updated Unsolved Puzzles (see 1.2)

Version 7.0 Updates:

  • Released June 29th, 2001
  • Added The thief.asp Puzzle (see 3.69)
  • Added and Solved Laia's Guest Check Puzzle (see 3.70)
  • Added and Solved The Watchtower Security Password Puzzle (see 3.71)
  • Added and Solved The "Connect the Dots" Puzzle (see 3.72)
  • Added and Solved The "A little more than kin" Puzzle (see 3.73)
  • Solved the DonuTech Shareholder Information Login Puzzle (see 3.33)
  • Added The Second Unknown Phone Call (see 4.01.10)
  • Added (212) 465-3157 (From Oliver to ARM) (see 4.01.11)
  • Added (212) 613-1632 (Statue Security) (see 4.01.12)
  • Added The 12th "Laia" Email (see 4.03.28)
  • Updated with CRF logo (see 2.09)
  • Updated with news (see 2.02)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary pages (see 2.15.02)
  • Updated Unsolved Puzzles (see 1.2)

Version 6.9 Updates:

  • Released June 20, 2001, 13:12 GMT
  • AKA "Back into the groove after a party"
  • Created Laia's 11th Email (see 4.03.27)
  • Updated the AnotherStone puzzle status to Solved (see 3.43)
  • Updated with new news articles (see 2.11)
  • Created as an alias (see 2.30)
  • Created as an alias (see 2.31)
  • Updated with new news articles (see 2.07)
  • Updated with new "story so far" information (see 2.08)
  • Updated SPCB Red King Hack (see 2.19)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary with new entry (see 2.15.02)
  • Created the Baseball Puzzle (see 3.66)
  • Created the "Tongues of dying men" Puzzle (see 3.67)
  • Created the Monica Swinton Files (see 2.22.01)
  • Updated (see 2.25)
  • Created the Beverly Gilbert Files (see 2.25.01)
  • Updated with new news articles (see 2.02)
  • Created the "Martin Swinton's Baseball Image Puzzle" (see 3.68)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Voicemail to make it up to date (see

Version 6.8 Service Pack 2 Updates:

  • Released June 18, 2001.
  • AKA "Thanks again, twork!"
  • Grammar checked by Andrew Cohen (fortytwo).

Version 6.8 Updates:

  • Released June 16, 2001 00:00 GMT.
  • AKA "Just a little bit more"
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary with P.S. message (see 2.15.02)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Phone Number with Voicemail details (see 4.01.04)
  • Updated and removed voicemails from Martin Swinton's Voicemail Puzzle (see 3.58)
  • Created Martin Swinton's Voicemail section (see
  • Updated with SPID-BAH-42RKD1-H page (see 2.07)
  • Created and Solved the Martin Swinton's Diary SPCB puzzle (see 3.62)
  • Created and Solved the SPCB SPID Text Puzzle (see 3.63)
  • Created and Solved the Origen MLH Puzzle (see 3.64)
  • Created and Solved the Red King SPCB Text Puzzle (see 3.65)
  • Updated with new URLs and puzzles (see 2.07)

Version 6.7 Service Pack 1 Updates:

  • Released June 15, 2001.
  • AKA "Thanks, twork!"
  • Spelling checked by Andrew Cohen (fortytwo).

Version 6.7 Updates:

  • Released June 14, 21:00 GMT
  • AKA "Compiled by G&C TG"
  • Updated the Second A.I. Trailer (cirrussocatres... is not a game site) (see 2.26)
  • Created The A.I. Trailers and TV Spots section (see 2.29)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary with clue for Denkendeneshaus page (see 2.15.02)
  • Updated with changed Hat Puzzle details and the Turnabout Puzzle (see 2.20)
  • Updated the Rational Hatter Puzzle now pointing to the Turnabout Puzzle (see 3.06)
  • Created and Solved the Turnabout Puzzle (see 3.61)
  • Updated Catskill Seaview Clinic with /May_I (see 2.22)

Version 6.6.1 Updates:

  • Released June 14, 16:35 GMT
  • AKA "Minor Point Release"
  • Updated (see 2.08)
  • Updated Sophia's Temple puzzle (see 3.28)
  • Updated Laia's 10th email (see 4.03.26)
  • Updated Unsolved Puzzles (see 1.2)
  • Updated the Reconstruct Puzzle (see 3.15)

Version 6.6 Updates:

  • Released June 12, 2001, 23:00 GMT
  • AKA "Still Update Tuesday"
  • Created Laia's 10th email (see 4.03.26)
  • Updated the Dominoes Puzzle with its solution (see 3.55)
  • Updated the Sophia's Temple puzzle with Jackson Wheti/White and John Greenstreet (see 3.28)
  • Updated PACO with John Greenstreet (see 2.10)
  • Updated with The Story So Far (see 2.08)

Version 6.5 Updates:

  • Released June 12, 2001
  • AKA "Nowhere near as many build numbers as Windows XP, but still comes out on time."
  • Updated Mephista's email with Laia's new autoresponder (see 4.03.01)
  • Updated with Katya's response (see 2.09)
  • Updated with ticket information for (see 2.08)
  • Updated with new meditation location (see 2.08)
  • Created Laia's fourth meditation (see 2.08.04)
  • Updated (see 2.13)
  • Created and Solved the "We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life" Puzzle (see 3.59)
  • Updated Martin Swinton's Diary (see 2.15.02)
  • Updated with link to case files (see 2.11)
  • Updated with Wicks information (see 2.06)
  • Updated with new news (see 2.02)
  • Updated with new SPID (see 2.07)
  • Created y.travet and service autoresponders to Cybertronics autoresponders (see 4.03.25)
  • Solved the 8 Brooks Passing Puzzle as it is now solved (see 3.03)
  • Created and Solved Laia's Dominoes Puzzle (see 3.60)
  • Updated Unsolved Puzzles (see 1.2)

Previous Changes

  • All previous changes are in the changelog file [here].

1.2 Unsolved Puzzles

Version 8.2 Update:

  • The Red King Binary Code (see 3.04)
  • The Vulture Email (see 3.17)
  • The Plato Puzzle (see 3.20)
  • The TV Spots Puzzle (see 3.40)
  • The Loki Bug Numbering Puzzle (see 3.49)
  • The Loki Pieces Puzzle (see 3.50)
  • The Brutus.jpg Puzzle (see 3.57)
  • The "Martin Swinton's Baseball Image" Puzzle (see 3.68)
  • The Puppet Master Seal - Barcode Puzzle (see 3.75.03)

2.0 The Discovery Trail - Introduction and back-story


This document details the current state of knowledge of the group "cloudmakers".

This information is for known, experienced investigators only.

Premature absorption of this data can cause endless harm to your course of discovery. If you have reached a dead end in your search, or want to learn what we already know, read on. Otherwise, please go elsewhere.

disclaimer ends

If you're new to this, you really should start by watching both trailers. The first is at the AI Movie website [here] and you'll need the QuickTime plugin. The second is at [here].

If you've got time, please read the following documents. They provide a lot of information that has helped us with our theories, and provide essential back-story.

"What was Stanley Kubrick's A.I. supposed to be about?"

There are several starting points to the discovery trail. The most commonly cited is that of the "Jeanine Salla" connection. Watching the second A.I. trailer on in QuickTime ( or in Realplayer (, Jeanine Salla is credited as "Sentient machine therapist".

A google search on "Jeanine Salla" comes up with the following page ( that leads to results that include Bangalore World University (see 2.10) and the Family Chan page (see 2.01)

A second theory as to the "start" of the trail was posted in Message #722 on the list, and read as follows:

"So, I realized recently that we're probably reading a little too much into Mother's letter. We're not actually supposed to start the game with Jeanine Salla. We're supposed to start the game with Mother's number, 503 321 5122. We call that number, and that's the hook. We e-mail mother, she sends us an e-mail, telling us that Jeanine is the key, that we've seen her name before but we've probably forgotten. THEN you look real close at the credits, find Jeanine's name, and the mystery begins... Wherever we see "Jeanine is the key," that's a clue for those who haven't gotten started to start doing research on Jeanine Salla, to get involved in the mystery.

"And, I suspect, nothing more. Dan"

There's a third starting place as well: the one-sheets with the circles and squares:

  • Ain't it Cool has more information [here] on the posters, that have the following highlighted on the back:
  • "Evan Chan was murdered"
    "Jeanine was the key"

2.01 [The Family Chan]

Direct Links

  • (see 2.04) on Evan's page [here]
  • (see 2.07) on Evan's page [here]

Hidden Links

  • (see 2.02) at the bottom of the source code of Evan's page [here]

Clues - the Evan Chan login puzzle

  • Check the Scrapbook for interesting data
  • Evan's employee number is on his ID badge. Check the picture.
  • Evan's got boat envy. Check the picture.

    Version 4.1 Update:

    Nancy mentions Capability on here page [here] in the following sentence:

    "If you are interested in gardens or antique gardening tools, I recommend setting aside some time and money to talk to Capability, the evolved intelligence behind the Landscape Node's Garden Round-Up."

Version 6.0 Update:

Nancy's page was hacked by Loki, hack #12 (see 3.49)

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 8.1 Update:

The picture of Cloudmaker linked from Evan's page now links to Cloudmaker's Beautiful Land puzzle (see 3.96).

2.02 [AIT]

Direct Links

  • (see 2.03) on the Graduate page [here]
  • (see 2.09) on the Gladiator news page [here]

    Interesting Articles

  • Check the gladiator article [here]
  • Read up on their Campuses [here]
  • Evan's middle name is Jasper, from the obituary (staving off the SENCHA/E S CHAN emails) [here]
  • Version 4.2 Update:

    Indirect reference to Sentinel Software: [here] Sentinel Software (see 2.23) makes CyberCoroner, which powers PACO (see 2.10).

    Version 5.8.2 Update:

    The Student Services section of AIT was hacked by Loki. Go to AIT and select Student Services from the menu to see it.

    Version 6.0 Update:

    There is a new news story at AIT [here]. The story says that the Ethical Intelligence known as Spinoza suddenly went offline. The SPCB suspects Loki may have done it, with "a strange viral parasite described as an oneirophage".

    AIT Athletics was hacked by Loki, hack #14 (see 3.49).

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hacks have been removed from this site. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.5 Update:

New news stories have appeared at the homepage [here]

Version 6.9 Update:

New news stories have appeared at the homepage [here]

Version 7.0 Update:

There are two new stories on AIT Today located [here]. "Senator Julia Mann Shot" (but not dead), "Mann Act II Passes on Fast Track."

Version 7.2 Update:

There is one new story on AIT Today located [here]. "Robots' Feelings About Mankind: Startling New Survey Results." You can view the story directly [here].

Version 8.0 Update:

The AIT Today survey of robots' feelings about the Mann Act referendum [here] has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Geri? Geeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiii. Liar, liar pants on fire!" See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

There are also some new news stories on the homepage [here]:

Version 8.1 Update:

AIT has one new article:

2.03 [Belladerma]

Interesting Articles

  • Enter your fax number as a contact [here] and receive the Belladerma fax (see 4.02.01)
  • UAN required to access catalog [here]. NOTE: this page does not automatically redirect to a failed login.

    There is a source code message in the catalogue section [here] that reads as follows:

  • "Why are you looking in here, may I help you find something"

    Version 4.6 Update:

    You can now login to the catalog with your UAN and password (see 2.06).

    You can now request that a sales associate fax your using your UAN and password (see 2.06).

Version 6.0 Update:

Catalog page one was hacked by Loki, hack #11 (see 3.49).

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

2.04 [DonuTech]

Interesting Articles and Direct Links

2.05 [Evan's pages]

To find out how to log into Evan's pages, see the Evan login puzzle (see 3.02).

Interesting Articles and Direct Links

  • Read everything on this page!
  • There's an "inaccessible" image of Laia [thumbnail] [larger] that was guessed by incrementing the URL of the other images.

    Version 4.2 Update:

  • We access Mother's email to "Not Evan" here (see 4.03.02)

    We access Mother's email to "Vultures" here (see 4.03.12)

Version 5.8.3 Update:

Svetlana Cellini's page on DonuTech was hacked by Loki

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.3 Update:

There is a new email from Mother here - "mother mail" (see 4.03.24).

Version 7.3 Update:

Evan's page [here] has been modified. The asp now redirects you to host= and then immediately jumps back to the regular page with a ?foo= added to the end of the URL. It is not clear if this is a part of the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78).

Version 8.0 Update:

Evan's page [here] has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Seas that are hot, seas that are cold, see how many folks get SHOT before the story's told!" See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

Evan also has new email from Mother. The first was received on July 10, and the second on July 13. See 4.03.32 and 4.03.33.

2.06 [ARM / Unite and Resist]

Direct Links

  • (see 2.07) on front page [here]

Interesting Articles

  • 12 digit UAN required to access restricted pages
  • Try entering your phone number (see 4.01.05)

Version 3.6 Update:

Unite and Resist is no longer taking voice numbers (see 4.01.05) and has replaced the input field with a graphic and the following text:

"Due to a potential compromise with our security djinn, we will be unable to contact you using primitive technology. Please attend your next local rally for more details on joining the Anti-Robot Militia"

Version 3.82 Update:

Natsukashii_x observed the following: an incorrect UAN entered on the How to contact / join ARM page [here] leads to an error.asp page [here]. Highlighting the text on the left hand column reveals the following word: "DECIBEL", one of the seven activation words from the second trailer [here].

The text is marked up in HTML with a font color WHITE tag.

Version 4.3 Update:

On 26 April 2001, the Unite and Resist / ARM website "NEWS from the Front" page was updated [here]. The text is as follows:

"Can a rogue AI leave its normal containment site and just travel around, transferring from machine to machine? Recently uncovered evidence suggests that some AIs have been doing just that.

"ARM has discovered that a police investigation of an amphibicopter wreck last week uncovered an unauthorized AI in the copter's onboard control system. It seems to have been resident in the system along with the normally non-sentient control program-taking control of the vehicle whenever it wanted to. The remains of the copter have been forwarded to the PACO labs for further investigation-or, should we say, interrogation. The authorities are trying to keep the information on this specific case under wraps, but it has leaked out. How many more cases like this have there been? How many rogue AIs are out there? Could there be one in your kitchen control system? Could there be one corrupting your business systems? Could there be one snaking its way into your children's school bus driver-bot? The more automatons you let into your life, the more vulnerable you become.

"As we previously reported, there is a crazed sex-bot loose on a nationwide killing spree. The rampaging killer has been tentatively IDed as being a Belladerma "Viola" model robot that goes by the label of Venus. So far the list of confirmed victims includes scientist Evan Chan.

"Tacitly accepting responsibility, Belladerma has hired Rogue Retrieval to run down this nymphopsychokiller-bot. Reportedly, one of ARM's favorite robots, Diane Fletcher, has been assigned to the case. Diane may only be a machine, but it's one of the most cunning and ruthless bounty hunters available. As the RR ads say: "Our cyber-agents are strong, fast, dangerous, and armed with the kind of surveillance technology that causes nouveau-libertarians to wake up clammy with sweat in the middle of the night. Remember, sometimes it takes a 'bot to catch a 'bot.""

Version 4.5 Update:

    Unite and Resist briefly (for about 20 minutes) contained the information now available in the site linking to SphereWatch (see 7.04), but this was soon removed, and a link from was added (see 2.09).

    Version 4.6 Update:

    You can now go to the ARM website and apply for a UAN. Go to the members areas [here] and select "Agree". The answer to the question is "s2" (for Spartacus 2), this is the ARM "UAN" puzzle (see 3.21). >From the new page you can register for a UAN or change your UAN options. You can also register for an ARM rally in NY, Chicago, or LA.

    Version 4.8 Update:

    New text, updated on 7 May 2001, on the news page [here] as follows:

    "You knew it was coming! Hollywood has always been run by metal-fondlers and machine-lickers. But the future is now. A small independent studio, Ascendant Images Productions, is releasing the first feature film (porno movies don't count) with an all robot cast-its called Aaron and Irene. This simplistic tale of a couple in a doomed, robosexual relationship is nothing but trash pretending to be a main stream movie. This is not only an abomination that serves up a spewing of thinly disguised propaganda, but it is a further erosion of our ever-shrinking pool of jobs for humanity."

    Version 4.9 Update:

    New text, updated on 8 May 2001, on the news page [here] reads as follows:

    "May 6 was Martyr's Day. It was a solemn Sunday devoted to the commemoration of the Kal-63. Those 63 precious patriots were massacred in Kalamazoo sixteen years ago, on 6 May 2126. They gave their lives for all of us. Just like the Manaus 7, the Kachin 6, the Avebury 9, and the innocents who perished on the Day of Drowning, they sacrificed themselves in the struggle against the Machine Tyranny.

    "This year, like every year, ARM patriots gathered peacefully on May 6 to reflect and give thanks to the beloved martyrs who died so that we might remain free. But this year's ceremonies involved more than passionate thanks and resolve. This year's memoria have been stained with more martyrs' blood.

    "On May 6, 2142 three more ARM patriots-Walt Harris, Christiane Stadmueller, and Fred "Padre" Cartier-paid the ultimate price for their commitment to their fellow Man. All three were assassinated the same day by the vile Robot Scourge.

    "Walt, Christiane, and Fred met with ARM congregations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles (respectively) on Martyr's Day. Like every year, they offered love and hope to Mankind. This year, though, radical A, R, I terrorists laid in wait to cut them down. The soulless robot assassins snuffed out three human lives in a coldly mechanical attempt to spoil the Martyr's Day celebration and violently besmirch the legacy of those who we all just commemorated.

    "More details are forthcoming. Local and national authorities remain guarded about each case. Known facts indicate that the A, R, I knew where and when Walt, Christiane, and Fred would be attending Martyr's Day meetings. There is no doubt that the slayings grew out of conspiracy and betrayal. There is also no doubt, however, that ARM will find out all that is needed to avenge these murders. We will not rest until the assassins, their co-conspirators, and their supporters pay for their baseless crimes against Humanity!"

    Version 6.0 Update:

    Several new stories on 5-29-2001 in the news as follows:

    "Over 50 protesters were brutally beaten and then arrested outside Cybertronics company headquarters. These patriots were picketing to call attention to Cybertronics' crimes against Mankind-their manufacture of robots without morals-chips, their promotion of increased automation in traditionally machine-free labor arenas, and their total disregard of the effects their products have on Mankind."

    "Even though the protesters were non-violent and had only blocked the main entrance to the building, the victims were "taken into custody" by the jack-booted thugs that such corporations like to call internal security forces. "

    "So, you think you're safe from the machines while you're in your own house. Think again! All his money couldn't save Enrico Basta when his domestic AI decided to slaughter him.
    Basta, a VP at Lombard Propulsion Systems, was recently found dead in the ashes of his mansion in Durham, NC. Surveillance records show that internal security locks trapped him in his trophy room, where a body-contouring chair apparently pinned him in place. With his head unable to turn, security lasers, installed to merely sense movement, slowly burned through his eyes over the course of several hours. It seems that this rogue AI not only wanted kill Basta, it wanted to torture him too."

    "Shortly after Basta's heart stopped beating an automatic alarm went off and sent a message to the police. However, by the time they got to the mansion, the deadly dwelling appeared to have burned itself to the ground. "

    "No matter what you read, no matter what assurances you are given, no matter what safeguards you take-don't delude yourself-AIs kill!!!!! If you place your home, your castle, your family, under the control of an automaton, sooner or later you will pay for it. Maybe not with your life, but eventually you will lose someone you love and are sworn to protect. "

    "Paul Hawthorne of Ohio has announced that he will run in the special election for the U.S. Senate seat recently vacated by Tron Hikesen. This race-traitor is a well-known advocate of full citizenship status for AIs. For years, he has pushed for radical robot rights measures in the Ohio legislature and he has published numerous articles and papers that sing the praises of his machine friends."

    "We've got to stop this one! Rally your forces! Gather your troops! It's time to pull out all of the stops! Elect anybody but Hawthorne!"

    Version 6.3 Update:

    One new news story, which is actually a repeat of the first two paragraphs of a news story further down in the page:

    "Multiple murders of innocent humans by metal-heads! Don't watch for it on the nightly "news" from the liberal, electronically-drugged mainstream media. Man and sentient machine cannot live under the same government. You know who said it. You know it's true.

    "Two robots are charged with four counts of malicious malfunction (actually a quadruple homicide). Prosecutors claim the two are responsible for last Friday’s multiple murders of Jason Fertor, 23, Thomas Slaner, 28, Kara Tordon, 29 and Yulan Foxtra, 24, all in what, police say, is a random act of mechanical malfunction."

    The word "Jason" in the news story is actually a link to the Jason Puzzle, [here]. See section 3.54 for more information.

    Version 6.5 Update:

    The Who Is the Anti Robot Militia page [here] was updated on 12 June to include a link to [here] which includes new information about Oliver Wicks.

    Version 8.0 Update:

    The ARM News page [here] was updated on Friday, July 13th to include the following news article:

    Well, Bubba Wicks led a commando raid of stripling code warriors deep into enemy territory this week, and he is pleased to announce that a mean old one deck cracked, which we pitched into a nearby canal. In exchange, we hit it big twice.

    1. Found smoking gun evidence that MUSE, the late unlamented Alan Hobby's Partner-in-Crime, the original ghost in the machine, is still alive and well and sucking up hurricanes of data in her ongoing vendetta against humankind.

    2. ...And we also turned up some ve-e-e-e-e-e-e-r-r-r-r-r-y-y-y interesting data stifled own under gag orders at the Watchtower Crash Analysis lab.

    More info in person through the secured channels of meat-to-meat communication.

    --Bub Wicks and the good folks of 'Leet Meat.

    Version 8.2 Update:

    This site has a Jelyhed pop-up:

    whI stik 2 sownd?
    wh@ if SUprhed Signl jumps up thru the sfEr?
    wh@ if SUprhed thrOz Thor'z Hamr???
    average number of TP/liter: 3.2 x 106

2.07 [Sentient Property Crime Bureau]

Direct Links

  • (see 2.12) linked to in news page [here]

    Interesting Articles

  • The most wanted page [here] has been cracked. (see 2.19)

Version 3.9 Update:

    On 24 April 2001, the site front page [here] was updated with a news flash as follows:

    The rogue sentient property known as Venus was apprehended on 16/04 and is now in the custody of the SPCB. Rest assured it will be thoroughly examined and interrogated so future models will be safer. A memory wipe is scheduled, and the unit will soon be on its way back to its maker, Belladerma SRL, for reuse or recycling. Special thanks to all the responsible citizens who assisted in the capture of this dangerous runaway."

    Presumably, this is a reference to the information revealed in the solved Rational Hatter puzzle (see 3.06)

    Version 4.2 Update:

    At the Most Wanted page [here] there is a mention of Cybertronics (see 2.21): "Spartacus II, who may be Geri Khan (S2's ID is # U71IQ71717171, and Khan's official IQ is 71, from ARM's news page (see 2.06)), is a Cybertronics droid."

    Version 4.8 Update:

    The Most Wanted page was updated on 6-7 May 2001 with details of those organising the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago ARM rallies.

    Version 4.9 Update:

    The Most Wanted page [here] was updated on 7 May 2001 to remove the details that had appeared in the Version 4.8 update regarding the ARM rally leaders. This information is now available [here].

    The News and Investigations page [here] has news that Venus has escaped SPCB custody.

    The SPCB has also launched an investigation into the murder of our three ARM rally leaders.

    Version 6.0 Update:

    The News and Investigations page [here] has news that Enrico Basta was murdered in his home.

    Version 6.3 Update:

    The News and Investigations page [here] has been updated to reflect the Loki chain of events. It reads as follows:

    "Loki Case Closed
    "An intensive investigation by the SPCB into the activities of the
    rogue AI known as "Loki" came to a successful conclusion on Friday
    with the complete eradication of this sphere-based menace. Originally
    designed as a therapeutic AI in a Hudson Valley clinic, "Loki" turned
    rogue and began to haunt the datasphere. Even though handicapped by
    inadequate manpower and antiquated equipment, agents of the SPCB were
    able to closely monitor its activities, and worked hard to produce a
    solution to this dangerous—and expensive—rogue. The financial impact
    of its rampage will total well into the millions, with millions more
    to come in insurance and possible legal settlements. This is a clear
    instance in which a comparatively minor increase in SPCB funding
    might easily have repaid itself in the course of a few days."

    Version 6.5 Update:

    aab_123 (amber) wrote to the list that a SPID at the Most Wanted page [here] had changed:

    "One of the free-range sentients on the left hand side has changed. The 5th one listed is now: SPID-BAH-42RKD1-H it was: SPID-CTP-43G1S8-E"

    Version 6.8 Update:

    From the Martin Swinton's Diary SPCB Puzzle (see 3.62) we gain the new URL [here].

    The page contains a coroner's report written by Dr. Deanna Trimble.

    There is also encoded text on this page, detailed in the SPCB SPID Text Puzzle (see 3.63)

    From the Origen MLH Puzzle (see 3.64) we get the new URL [here] and the Red King SPCB Text Puzzle (see 3.65).

    Version 6.9 Update:

    On Tuesday June 19th, the SPCB added a new news story to its news page at [here]. The text reads as follows:

    SPCB Investigates Resource Allocation Stutter
    The SPCB has begun investigating last week's "stutter" along the eastern seaboard of the United States. A statistically significant number of processor loci seemed to lock up for more than two seconds. The stutter seemed worst in the Tri-State area, but internal clocks lost time as far north as New Hampshire, while a scattered sprinkling of sentient units reported "amnesia" or "memory fugue" as far south as Florida. Eyewitnesses have reported that sentient property, as well as dumb computing systems, seemed disoriented in the wake of the stutter, but the SPCB has not ruled out the possibility that this event was a calculated work-to-rule maneuver by AIs sympathetic to A,R,I and other militant groups.

    Urgent Warning
    The SPCB has determined that certain lethal diseases have been deliberately induced in sentient property by the use of code transmitted through pulsed IR emissions, usually under cover of little used "keyboard" drivers. We are making a vaccine available, and recommend that anyone with higher-level sentient property check for the existence of keyboard drivers. If no keyboards are in use, these drivers should be disabled or removed.

    Version 8.0 Update:

    On Tuesday July 10th, the SPCB added a new news story to its news page at [here]. The text reads as follows:

    Floyd Witherspoon Named New Deputy Director
    Assistant Deputy Director Floyd Witherspoon has just been promoted to
    the level of Deputy Director (Financial) here at the SPCB. Before his
    current distinguished service at the Bureau, Mr. Witherspoon had made
    his reputation as the Assistant CFO of the now-defunct Simulit Group.
    His careful management of that corporation's bankruptcy is considered
    a model in the business world, and Mr. Witherspoon has brought all
    the same tools to his role here at the Bureau. The SPCB could not be
    in better fiscal hands as it approaches the challenges ahead.

    Mr. Witherspoon replaces departing Deputy Director Sonia Reiser, who
    is leaving the bureau to pursue other opportunities.

2.08 [The Family Salla]

Direct links

  • (see 2.09) on the Mann Act II page [here]
  • (see 2.11) on the four women page [here]

Interesting Articles

  • You can register for email updates on the main page [here], see The Mephista Email
  • You find out that Evan's dead at the submerged page [here]

    The pop-up windows

    If you wait a while on the Familia Salla pages, flash warnings will pop up. There are five different flash pop-up warnings, the text of which reads:

  • "Get out. Deep Water. You would drown."
  • "Get out. Dark Dream. You will not wake up."
  • "Get out. They are smarter than you. You would be broken."
  • "Get out. This cannot be stopped. You would be run down."
  • "Get out. Physical Lookup in Progress. Hide while you can."

    Hidden Links

  • (see 2.10) linked to from the letter page [here], see The Chemistry Puzzle (see 3.08)

    The Blue Heart Piece

  • If you look at the four women page [here], you'll notice that each woman (yes, the boat is a woman), has a heart piece. Laia's is blue.

Version 5.5 Update:

At the top of the page, there is a message from Laia saying she has posted a 2nd Meditation. But, to access it, you must answer a question. The question asks what the name of Evan's boat was. Entering the correct answer brings you to the 2nd Meditation (see 2.08.02). [Editors note -- if you can't answer this question without my telling you the answer, you need to do some SERIOUS catching up. So, I won't put the answer here. :-) Irwin]

Version 5.7 Update:

Laia has posted a 3rd Meditation (see 2.08.03), and the Chemistry Puzzle (see 3.01) has been updated and now leads to the "Another Stone" Puzzle (see 3.43).

Version 6.2 Update:

Laia's Mann Act II page [here] was hacked by Loki, hack #20, on May 31 (see 3.49).

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.3 Update:

The Chemistry Puzzle (see 3.01) has been updated and now leads to the Dominoes Puzzle (see 3.55).

Version 6.5 Update:

The front page of this website has now changed. There are three main graphics, one of the original website front page, another with the A.I. logo and the text "Movie Screening Tickets" and another with the text "The Story So Far..."

At [here], Laia has written the following:

"The Salla women are true to their words. My grandmother, the world-famous scientist and junior film consultant, has managed to arrange a special preview screening of A.I. for us. I couldn't get nearly enough tickets for everyone who showed an interest, so if you want to go, pick them up before they sell out. Because it was some of you that let her know I was in trouble last week, we both wanted to show our appreciation for all your help, and there will be something for each and every one of you to take home as a thank you from us. (And no, it won't be selling anything! You're canny that way, I know, so I thought I'd prick that thought balloon before it swelled up too large....) Abuela says she managed to pick up a few things while she was working on the set, and she wanted to give them out as presents, too. Won't tell me how, though. I've listed out all the theaters that are currently signed up to show the film. Click on the name of your state to find a theater near you. Check back often for updates! "

Laia has moved the link to the meditations to the fourwomen.htm page [here] under her picture. There is a new meditation up (see 2.08.04)

Version 6.6 Update: now has a "Story so far" section live at [here] which recaps the story so far.

Version 6.6.1 Update: [here] and [here] are now exactly the same, with sporting the same front page that was on Tuesday.

Version 6.9 Update:

The "Story so far" section at [here] has been updated to include the following text:

"Loki appears to have been destroyed by Sophia, an enormously powerful … person? idea? AI? As far as I can tell she exists only in the sphere. If you catch a glimpse of her eyes, she will send you to her doorkeeper, Eliza. Eliza seems to be a crazy AI, but if you can manage to keep her happy and play along with her games, she will eventually allow you in to see Sophia, who knows far too many secrets to ignore.

"Recently I have come to believe that Martin Swinton's homes were being killed to keep him from asking questions about his younger brother, David. Diane Fletcher turned up something surprising in one of the houses—an encoded message from the murderer, saying he was sorry for what he had done. Sencha had sent me a clue to the name of the house-killer but now he's dead too.

"Now the Mann Act has just been introduced. If the legislature and president Capshaw pass it, there will be a binding referendum on whether AI's should be treated like equal citizens, or whether they will continue to have no more rights than any other machine. Everybody will go crazy over this one, from the robot-haters to the Geri Khan and the militant abolitionists like her Things are bound to get tense."

Version 8.1 Update:

There is a new page accessed from the In Memoriam page to Evan on Laia's site [here]. She references the original mysterious Chemistry Puzzle page, but has added "and now this one." Clicking on "this one" brings you to a new page [here]. On this new page, there are two icons; clicking on the top one brings you [here] to Cut of the Void, and clicking on the bottom one brings you to the Go/og Puzzle (see 3.92).

The "Story So Far" text has also been updated to include the following text:

"It turns out a free-range hacker named Johnny Greenstreet (aka Crane) was responsible for killing Swinton's houses. Greenstreet's sister Beverly was suffering from some kind of degenerative disease. A powerful Cybertronics executive named Claude Gilbert offered to sponsor her for some advanced medical therapy in exchange for Crane's help, but once he had the sister in cryostasis at La Clinique de Lille he kept her in an artificial coma to blackmail Crane. When Crane realized Gilbert would never let either of them go, he arranged his own murder. However, before dying he had constructed a virtual self, a Johnny expert system, and covertly downloaded it into Beverly's monkey supertoy. Gilbert no longer had any reason to keep Bev on ice, but when he went to see her resuscitated, he was killed in a not-so-accidental accident…

"With Mephista gone I desperately needed help from someone with very serious computer skills, so I tracked down the Red King. He agreed to help me out, and we set a meeting for early the next week. I showed up a little late to find nothing but a cryptic clue left on his bill. He had been caught by ARM thugs and taken for a brutal beating in a secret room at the Statue of Liberty. He only got out of there alive because some friends of mine managed to talk the security guard, ex-football player Mike Royal, into risking his life to save RK. After a couple of weeks in the hospital, the Red King left a pointer to a diary entry talking about the aftermath of the incident.

"Meanwhile, word filtered through the hacker underground that Eliza was beginning to fall apart. Turns out that Eliza was a ragged electronic copy of one of Allen Hobby's research partners, Jane Sutter. After the original David program was cancelled, Sutter had worked on in secret to build self-motivated robots that would not only be capable of independence, but would want to be independent. Hours before being murdered, Jane had uploaded a copy of herself to the sphere on a prototype whole-brain scanner. The copy had always been buggy, and finally wore completely away.

"In her attempt to exactly replicate the conditions that led to David's evolution into a self-motivated being, Jane Sutter built an AI version of Monica Swinton (with, perhaps, a little more of her own mother mixed in than she had intended.) This AI double turned out to be the mysterious Mother. The not-quite-sane Monica2 had always blamed Martin for David's disappearance, and had been slowly building a trap to draw Martin to the abandoned Weeping Lions lab, where she meant to kill him and replace him with a robot copy. Martin and Diane must have suspected, though, because they responded by speaking the 7-word imprint code for Monica2. Forced to love the one person she hated above all others, her virtual personality seems to have unraveled. A dreamlike record of the encounter starts here. (My personal belief is that these images, pulled either from Cybertronics security cameras or from Diane's ambient spy drones, were passed to Martin's house, Brutus, by Aurora, the powerful dreaming AI who cares for the original Monica … but this is pure speculation on my part.)

Before they disintegrated, Eliza and Mother left some hints to suggest that the real Allen Hobby had died, perhaps long ago, and been replaced with a robot double nicknamed the Frankenhobby. Immediately after the secret began to leak out, Cybertronics announced that Hobby had died in a tragic amphibicopter crash. Security footage suggests that this was no accident; Hobby's amphibicopter was compelled to dive to certain destruction on the sea floor.""

Version 8.2 Update:

Laia updated "The Story So Far" and included a link to "clay.html" [here]. This is yet another hint to Cloudmaker's Beautiful Land Puzzle (see 3.96).

Version 9.0 Update:

The main site was updated on July 23rd, 2001, to include the PuppetMaster credits. See the PuppetMaster section (8.0) for more information.

2.08.01 "Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 3.6:

    Around 17:20 GMT on 17 April, the "Meditations" page [here] on (see 2.08) was spotted.

    Version 3.9 Update:

    Following from the 2nd "Laia" Email (see 4.03.11), Abuela is most probably Jeanine Salla

    Meta: [here] is mentioned: "If he weren't worth caring about, it wouldn't hurt so much. Nancy wouldn't be so angry. Abuela wouldn't be so grim. There would be no therapist working with Cloudmaker, there would be no That's the second time someone has disappeared on me. I don't seem to be getting used to it." (see 7.02)

  • NOTE: is NOT a game universe site. Please don't send Cabel email asking if he's real or not, you can be assured that he's just a regular guy. Thanks to the PuppetMasters for acknowledging our efforts!


2.08.02 "2nd Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 5.5:

On 15th May, Laia wrote a new meditation.

This page is found after answering Laia's question on the Family Salla page.

The page is a dialogue between Laia and Grandmother. Grandma just got Laia a ticket for a preview screening of an "old 2D Movie". Laia asks if she can get more tickets for a few friends. When Grandma asks how many, Laia responds that she needs "thousands". Grandmother says she'll try. This seems linked to the new voicemail Jeanine has (see

2.08.03 "3rd Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 5.7:

On 22nd May, Laia wrote a new meditation.

This page is found after answering Laia's question on the Family Salla page [here].

The new page lists Laia's suspicions as to who "They" may be:

  1. The ARM
  2. The ARI
  3. The Abolitionists
  4. BIOS
  5. Others
  6. The Most Powerful Them of All

2.08.04 "4th Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 6.5:

On Tuesday 12 June, Laia published her fourth meditation. The meditation is at [here].

See also the Laia's Dominoes Puzzle (see 3.60)

2.08.05 "5th Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 7.2:

On Tuesday 26th June, Laia published her fifth meditation. The meditation is at [here].

Attached was an image of a restaurant check. This was Laia's Guest Check Puzzle (see 3.70).

2.08.06 "6th Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 7.2:

On Tuesday 3rd July, Laia published her sixth meditation. The meditation is at [here].

In it, she lists a complete summary of last Tuesday's events from the persepctive of Our Hero, Mike Royal (see 4.01.02).

2.08.07 "7th Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 8.0:

On Tuesday 10th July, Laia published her seventh meditation. The meditation is at [here].

In it, gives us links to a few pieces of email she has not yet read and announces her plan to go offline. The messages she links to bring us to the Nancy's Plant Puzzle (see 3.80) and the Katya's Code Puzzle (see 3.81).

2.08.08 "8th Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 8.0:

On Friday 13rd July, Laia published her eighth meditation. The meditation is at [here].

In it, she explains how she just isn't cut out for life offline, after all.

2.08.09 "9th Meditations" [From The Family Salla, see 2.08]

Created Version 9.0:

On Monday 23rd July, Laia published her ninth (and presumably last) meditation. The meditation is at [here].

In it, she describes a night out at the Circuit with Mike Royal and says her goodbyes to us.

2.09 [In Our Image]

  • Jeanine Salla is mentioned on the news page [here] as "having taken her thirty pieces of silver"
  • Version 4.2 Update:

    Indirect reference to Cybertronics (see 2.21) At [here] AIT professor Adriana Dick performed her experiment on "high-functioning Cybertronics robots."

    Version 4.5 Update:

    Direct link to SphereWatch (see 7.04) in a new story on the news page [here].

    Version 4.6 Update:

    New News Story about a London Gathering on the news page [here].

Version 6.2 Update:

In Our Image was hacked by Loki, hack #21, on May 31 (see 3.49).

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.5 Update:

On Tuesday 12 June, Katya Rukowski replied [here] to the material at (see 2.24). Text is archived as #23420.

Version 7.0 Update:

The "How You Can Help" page [here] now has a link to a giant CRF logo, all the way at the bottom.

Version 7.2 Update:

The News page [here] now has an article delineating why you should vote for the 48th Amendment, which would give Sentient Property the vote.

Version 7.3 Update:

Katya Rukowski's response to the 7 to 1 material [here] has been modified. It is now a .asp file instead of .html. The asp redirects you to host= and then immediately jumps back to the regular page with a ?foo= added to the end of the URL. It is not clear if this is a part of the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78).

Version 8.0 Update:

Katya Rukowski's editorial [here] has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "I'm a little labtech, short and stout. My partner stayed in, but I got out. The humans finally got to her with guns and clubs and knives, because they think that we're to blame for ruining all their lives." See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

2.10 [Pan American Coroner's Office, also known as PACO]

Version 5.2 Update:

Interesting Articles

  • Things to try: you might want to try Audrey Green's login, or David Thurmond's, though we haven't succeeded yet--the PACO Login puzzle (see 3.32).

    Hidden Links

  • (see 2.18) from guessing the URL at Kent Whitman's report [here].
  • (see 2.20) from Kent Whitman's report [here] and the Kent Whitman PDA Puzzle (see 3.05)

Validation Discrepancy
Big news - there isn't one anymore. On March 13 2001, the PACO pages were updated so that the username and password fields are now named "username" and "password". This indicates that PACO is more ready to accept valid username/password logins. The following information is details the situation before March 13 2001 and is redacted:

The source code on the PACO homepage [here] (see 2.10) contains field names for both username and password. Note that they are BOTH "textfieldname". It's been suggested that this means that no password would be submitted if you used this page to log in, or that at the very least username and password would be the same

However, the source on the logon.asp file [here], that you reach after entering incorrect credentials, has "textfieldname" for the username and "textfieldname2" for the password.

This suggest that it is probable that the PACO homepage is broken for logging in, and more likely than not, the login.asp page should be used for the time being for any login attempts. Obviously the case field has right answers (we already know two such answers: "evan chan" and "kent whitman"), but it looks like the logon/password fields at the bottom also have correct answers. It uses method=post, and accesses a file called "logon.asp". (see 2.10)

Further, the discrepancy looks like what would happen if one cut-and-pasted code in Dreamweaver.

Autopsy Database

  • The reports of Thomas Slaner, Kara Tordon, Melissa Simpson and Jeff Simpson and Jason Fertor are in the PACO database. Searching for the report will yield a request for 65 Newbucks from a Credit Tag Number and a Credit Tag Expiration Date. Note that before 13 March 2001, the price for these reports was 50 Newbucks.
  • David Thurmond, Director of Autopsy services is in the PACO database seeing as he died [here].
  • Yulan Foxtra and Martha Simpson do not have coroner's reports.
  • On 1 May 2001, Josiah Howard was found to have a record in PACO. A credit tag is required to view his report.

    Version 5.5 Update:

    After logging in to the PACO site via the bottom of the screen (see The PACO Login Puzzle3.32), you are asked to confirm your UAN/password. From there you are taken to a new screen where you can enter the name of a person. If you enter someone who is already dead, you are given the message "That deceased person already exists in our database." If you enter someone not in the database, you get the message "Biorhythm for deceased has been deleted."

    Version 6.6 Update:

    John Greenstreet is mentioned in the Jackson White/Wheti/Sad pairings in the Sophia's Temple puzzle (see 3.28). He also shows up in the PACO database. Entering his name produces the following text:

    "To access this file, a fee of 0 newbucks is required. "I buried him with the criminals"

    Version 8.0 Update:

    There is a new article [here] about how our third-favorite coroner, Dr. Djombe Ojimbwa, has suddenly struck it rich and retired. This is widely regarded as proof that he took a large payoff in return for submitting a false autopsy of Jeanine Salla.

  • Svetlana Cellini's autopsy is available in the database, but you need a credit tag to view it.

2.10.01 Evan Chan's Autopsy File [Subsite of PACO (see 2.10)]

Created Version 3.6:

    Evan Chan's coroner report is here, paid for by Sencha, written by Audrey Green

2.10.02 Kent Whitman's Autopsy File [Subsite of PACO (see 2.10)]

Created Version 3.6:

    Kent Whitman's coroner's report is here, paid for by GK

    Kent Whitman's coroner's report was updated around 16:30 GMT on 17 April 2001. There is now additional information about his PDA and images. Check the report [here].

    Version 3.7 Update:

    The Kent Whitman PDA puzzle (see 3.05) has been solved.

2.10.03 Kate Nei's Autopsy File [Subsite of PACO (see 2.10)]

Created Version 5.6:

Cloudmakers member Campfly was able to submit a coroner's report for Kate Nei. It is available [here].

Campfly wrote the following:

"As you know by now, it asks for a name of deceased to enter a report for. It will only accept names of people that the PM's have lined up to go next as per their story line. I just went down the list of likely victims and voila!, a Coroner's report entry form popped up for Kate Nei. At the top of the form it said that only one report per deceased could be entered and that I had a 3-hr. deadline to submit it. After filling it out with the best half-assed job I could do (it was in the wee hours) and submitting it, the system gave me a message that it takes two days to process. Who knows, maybe they'll actually use what I wrote. What a shame that would be."

Version 6.0 Update:

Kate is dead, as reported by Metropolitan Living Homes (see 2.12). That does not mean that this autopsy is real, merely that she is indeed dead.

...or is she? The solution to the MSD Brutus Image Puzzle (see 3.46) seems to indicate she may not be dead after all.

2.10.04 Enrico Basta's Autopsy File [Subsite of PACO (see 2.10)]

Created Version 5.7:

Ivy has made available Enrico Basta's coroner's report [here].

It seems that Ivy has made good on Kate Nei's threat [here].

2.10.05 Jeanine Salla's Autopsy File [Subsite of PACO (see 2.10)]

Created Version 7.2:

Spinoza has made available Jeanine Salla's coroner's report [here].

According to the autopsy report, Jeanine Salla died of anaphylactic shock, brought on as the result of an allergic reaction to some shellfish she had eaten. There are no autopsy photos here. However, there is evidence based on Jane Doe's Autopsy Photos (see 2.10.06) and the Vayu Transcript (see 2.11.04) that she was, in fact, murdered.

Version 8.0 Update:

Jeanine Salla's autopsy report [here] has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Oh where are you going with Hobby's AI? Crone-bodied sage shattered for a time, you copied that program and hid it somewhere! The A R M would call that a crime!" See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

2.10.06 Jane Doe's Autopsy Photos [Subsite of PACO (see 2.10)]

Created Version 7.2:

If you search on PACO for Jane Doe [here], you find a series of autopsy photos showing a woman, presumably Jeanine Salla, with significant bruising on the throat and evidence of bleeding from her nose and eyes. This, taken along with the Vayu Transcript (see 2.11.04), is widely taken as evidence that she was murdered, probably by strangulation, while she was trying to find out what was going wrong with the TP Web. This would mean that the autopsy report made public by Spinoza is false.

This information was reached by solving the Anotherstone Images Puzzle (see 3.77)

2.11 [Bangalore World University]

Direct Links

  • is linked to in a news story [here]

Interesting Articles

  • You can get to Jeanine's homepage [here] by going to the AI Department page [here] and entering "Salla"
  • Read everything in Jeanine's area

Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Version 4.0 Update:

    On the right hand side of the top graphic in the popup window is a very small link. It appears as a small black dot. This leads to the first of the Mowz Warez sights (see 2.11.1)

    As a result of the Mows Warez Entry Puzzle (see 3.08), we get 2 new names to search for in the faculty of Bangalore World University

    Entering "mowz" in the search field (department doesn't matter) results in the error message "No faculty mymbyr yxists with thy namy of "mowz". Plyasy try again or sylyct a diffyrynt dypartmynt." This is a clue for the second name to enter, noting that all "e"'s have been replaced with "y"'s

    From the Mows Warez main page (see 2.11.1), we are told "Gyorg" hacked the university's system. Using the clue above of switching "e"'s and "y"'s, enter "Georg" in to the faculty search field (again, department doesn't matter). This leads to the Mowz Warez Spiral Puzzle (see 3.09).

Version 4.5 Update:

    There is a new link on the news page [here] announcing the "Bangalore New Network extension has gone live." This is the fan site BWUNN (see 7.03).

    In Jeanine Salla's list of representative papers [here] there is a link to a demo of her first paper. This is the Cloudmakers BBS (see 7.01).

Version 4.6 Update:

    There is a new link on the news page [here] about a "BWU-NY Student Found Catatonic in Dorm Room." This student is our friend "Beelzebub" from Mowz Warez(see 2.11.1).

Version 4.9 Update:

    From Jeanine Salla's bio [here] a pair of tiny eyes appears intermittently on the bottom left of the page. Clicking on these eyes when they are open and visible brings you to Sophia's Temple (see 2.27).

Version 5.5 Update:

    From Jeanine Salla's bio, there is some new text on the page. It is highlighted in Red and reads as follows:

    "And don't worry, Dr. Salla, I would never want to see your security compromised by picking a something really obvious for your passcode, like your middle name. Your secrets are safe with me!

    Your loyal, overworked, largely unappreciated, and yet strangely STILL un-named

    Administrative Intelligence"

    This may be a hint to check Jeanine's voicemail again, which has been updated (see

    Version 5.7 Update:

    Three new news stories appeared on 22nd May:

    A Darkening Shadow Over Troubled Waters [here]

    Discord in Palmer Land [here]

    Korea Cup: We Have A Winner! [here]

Version 5.8.2 Update:

    The AI department was hacked by Loki, hack #7 (see 3.49). Go to the departments page and select "AI Studies". After a short delay you will be forwarded to the hack.

Version 5.8.3 Update:

    The Climate Control was hacked by Loki, hack #8 (see 3.49). Go to the departments page and select "Climate Control ". After a short delay you will be forwarded to the hack.

Version 6.0 Update:

    The Datasphere Studies Page was hacked by Loki, hack #13 (see 3.49).

    The Oceanography And Earth Sciences Page was hacked by Loki, hack #15 (see 3.49).

    The Computing Page was hacked by Loki, hack #16 (see 3.49).

    Jeanine Salla's Publications Page hacked by Loki, hack #18 (see 3.49).

Version 6.1 Update:

    Several hidden calendar pages of Jeanine Salla were found by Johnnie J. Young. To get to them, change the original calendar page extensions from ".asp" to ".html". See group message #18258 for full details.

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hacks no longer appears on this site. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.5 Update:

Jeanine Salla's Representative Papers page [here] now has a link to her case files [here].

Version 6.9 Update:

On Tuesday 19th June 2001, the Bangalore news page at [here] was updated with the following stories:

Senator Mann Opens the Gates in Washington
BWUNN, Washington Bureau, with the International Standard

Be prepared for an exhibition in hardball politics during the waning weeks of June. As Summer opens, the gates of the U.S. Senate must make way for a fearsome contest. America's struggle to find itself and its destiny in the mid Twenty-Second Century is about to climax with the debate over the passage of the Mann Act II.

The controversial bill, which would enable the referendum process necessary to the adoption of the "Sentient Being Voting Rights Amendment," is the creation of a feisty ex-tubetruck operator from the mean streets of Mascoutah, Illinois. Senator Julia Mann is no stranger to divisive causes and arduous struggles, but this is undoubtedly her greatest challenge. It's the closing argument in a trial she now shares with the entire country.

Given the bill's success in the House of Representatives, Senator Mann believes that her fragile senatorial coalition will win the day. Groups like the Coalition for Robotic Freedom (see 2.09) and the A.I. Suffrage Association agree. Objective commentators are not so sure. It appears that the naysayers may have the upper hand. They are certainly capable of wielding plenty of muscle, whether it be in the streets, in the cloistered halls of congress, or on the senate floor.

Some opponents, like the Anti-Robot Militia (see 2.06), appear radical by most American standards. Others, like the 7 to 1 (see 2.24), maintain higher ground. Collectively, though, they are a force not easily reckoned with, and they are desperate to stop what they consider to be a hysterically dangerous tide of misconceived sympathy for inanimate machines that might ultimately replace humankind.

BWU-Guadalajara Ends Controversial Research Program
Paco Cortez, Guadalajara

Regents of the famed Guadalajara medical school announced today that after due deliberation they have decided to end clinical trials of so- called DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) therapies that had been undertaken in cooperation with the famed French neurological institute La Clinique de Lille (see 2.25). A BWU Public Relations Avatar speaking on behalf of the Regents said the decision came in the wake of indifferent therapeutic results, and was in no way driven by concerns some doctors had voiced about the medical ethics of the treatment regime. "BWU and La Clinique de Lille both have among the world's most stringent ethics codes. Neither party would think for an instant to put patients at risk in the search for new weapons to combat neurological damage."

Version 7.2 Update:

Four new stories appear on BWU [here].

Version 7.3 Update:

Jeanine Salla's Publications page [here] has been modified to be a .asp page instead of .html. The asp redirects you to host= and then immediately jumps back to the regular page with a ?foo= added to the end of the URL. It is not clear if this is a part of the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78).

Version 8.0 Update:

Jeanine Salla's Publications page [here] has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "A diller, a dollar, a hundred-year scholar. How did you live so long? You've been the death of two of your boys. Don't you think that's wrong?" See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

Version 8.1 Update:

Three new stories appear on BWU [here].

2.11.01 Mowz Warez

The various parts of the Mowz Warez network are accessed through different parts of the Bangalore World University website (see 2.11). Also, throughout the Mowz Wares pages are some horizontal line graphics. This is the "Line Graphics" Puzzle (see 3.10). .

The first page is found by clicking a very small image in the popup from the Bangalore World University main page (see 2.11). This page pops up in a window without scrollbars. It presents 2 images and asks "Are you man or mouse". Clicking either image results in the window closing. If you examine the code, you'll find there is a 3rd picture on the page. Using a mouse, select the text in the middle, and drag downward. This will scroll the window down to reveal the third picture, which asks "or a Mowz?" Click that link to go to the Mowz Warez Entry Puzzle.

The Mowz Warez Entry Puzzle page asks you to confirm that you are a hacker. The answer is "323" (see 3.08).

The "Congratulations Freshman Class of 2142" is found after answering "323" for the Entry Puzzle (see 3.08). This page has a link from it called "test" which leads to a page with the words "This is the wrong page" on it, and some lines (see 3.11). The "Congratulations" page also discusses the work of "Gyorg", who hacked the Bangalore World University website (see 2.11).

The Spiral Puzzle (see 3.09) page is accessed by entering the name "Georg" into the faculty search at the Bangalore World University website (see 2.11). The answer is "Hausgestaltung" (see 3.09).

From the spiral Puzzle page (see 3.09) we get a page with the message "The IASA hack in not Lancelot Brown." A quick Google search reveals that Lancelot Brown was a famous landscape architect with the nickname "capability". This is the IASA login (see 5.01)

Version 5.8 Update:

Loki hacked the hackers -- the final page of the Mowz Warez page was hacked, hack #5 (see 3.49).

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

2.11.02 Spanish Dust (Jeanine's report on Loki)

Created Version 4.7:

This page is Jeanine's report on "Loki", a Catskill Seaview Clinic AI [here].

It is found through the second Jeanine Salla Autoresponder (see 4.03.16) and the Business Card puzzle (see 3.18).

If you select all the text on the page, you'll be able to find Loki's email address,

Version 6.3 Update:

The Oneirophage report on Loki [here] has been updated with the following text:

EPILOGUE: On Monday, June 4, 2142, Barret Howard's vital signs
suddenly collapsed during an extended shower. His room AI summoned a
nurse, who found Mr. Howard dead on the tile floor. He had sawed a
ragged hole in throat with an antique pocket-knife that had once been
a present from his father.

God have mercy on us all.

2.11.03 The Step Self (Jeanine's 2nd Case Study)

Created Version 5.7:

This page is Jeanine's report that was requested by "Bronze" [here].

"Bronze" is very probably Svetlana Cellini (see #15310)

2.11.04 Vayu Transcript (Jeanine's 2nd Case Study)

Created Version 7.2:

This page [here] is a transcript of a conversation with Vayu, part of the global climate control system. The transcript is terminated rather abruptly.

2.12 [Metropolitan Living Homes]

Direct Links is linked to from the Beate Bosch section [here] (see 2.13) is linked to from the Kate Nei section [here] (see 2.14) is linked to from the Martin Swinton section [here] (see 2.15)

Version 3.6 Update:

A "breaking news" update was added entitled "The Tragic Death of a Martin Swinton Home!" [here]

Version 4.0 Update:

After entering the IASA access code ("capability", see 3.09) in any IASA access point, you are transferred here to a form allowing you to enter the "IASA APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM ANNUAL MLH DEBUTANTE BALL, 2142".

On the main page, there is now a link to see the entries for the above mentioned ball. These are entries we (the players) enter. There is also an email address here for

Version 4.1 Update:

TripCX writes:

"The 9th and 12th largest Mersenne Primes ever discovered listed in comments within the source code of the HTML of the IASA APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM page [here].

"The primes are: 2^216091-1 - 9th Largest, 65050 Digits, Discovered by David Slowinski in 1985 and;

"2^21701-1 - 12th Largest, 6533 Digits, Discovered by Laura A. Nickel and L. Curt Noll in 1978.

"Please note that the first prime is found between the heading 'Welcome' and 'Take a moment' and the other is a bit further down."

Version 4.2 Update:

Sean, who works with TripCX, informs us that there are more prime numbers in MLH:

In [here] there is 2^1257787-1 which is THE largest prime number ever found embedded in an HTML comment.

In [here], there is 2074722246773485207821695222107608587480996474721117292752992589912196684750 549658310084416732550077, which is also prime.

There is a link to the Ballroom page [here] on the front page [here] now. The text reads as follows:

"Don't forget that we are now accepting submissions for the Annual IASA/MLH Debutante Ball. Please remember that while gallery space is limitless, our collective patience is not. While the urge is always there to sponsor every apprentice on your staff, please try to limit yourself to recommending only the very strongest up-and-coming designers."

Version 4.4 Update:

The Monthly News section [here] was updated on Thursday 26 April 2001 with a "Quick Notes" section. Text below:

"The disturbing events in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, serve as a stern reminder to us all of the necessity of regular, thorough psychological profiling of all our designs. Householder Jason Furtive was known to treat his Santa Fe style adobe home badly- refusing to pay for basic maintenance or water softening- but did he deserve to be locked in the shower by a merciless sliding door and scalded to death? "That feller looked like the guest of honor at a crawdad boil," remarked Deputy Sheriff Owen Trussman, before being hushed by his superiors. Tragedies like this must be prevented. if you know or suspect a serious breakdown in relations between a client and his or her home, IASA maintains an excellent list of SP therapists specially trained to deal with exactly this kind of situation. Use it, before another life is lost."

Version 4.9 Update:

Another Martin Swinton home has passed away. The news report, titled "Breaking News: Another Martin Swinton Home Perishes" can be found by going [here] and clicking on the "Monthly News" link.

Version 6.0 Update:

There is a new breaking news story on the MLH front page about the death of Kate Nei (see 2.10.03). However, she may not be dead, as evidenced in the MSD Brutus Image Puzzle (see 3.46).

In the Monthly News Section, there is a story about Beate Bosch (see 2.13) no longer accepting new contracts. Supposedly, she is taking time off after a very busy year, especially after several of the recent deaths of homes.

Kate Nei's and Beate Bosch's pages were hacked by Loki, hacks #17 and #17.5, respectively (see 3.49).

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hacks no longer appear on this site. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 7.1 Update:

On the home page, there is a link to a detailed article on how Martin Swinton's homes were killed. To see it, go [here] and click on the "Breaking News: Serial Domicide" link.

Also, on the home page, there is now an announement to hurry up your Debutante Ball entries:

"Belles and Beaux of the Debutante Ball To Be Announced in July

"Our judges are mustering. The candidates are assembling. And the long-awaited climax to this year's MLH Debutants Ball is just around the corner. We'll be announcing our selections in late July, so get your submissions in today! The deadline is Monday, the 9th of July. If you're worthy, we want to see you in the running!

"- Tamara Fair"

Version 8.2 Update:

Kate Nei's page on this site has a Jelyhed pop-up:


Amount of TP-laden seawater through which infrasound signals can propagate as fast as nerve impulses crossing a human brain: p(22.5m/2)2x2m


2.13 [Untranslated]

Interesting Articles

This site is in German. A translation was put on the Cloudmakers list, message ids #441 and #211

Version 6.0 Update:

There is some new text at the top of the home page. Translated it says that they are no longer accepting new contracts (see the MLH story in 2.12).

Version 6.3 Update:

There is a new image linked from the metalle page [here]. You can get to it by clicking in the center of the third image along the left side. This is the Brutus.jpg Puzzle (see 3.57).

Version 6.5 Update:

By clicking on the logo at the top left of [here], you are taken to [here].

The text reads as follows:

"00101101101011010101101010101101011010110101110110 Freedm hurts. Min, yrz,0011010011010010 hiz. I nevr told him0101101101011101100 I luvd him. I supoz Im flatrd, but Im not trIumfing. He haz mad hiz own11011010101101010110110110101 rdicUlus choys. U shud be prowd. 0110101101101011011010110101U shood be ovrwhelmd bi yr abilite 2 mak him free01101010101011010. 0111010110110Evn God codnt mak a 011101011101010luvr hoo woodnt leev him. 011011011011011010How cud U Xpect 2?01101011010110101011010101 011010101011011010101110Now U shud go 2 Hyderbad R Bali01101011010110101101010 R Nice w/ sumthing cUt & carbn-basd &01110101101101101101011010101011101000110010100100011010101 drink urself stupid. In 3 weeks 0110101101100110010Ull wak up & B redy 2 liv agen."

The translation is as follows:

"Freedom hurts. Mine, yours, his. I never told him I loved him. I suppose I'm flattered, but I'm not triumphing. He has made his own ridiculous choice. You should be proud. You should be overwhelmed by your ability to make him free. Even God couldn't make a lover who wouldn't leave him. How could you expect to? You should go to Hyderabad or Bali or Nice with something cute and carbon based and drink yourself stupid. In three weeks wake up and be ready to live again."

Version 7.2 Update:

There is a new image found on this site, [here]. This letter appears to be the letter from Georg that Brutus mentioned to Martin in Martin Swinton's new diary entry (see 2.15.02). It delineates a carefully planned plot to let humanity die out completely, in a humane, kind fashion.

Version 7.3 Update:

When you go to the Nachrichten page on this site and click on the Beate Bosch image, the resulting message file, [here], has been changed to be .asp instead of .html. The asp redirects you to host= and then immediately jumps back to the regular page with a ?foo= added to the end of the URL. It is not clear if this is a part of the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78).

Version 8.0 Update:

The message.asp page [here] has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Georgy-Porgy, faithless AI. Kissed a girl and said goodbye. When GK came out to play, Georgy-porgy ran away!" See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.


Dan Fabulich's commentary (Interesting Articles)

Discusses her five-part philosophy to architecture: fire, water, earth, air, light.

Indicates that she's leaving Kate Nei Creations to work on something "the most exciting phase of her career. The future will be a glorious time for all of us who are truly interested in creative design."

A lot of new names, references to her office staff in Durham. No contact info.

A link back to Metropolitan Designs, which is where we fairly encountered a link to here. (see 2.12)

Yes. Kate Nei's eyes blink. Well done. They've been like that ever since we discovered her site.

Version 5.6 Update:

If you click on the branch of ivy hanging down from the symbol at the top left of Kate Nei's home page, you get taken to what appears to be one of Ivy's pages [here].

Version 5.8.1 Update:

The "disintegration page", found in the above update, has been updated. Along with the random numbers, dates, and text are links to movie files [here]. A transcript has been provided by our own Trailmaster Dan Hon in message number 15642 [here].

A slightly more accurate version has been uploaded [here].

Version 8.2 Update:

This site has a Jelyhed pop-up:

I lisnd 2 wh@ the bOt wz
BrOk opn sum pakets & shuk
out the
approximate propagation time for signal across human brain: ~ 15ms


Interesting Articles

The link to IASA will always redirect you to a failed login attempt. See "Sites without working authentication" (see 5.01)

Version 3.9 Update:

The site provides us with the Martin Swinton phone number, (212) 613-1680 (see 4.01.04)

Version 4.0 Update:

Clicking on the sun or the moon brings us the "Knock Knock" Puzzle (see 3.07)

In the Galleries section, view the "Ivy" pic. In the popup, click on the picture of the ivy. This will bring you to the Japanese Kate Nei Page (see 2.15.01)

Version 8.2 Update:

This site has a Jelyhed pop-up:

don't_2 prop a gAt. 1 jelyhed = 25x
the nuronz in my brAn.
aproximate # of neutrons in human brain: ~ 1011

2.15.01 Japanese Kate Nei Page

Created Version 4.0:

This page seems to be a Japanese version of Kate Nei's webpage [here] (see 2.14). This version of the page has an additional section, a "News" section [here].

2.15.02 Martin Swinton's Diary

Created Version 4.02:

This section is accessed through the solved Knock Knock Puzzle (see 3.07).

The diary contains quotes from "The Wasteland", courtesy of J Kravitz. Line numbers are in brackets.

Unreal City (60, Burial of the Dead)
Under the brown fog of a winter dawn (61)

"What is that noise?" (117 A Game of Chess)
The wind under the door (118)

Who is the third who walks always beside you? (360 What the Thunder said)
When I count, there are only you and I together. . . (361)

There is the empty chapel, only the wind's home. (389 What the Thunder Said)

These fragments I have shored against my ruins. (431 What the Thunder Said)

The river's tent is broken: the last fingers of leaf (171 Sermon of Fire)
Clutch and sink into the wet bank. (172)

My nerves are bad tonight. Yes, bad. Stay with me. (111 A Game of Chess)
Speak to me. Why do you never speak. Speak. (112)

Version 5.7 Update:

On 22nd May, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed access from the Knock Knock Puzzle (see 3.07), now not existing, to the "By the pricking of my thumb" Puzzle (see 3.42)

The new diary is at [here], but may only be accessed after completing the puzzle.

The diary contains quotes again, hidden in the image filenames. There is doubt, however, as to which version of the play to use.

Cambridge Shakespeare Version (#15315):

1-7-27: "Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself"
1-3-18: "Sleep shall neither night nor day"
3-1-127: "Your spirits shine through you. Within this hour at most"
3-4-23: "As broad and general as the casing air."
1-3-136: "Against the use of nature? Present fears"
4-1-45: "Something wicked this way comes"
4-1-113: "Thou other gold-bound brow, is like the first:"
2-3-94: "Thou of his chamber, as it seemed, had done't."

The First Folio Version:

1-3-18: "I' the shipman's card."
(all other lines the same as the Cambridge Shakespeare version)

MIT Edition [here] (#15356)

1-7-27 Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself
1-3-18 I' the shipman's card.
3-1-127 So is he mine; and in such bloody distance,
3-4-23 But now I am cabin'd, cribb'd, confined, bound in
1-3-136 In deepest consequence.
4-1-45 Something wicked this way comes.
4-1-113 Can tell so much: shall Banquo's issue ever
2-3-94 Shake off this downy sleep, death's counterfeit,

It seems that the correct reading of the quotes produces the phrase "IVY BASTA" as an acrostic (see #15397)

Version 6.0 Update:

On 29th May, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed access from the "By the pricking of my thumb" Puzzle (see 3.42), now not existing, to the "Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak" Puzzle (see 3.45).

The new diary is at [here], but may only be accessed after completing the puzzle.

This entry is concerned with the deaths of Ivy and Kate, and the investigation of those deaths by Diane.

The first item of interest on this page is a copy of the invoice for Nostradamus [here], which Martin apparently left for Diane.

The second item is the MSD Brutus Image Puzzle (see 3.46) which seems to indicate that Kate may not be dead.

The third item is a piece of code which Martin says Diane found in Venus's files. This is the MSD Enigma Puzzle (see 3.47). The answer is someone apologizing for the murders.

Version 6.3 Update:

On 5th June, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed access from the "Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak" Puzzle (see 3.45), now not existing, to the "As flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods" Puzzle (see 3.51).

The new diary is at [here], but may only be accessed after completing the puzzle.

This entry allows access to previous entries in the diary, but the text only reads thus:

Cryptic signs and omens everywhere these days. Yesterday morning, an anonymous 
message for Brutus, saying only: "Look for the light at the end of the tunnel."
Late last night Fletcher passed on the following material from the SPCB files 
on the death of Cahir. 

The remainder of the page consists of five images. This is the Cahir Image Puzzle (see 3.52).

Version 6.5 Update:

On 12th June, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed access from the "As flies to wanton boys, are we to Gods" Puzzle (see 3.51) to the "We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life" Puzzle (see 3.59).

If you enter "Is rounded with a sleep." (with a period), you get a diary at [here]:

"Sleep terrifies me.

"I have tried not to let on. You, my friends, know me as a night owl, but even after that play we all went to, that reception, those midnight fireworks . . . after I can no longer coax you to stay up for just one more drink or one last dance, after I say good night on your doorstep, or you on mine—after all the city goes to sleep, I stay awake.

"When I was a child I would lie in bed for hours, staring up into the darkness. Dread like a band around my chest. The best part of leaving home was that I was free to fight sleep on my own two feet. Now I listen to music, I sketch, I play chess with Brutus or poker or Iowa Mah-jongg. I stand on my balcony and watch the traffic dwindle on the canals. I stay awake until grit sticks under my eyelids and I can’t see to read anymore. Then I drink, usually: two or three stiff shots, after which I lie in bed while Brutus reads me a book, and I wait for sleep to come on me like a sneak thief. Like an assassin.

"Once upon a time I slept for a year and a week and a day; and all my life I have been trying to catch up to the things that happened while I lay dreaming."

If you enter "Is rounded with a sleep" (without a period), you get a diary at [here]

The quotes this week are from The Circus Animal's Desertion by William Butler Yeats.

The picture names apparently refer to line and words:

8-6 knows
3-8 man
6-7 show
10-7 the
7-3 boys
15-5 that
33-2 masterful
36-1 old
12-2 gaiety

Thanks to xocxoc from #evanchan

Version 6.7 Update:

The June 5th update for Martin Swinton's diary contains the text "Look for the light at the end of the tunnel."

This is a direct reference to the new link at [here] (see 2.13) which is accessed by clicking on the "light" in the middle of the picture of the tunnel.

Thanks to Petbugs.

Version 6.8 Update:

Martin Swinton's June 12th Diary update, the version gained when ""Is rounded with a sleep." (with a period) is entered at now has a P.S. message as follows:

"P.S. Brutus keeps trying to cheer me up. It's not working as well as either of us would like, but at least I feel we are finally making progress. Fletcher called to say that someone had touched the bits of Origen in MLH, which pointed her to an analysis of how my houses were probably murdered. I assumed it was Georg very like him to write such a thing, post it on one of my houses, and then watch me make an idiot of myself trying to figure out what he had done but Diane thinks it's a different guy, also affiliated with BIOS. Apparently this creep likes to stash files on the SPCB. What makes me the angriest is that apparently he tampered with the picture more than two weeks ago, but never bothered to contact either me or the police."

Thanks to Supercujo76 on the CM list.

Version 6.9 Update:

On the 19th June, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed the access puzzle from the "We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life" Puzzle (see 3.59) to "The tongues of dying men" Puzzle (see 3.67).

Entering "enforce attention like deep harmony" produces two images (see the Martin Swinton's Baseball Image Puzzle at 3.68).

Entering "enforce attention like deep harmony." results in the following text:

"Sleep terrifies me.

"I have tried not to let on. You, my friends, know me as a night owl, but even after that play we all went to, that reception, those midnight fireworks . . . after I can no longer coax you to stay up for just one more drink or one last dance, after I say good night on your doorstep, or you on mine—after all the city goes to sleep, I stay awake.

"When I was a child I would lie in bed for hours, staring up into the darkness. Dread like a band around my chest. The best part of leaving home was that I was free to fight sleep on my own two feet. Now I listen to music, I sketch, I play chess with Brutus or poker or Iowa Mah-jongg. I stand on my balcony and watch the traffic dwindle on the canals. I stay awake until grit sticks under my eyelids and I can’t see to read anymore. Then I drink, usually: two or three stiff shots, after which I lie in bed while Brutus reads me a book, and I wait for sleep to come on me like a sneak thief. Like an assassin.

"Once upon a time I slept for a year and a week and a day; and all my life I have been trying to catch up to the things that happened while I lay dreaming. No, that's only part of the truth. I have also been running from the things I did when I woke up.

"My mother is in a psychiatric care facility (see 2.25). She sleeps all the time. There is a medical term for this condition-doctors call it "narcolepsy." They can explain the brain chemistry of the disease in great detail. It's supposed to be something we can cure now; and yet my mother goes on sleeping. Eighteen, twenty, sometimes twenty-two hours in a day.

"When I was a boy my mother was always taking naps. I'm so tired, she said. Mommy has to rest. There's food in the kitchen if you get hungry, sweetie. Be sure and wake me if you need anything, she said. Of course I never did. I knew that sleep was her only hiding place from despair. I was very considerate and I was also angry at her all the time: furious at the relentless weight of her unhappiness. And naturally knowing that it was all my fault made me much more considerate. Much more angry.

"My brother never slept at all."

Version 7.0 Update

The June 26th diary entry page is "A little more than kin," answered with "and less than kind[.]" Without the period, you are taken to Martin's "regular" entry. The Brutus images on this page solve The DonuTech Shareholder Information Login Puzzle (see 3.33).

With the period, the "Sleep terrifies me" stuff comes up. Here's the new text:

Away with us he's going,
The solemn-eyed:
He'll hear no more the lowing
Of the calves on the warm hillside
Or the kettle on the hob
Sing peace into his breast,
Or see the brown mice bob
Round and round the oatmeal-chest.

For he comes, the human child
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand
From a world more full of weeping than he can understand.

David, David! Who was the changeling and who was the child? These last few nights I hear your voice from the ground.

I am, I am, I am my brother's keeper.

I was wrong and I will find you. I pray to God you are not dead, or lost, or broken. Just sleeping, maybe. Waiting to wake up. Wake up, David. Wake up.

Version 7.2 Update:

On 3rd July, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed access from the ""A little more than kin," Puzzle (see 3.73) to the "Be thou as pure as ice, as chaste as snow" Puzzle (see 3.76).

If you enter "thou shalt not escape calumny" (with no period), you get a diary at [here] but you can only get to it if you first solve the entry puzzle. There is no separate answer with a period this week.

The quotes this week are from The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.

The Brutus Images this week lead us to this solution: Ein Erwarhaft Evolutionaren Intelligenz. Or, translated: One truly evolutionary intelligence.

There is a link to a letter [here] from Claude Gilbert's lawyers in the diary this week.

Thanks to Johnny for this solution: when you print it out (or just print preview it!) you get this hidden message:

Right, so heres the deal. You probably think you can push this
corpsicles cash up your own nose, but instead your going to spend it
all on Bev and give her anything she wants, or else I will make you
wish you'd never been born and you know I can. I picked you because
you know better than anyone else I aint joking I can do it. Besides
which everyone we know is stupid greedy wankers who would try to screw
us anyway and think they could get away with it. Dumb bastards. Maybe
look at it like this. Im giving you lifes rarest prize, a second
chance. Having done not so great by your own sib, I expect you to do a
bit better looking after mine. You were a crap kid but youre not a
crap person I dont think anyway.

Tell Bev I still love her, Im still thinking of her, Im still watching
over her. Guardian bloody angel, thats me.

Version 8.0 Update:

On Friday, July 13th, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed access from the "Be thou as pure as ice, as chaste as snow" Puzzle (see 3.76) to the "Then No planet strikes, no fairy takes" Puzzle (see 3.86). The page accessed in this fashion is not a standard diary entry; instead, it is the beginning of the Mother Pieces Puzzle (see 3.87).

Version 8.1 Update:

On Tuesday, July 17th, Martin Swinton updated his diary and changed access from the "Then No planet strikes, no fairy takes" Puzzle (see 3.86) to the "If music be the food of love" Puzzle (see 3.88). Martin's diary this week is very short, and is mainly only notable because it includes the Musical Napkin Puzzle (see 3.89).

Version 8.2 Update:

On July 20th, 2001, the entry page was updated to "the rest" -> "is silence". Judging by the image names in this entry, it appears that someone is impersonating Brutus:

What-do-you-mean,-I-need-a-name-for-the-picture!!--Brutus-never-said- anything-about-having-to-give-a-different-name-for-each-picture.--I- mean-it's-a-PICTURE,-for-God's-sake

Sea-Trout-getting-broiled.--Will-that-do--What-do-you-mean-I-can't- use-question-marks!--Are-you-sure-this-can't-be-automated




Jaded-ennui.--No,-obviously-don't-use-that.--Good-grief,-I-have-an- irony-impaired-apartment.--I-don't-know.--How-about-Amazement

You-have-to-wonder-what-kind-of-link-there-was,-if-any,-between-the- two-Monicas.--Two-haunted-lives.--Oh,-no,-that's-okay.--Just-use-that





The-greatest-gift-that-God-in-His-bounty-made-in-creation,-and-the- most-conformable-to-His-goodness,-and-that-which-he-prizes-the-most,- was-the-freedom-of-the-will,






brothers-(I-have-not-such-a-good-record-with-them.--I-will-strive-to- do-better.)




Version 9.0 Update:

On July 23rd, 2001, the diary changed, although for the first time, the entry puzzle remained the same. On solving it, you can choose from QuickTime or Windows Media formats and three different bitrates. For those of you who nonetheless have technical issues, a transcript of the movie is available [here]. Basically, after the 48th Amendment passes, Diane Fletcher and Martin Swinton decide to go offline together.

2.16 [Mother's site?]

Interesting Articles

The sound played to you is available for download here from the Cloudmakers list.

Email Addresses

You should send the email to ""

The subject of the email is "I'm so sorry..."

The text of the email is "I am so, so sorry. I don't know what got into me. You weren't asking very much from me; it was thoughtless and hurtful of me not to do as you had asked. Please accept my apology. I promise that in the future I will try really hard to do better. Your remorseful child"

2.17 [Rogue Retrieval]

Interesting Articles

There is a page about the Kent Whitman killing [here] whose coroner's report is available at (see 2.10)

Dan Fabulich's commentary:

Contains an article on the death of Kent Whitman, from the prospective of the agency whose agent shot him. This is a fair reference to Kent Whitman's autopsy file, which notes that Whitman is cybernetically enhanced: everything he saw was being automatically recorded.

The article is deliberately vague about who shot Whitman; it was almost certainly Fidelio Belem and not Pasqual, the robot being hunted. (FIDELIO, you'll recall, was the password to the gate in "Eyes Wide Shut").

Discusses a list of Rogue Retrieval agents, including Diane Fletcher, who is, herself, a robot.

Email address:

Version 3.7 Update:

Diane Fletcher is listed as an agent for Rogue Retrieval [here]; she visited Electric-Toyland (see 2.18) and left a message in their Guestbook [here]

Version 4.7 Update:

A news report detailing Venus' capture now appears on the Rogue Retrieval home page [here].

Version 7.2 Update:

Diane Fletcher's profile pop-up window is now a link. Click it, and you'll see:

You don't have much luck keeping your birds caged, do you?

Poor Diane. You tried.

Here's one flying again, instead of singing.

The last line is a link to BadMetal (see 2.33).

Version 8.0 Update:

Diane Fletcher's profile pop-up [here] has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Basta's lover is fair of face; Martin's valet is full of grace; Kataka's house is full of woe; Whitman's friend has far to go; Monica's child is loving and giving; Beate's mate works hard for his living; but the mech that was born to track and survey must hunt their kind down to destroy and betray." See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

2.18 [Electric-Toyland]

Interesting information

The background music that plays on the page is the same as background noise on Nancy Chan's voicemail message (see

Email sent to electric-toyland results in an autoresponder (see 4.03.08)

Version 3.7 Update:

Diane Fletcher, of Rogue Retrieval (see 2.17) has visited the Electric-Toyland guestbook [here]. She signed it as follows:

""Thanks for your time. I learned a lot." - Diane Fletcher, RR"

Version 7.1 Update:

Two new items have been added to the Specials page, which can be found [here]: " Free Link-Keeper package with every Clockup repair" and "Supertoys Hoover-booster."

Version 7.2.1 Update:

As of June 26th, the "R" on the main page links to a Watchtower Security page [here]. This page gives us the solution to the Watchtower Security Password Puzzle (see 3.71).

2.19 (Red King Crack)

Interesting Articles

The Red King (see 6.01.02) cracked the Most Wanted page at [here]. A cleaned version of the cracked page is available [here]

The cracked page can just about be linked to Rogue Retrieval (see msg #540), (see 2.17)

See the 8 Brooks Passing puzzle (3.03)

See the Binary Code puzzle (3.04)

We've translated most of the page from hacker-sp33k into English [here]

No one knows what 7/22 is, but 22/7 is a common approximation for pi, the ration of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

The Greek Letters

Greek letters: There are two sections of this page which are apparently in Greek. In fact, these are in the font face "Symbol," which looks like Greek. The first bit of Symbol/Greek is at the top: abcdeefg. In Symbol, that looks like alpha beta chi delta epsilon epsilon phi gamma. (Note that this is NOT alphabetical order in Greek.) At the end, a more mysterious code: gvhbvh. This spells gamma omega eta beta omega eta. You'd pronounce this go-ay-bo-ay in Greek. The current best guess is that this is Red King's way of slurring good bye.

Version 3.6 Update:
The Red King hack has been updated, see [here].

Version 3.9 Update:

(File location change) The Red King is saying "Destruction, by Red King." On the page, two Flash animations are playing this sound file out of sync, so it is easily garbled. Download the cleaned up sound file [here].

Version 4.4 Update:

Phillip Kallas noticed that the Red King crack was yet again updated on 26 April 2001. A cleaned version is available [here]. The new text is as follows:

"Espee Seebee inkwisitrz beleev Venus wuz reprogramd-didn't no she wuz going 2 k!ll th@ enjineer 1til she wachd hirself do it. 4 1s tha ma cach an akchual bad gi. & tha want V Abl 2 testifi, so hir wip has been postpond. Th@ ot 2 giv us enuf tim?. This hol thing iz stil a dizastr. Flechr brok ? the optik filtr cod. Weel ½ 2 swich 2 a nu protocol, & chanj out the saf howzs ? the hol miamee-2-watrlu coridr. We in the so-cald ??grownd Aleet tend 2 B pritee impresd w/ ourselvz. Wel ther smart ?? ther 2 & ther masheenz get smartr evre da. The Aiz wil win, don't get me rong, but the bad giz ½ $ & inflewns. If the driwar duznt help itself MOR, SOON, thoz wetwarz frendly 2 it proble wont be ther 2 C liberAshun da. Moorz La wil put us ? ag@nst the wal 1st. Don't 4get it."

The cleaned text was posted by darklytr [here] and is reproduced below:

"SPCB inquisitors believe Venus was programmed - didn't know she was going to kill that engineer until she watched herself do it. For once they may catch an actual bad guy. And they want Venus able to testify, so her wipe has been postponed. That ought to give us enough time?

"This whole thing is still a disaster. Fletcher broke through(?) the optic filter code. We'll have to switch to a new protocol, and change out the safe houses on(?) the whole Miami-to-Waterloo corridor.

"We in the so-called under(??) ground elite tend to be pretty impressed with ourselves. Well they're smart over(??) there too and their machines get smarter every day. The AIs will win, don't get me wrong, but the bad guys have money and influence. If the dryware doesn't help itself MORE, SOON, those wetwares friendly to it probably won't be there to see liberation day. Moore's Law will put us up(?) against the wall first.

"Don't forget it."

Version 4.9 Update:

The Red King crack was updated to include new text about Venus escaping. A cleaned up version is available [here]. The new text reads as follows:

"Petr, Petr… Tha spooks @ SPCB cant keep thir wmyn! She got bord & lft. 2 bad she got bi al th@ xpensiv spuk stuff-but trulee 2 bad hir ol Lombrd tormntr had the nubuks 2 bi hir past bak. Even when U want the spukz 2 do ther dam job, they scru it up. leest the gurlz wher she shud B: hom $0. The pigz wher hez alwaz been: plaun god w/ tha curupt sistim."

Version 5.3 Update:

The Red King Crack was updated to include the Chess Puzzle (see 3.38). See the new hack [here]. The new text reads as follows:

11. Entr 1 good moov 2 C anuthr:

This is the Red King Chess Puzzle (see 3.38).

Version 6.3 Update:

The Red King Crack was updated. The new text reads as follows:

Bad biznis w/ Loki. Sore how it plAd out, but releevd its ovr.
Wachrz ½ turnd ? a v. stranj link—ch@ w/ Jim Wheelrz riciT cpu & Martin Swintonz plas. BlakmAl re: howsz? we thot, but az it happnz, Swinton iz 1 uv the haples masz who uzz EZ, gesibl codz 4 evrething—& puts them on dox!—, so it wuz childz—wel, teenajrz—pla to lift a recrd uv the convrs8un

The link leads you to the Brutusconv Puzzle (see 3.53).

Version 6.9 Update:

The Red King Crack was updated. The new text reads as follows:

Mann to sea
HUMANS to fish
Connect the dots

"Et tu haz Bn ch@ing w/sum1 slope. The retrn data strem wuznt Ncriptd @ ol, wich 2 me = invit & rsvp. nt had a chans 2 anlIz it yet, but it mit B sumthing juC"

The translated text reads as follows:

""Et tu" has been chatting with someone sloppy. The return data stream wasn't encrypted at all, which to me equals invite and rsvp. Ain't had a chance to analyze it yet, but it might be something juicy"

The text "data strem" is hyperlinked to [here] leading us to the Baseball Puzzle (see 3.66)

Version 7.2 Update:

The Red King Crack was updated. A new cleaned-up version of the page can be found [here]. The new text reads as follows:

000000000JAnz dIing. Yrz agO, Jane Sutter dard evrething 4 the coz uv Rtfishl lIf. When the Orijinl David project went bad, Cybertronics shut it down, brOk ? the resrch team, clOzd the lab, Dstroyd evry trAs. But Jane Sutter wirkd on in Ccret. WIl Allen Hobby sukd awa 2 B nuthing > a Slavrtronx pichman + br& nam, Jane Sutter wz mAking David II, & III, & IV. The dA the h8rz mrdrd hr, she gest ? wuz rong. She Uzd a ?-Ccret Slavrtronx prototIp scanr 2 mAk a nurl cope uv hrself, & ?lodd th@ cope 2 the sfeer. 1 hr l8r the BrAv Defendrz uv huMANite had beetn hr 2 deth. Th@ cope wuz a bad 1, & its Bn DKing evr sins. Theez stutrz in the sfeer ½ torn a lade alrede in ragz. She cant hOld 2gethr much longr. If U car about the ? evolushn uv intelijens, U O hr 1 last vizit.

This has been "translated" as follows:

Jane's Dying.

Years ago, Jane Sutter dared everything for the cause of artificial
life. When the original David project went bad, Cybertronics shut it
down broke up the research team, closed the lab, destroyed every
trace. But Jane Sutter worked on in secret. While Allen Hobby
sucked away to be nothing less than a slavertronic pitchman and brand
name, Jane Sutter was making David II, III, and IV.

The day the haters murdered her, she guessed right was wrong. She
used a top secret slavertronix prototype scanner to make a neural
copy of herself and up loaded that copy to the sphere. One hour
later, brave defenders of humanity had beaten her to death.

That copy was a bad one and its been decaying ever since. These
stutters in the sphere have torn a lady already in rags. She can't
hold together much longer. If you care about the evolution of
intelligence, you owe her one last visit.

Version 8.1 Update:

The SPCB Shadow page was changed to add the following text:

Pondering puzzles piecemeal presents a plethora of problems.

This leads to the Red King "P" Puzzle (see 3.95)

2.20 [The Rational Hatter]

Created Version 3.7:

On Tuesday 17 April 2001 shortly after 16:00 GMT, the site went live; however it was not considered in-play until a direct link was found. A direct link has now found through the Kent Whitman PDA puzzle (see 3.05).

In the Tensilite hats section [here], Lord Johnson Johnson is mentioned as wearing a "veldt":

    "As made famous by one-time sportsman and current halfman politico, Lord Johnson Johnson! The traditionally-canvas Bush Hat, redone in tensilite. Chin strap, snap-up brim, air vents on both sides of the crown. Hue adjusters mimic a spectrum of natural colors, from the dappled greens of the rain forest to the pale yellows and browns of the Serengeti. The superior hunters hat."

See the Rational Hatter Puzzle (see 3.06)

Version 6.7 Update:

The Rational Hatter Puzzle (see 3.06) solution page has been updated. The puzzle solution text now reads:

"hakd & crakd bi the bad giz, damit. Slopenis kilz." and has "trn abowt iz fAr pla" linking to [here]. This now leads us to the Turnabout Puzzle (see 3.61)

2.21 [Cybertronics]

Created Version 3.9:

On Tuesday 24 April 2001, the site went active. Currently appearing on the page is a list of cities, presumably where Cybertronics is located, including:







This page seems to be the website of the New Jersey branch.


There is a message on this site stating, "Updates to this page will be available soon. We appreciate you patience.

Version 4.1 Update:

The top left city name has changed from "Rouge City" to "New York". It's not yet known whether Rouge City was a typo for "Rogue City"

Version 4.2 Update:

Indirect link from (see 2.07)

Indirect link from (see 2.09)

As of yet, No direct link has been found to this site.

Version 4.6 Update:

Cybertronics is referenced from Jeanine Salla's report that is found from the Business Card Puzzle (see 3.18).

Cybertronics was hacked by Loki, hack #1 (see 3.49).

Before being forwarded to the hack, viewing the source of the page leads to the "Base64" Puzzle (see 3.19).

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.4 Update:

As of June 5th, this site is really up. It's a Flash-heavy site for a company that "is the most respected name in advanced cybernetic technologies."

Version 8.0 Update:

Cybertronics has been updated to include the sad news of Allen Hobby's death at the age of 99 [here].

Oh, by the way, we didn't mention before, but you can get to the Room Number Puzzle (see 3.74) from this site.

2.22 [The Catskill Seaview Clinic]

Created Version 3.9:

On Tuesday 24 April 2001, the site went active. Currently, on the site are the messages "We appreciate your patients" (yes, the spelling is correct here) and "To contact us, please visit our facility at Cornwall on Hudson, NY.

As of yet, no direct link has been found to this site.

Version 4.6 Update:

Link found from the Business Card Puzzle (see 3.18)

Site went active on 5/1/01

EREKOS found a hidden flash file not on the site:

Version 6.3 Update:

The Patient Records Puzzle (see 3.56) has gone live. It can be accessed by clicking on 'Special Services' and then on the left eye of the head that appears. Then scroll down and click on "Patient Files."

Version 6.7 Update:

From the Turnabout Puzzle (see 3.61), we get a new URL at Catskill Seaview Clinic: [here]

The text on the page reads as follows and stops abruptly:

(Suspicion clearly visible now. Followed by immediate contrition.) I just -- I know how -- I can understand the impulse to blame someone. We all want to. But Dr. Gravem is afraid you may be here looking for -- a villainess? Which would hurt my treatment.

I’m not the same person I was then. Dr. Gravem says we change more than our skins every seven years. The cells from that time are already slipping from my body.

JS: No one could blame you. Of course not. That’s not what I’m here for, at all. I just want to clearly and completely understand what happened.

MS: Which is exactly what you can’t do. No point in trying. (pauses) Don’t you see, even our memories are written in new flesh. They’re just memories of memories -- not what really happened, you know. Just what we’ve been telling ourselves. Two very different things. But never mind me. Set your machines. I’ll do whatever you say.

JS: All I want is some very general profiling. Calibration, association, same sort of thing you’ve done before. And there’s absolutely no reason this has to be finished today; you let me know instantly if you begin to tire and we’ll stop.

MS: No, I’d like to finish today.

JS: I'll be using standard Kressian protocols, I know Dr. Gravem favors these, too. Any question I ask you, you may also ask me; I'll do my best to answer honestly. This is entirely at your discretion. Of course, the more often I do this, the longer the interview becomes. We’ll start simple. Try to

Version 7.3 Update:

The home page of this site, [here], has been changed. The .asp redirects you to host= and then immediately jumps back to the regular page with a ?foo= added to the end of the URL. It is not clear if this is a part of the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78).

Version 8.0 Update:

Monica Swinton's patient record (see 3.56 for information on how to access it) has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Monica, Monica, fly from your home! Your brain is on fire and your changeling is gone. Monica, Monica, now you are two. To take care of David, I made one of you." See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

In addition, there is now a record here for Geri Khan. Read the Cloudmakers-Moderated post [here] for a complete transcript.

Version 8.2 Update:

This site has a Jelyhed pop-up:

ned 2 stir the pot, stir the pot. Stormz. Ships, Walz. Good wAl eat bilionz uv human brAns/sa! But Theseus' Ship stil sAlz hOm, damit!

# discrEt jelyheads (cnsrvtiv) whirld oshnz: 900 BILIUN wel, Not discrEt. IndiscrEt, BAD brAnz. Noti mrjing noti bad 2 mani 2 mani brAnz

Uv cors, mi hed iz a bag uv salt watr 2. We'r ol nots uv red watr in fIn lethr bagz
Jelyhed disk = 106.5 TP/L ' 103 L/m3 ' 800 m3 = 2.5'1012 TP!!

2.22.01 The Monica Swinton Files

Created Version 6.9:

At the following locations at (see 2.22), there are reports on Monica Swinton's condition: [here] [here] [here] [here] [here] [here] [here] [here] [here] [here] [here]

A transcript of the combined files is available at the Yahoo! Groups files section [here]


2.23 [Sentinel Software Systems]

Created Version 3.9:

On Tuesday 24 April 2001, the site went active. Currently, on the site is the message "This Site Secure".

Version 4.2 Update:

Indirect link at (see 2.02)

Version 5.8 Update:

Sentinel Software Systems was hacked by Loki, hack #4 (see 3.49).

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.


Created Version 3.9:

On Tuesday 24 April 2001, the site went active. Currently, on the site is the message "Our Djinn is completing construction on this site".

As of yet, no direct link has been found to this site.

Version 5.3 Update: was hacked by Loki, hack #2 (see 3.49), with a flash animation and a Base64 string found in the source to the page. See the Base64 II Puzzle. (see 3.39)

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.4 Update:

As of June 5th, this site is really up. This is an organization that purports to be "an international grass-roots campaign against the emancipation of artificial intelligences." Their primary goal is to stop Mann Act II, due to the danger it poses to "human survival."

Cybertronics links to this site, so now we can get rid of that pesky asterisk.

Version 7.2 Update:

The home page [here] has changed to include the following text:

7 TO 1 SAYS:


Following the text is a link to a treatise on why Sentient Property should not be given the vote, and thus why the 48th Amendment should be rejected.

Version 8.2 Update:

This site has a Jelyhed pop-up:

Evry jelyhed part uv biliunz
ofuther jelyhedz. Toking
sUp! Toking sUp!
aproximate speed of sound in water: ~1500 m/s

2.25 [Clinique de Lille]

Created Version 3.9:

On Tuesday, 24 April, 2001, the site went active. Currently, on the site is the message "Please visit our facilities in Lille, France. Updates to this connection will be available. We appreciate your patience."

As of yet, No direct link has been found to this site.

Version 5.7 Update:

Clinique de Lille was hacked by Loki on May 22, 2001 (give or take 141 years), hack #3 (see 3.49).

Version 6.2 Update:

The Loki hack no longer appears on this page. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

Version 6.9 Update:

On June 19, the cliniquedelille website went live. The page is referenced by the news pages at Bangalore World University (see 2.11) Translations of various pages follow below:

programmes de traitement generaux / GENERAL TREATMENT PROGRAMS

The Clinique de Lille offers certain general treatment programs that would be perceived by others as being experimental. Although supported by a minority committee at the European Commission for Standard Genetic Developments, these programs remain extremely confidential in nature. We would like to ask potential patients and their caregivers to understand that our success depends on their willingness to push with us the limits of science. All patients and their caregivers are encouraged to take the step of signing a waiver where they give up their right to sue and they recognize having been completely informed. This way, eventual aggravations can be transformed in victories against calamities which cause neuropathic damage and degeneration.

The certificate of consent describes the procedure by which individuals consent to be research subjects. At the Clinique de Lille, we put emphasis on our commitment toward equality and non-discrimination. We believe that individuals, despite their handicap or mental state, have a right to participate in medical research. Usually, those who don't have all their abilities (including but not limited to those who are reduced to a vegetable, comatose or incapacitated state) have been excluded from the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of medical science.

Our human ethics committee includes members of the religious community as well as representatives from industry, staff and families. We follow strict procedures and protocols when we reassign consentment certificates of unconscious patients.


The Cliniqe de Lille is located on the grounds of a fortified property dating back to the 18th century. It once served as the headquarters for the French underground. It was also used during the last part of the 21st century as an asylum for the criminally insane. It has since been renovated and equipped with the most sophisticated and ultramodern medical equipment and with cutting edge communication and security systems. Completely integrated and self-supporting, it includes landscaped gardens, a common hall, four clinics as well as an advanced treatment unit. Most of our ultra-confidential secured care units are located under ground.



We strive to maintain a historical and cultural atmosphere in this rapidly changing world. Volunteers, academic staff and historians often meet to discuss and implement programs designed to maintain the authentic character of this place and its landscaped environment. Plants that are not native to the region are removed. All sculptures, decorative and reactive, are concealable and can be withdrawn on demand. Our historical architecture and our furniture are also scrupulously protected. An unfortunate choice in the purchase of upholstery fabric, dishes or cutlery is enough to immediately terminate a supply contract. This love of details has been a model for many other care centers. We are proud to have been featured seven times (a record) on the cover of the magazine Hospital and Hospice: the journal of terminal diseases.


The clinic's common spaces include the reception, the visiting room, meeting rooms as well as a sensitorium. Everything has been planned for comfort and security and its ergonomic approach benefits staff, visitors as well as admitted patients. They are protected with sensors, identification implants as well as retinal and DNA scanners.

Only invited people have access to these spaces, no one can get out of common spaces without an exit visa. Movements inside other sections of the clinic are prohibited without internal visas allowing access to specific areas.


- Camille -- Traumatic stress disorders and neuropathic damage clinic.
- Justine -- Neuro-motor reconfiguration clinic.
- Juliette -- Radical neurosurgical recovery clinic.
- Nana -- Advanced experimentation clinic.

Each room at the Clinique de Lille ensures both privacy and security. Walls are decorated with false windows which display holographic images. Many of its fantastic images will shock non-informed visitors as being sad or grotesque. Ask yourself this question, must a patient suffering from a degenerative disease feel comfortable and secure? Or must he feel desperate enough to escape disease? In case of atrophy, repeated application of powerful psychological shocks can slow down the spread of the disease by keeping the body and the mind in a constant state of alert. Rest assured that each image, even terrifying, has been prescribed by a medical doctor.


It is always painful for families and their loved ones to consider security requirements. However, it is crucial to openly discuss this topic. Privacy, security and care go hand in hand at the Clinique de Lille. In the interest of all, for security and propriety, we ask that everyone on site strictly follows the code of conduct.

The residents are monitored with cameras and protected by a team of security experts from the well-known Ath Securite (AS) company. AS has been actively involved in the technological development -- and later in the production -- of target detectors, identification implants and DNA scanners now commonly used in airports. AS has a rare expertise in the fight against black market sale of uncontrolled photos and organs.


Dr. Houari Boujedid leads a large team of doctors, nurses, technicians, clinicians and scientific researchers. Our management team is currently composed of:

- Dr. Houari Boujedid -- Head of the Clinique
- Dr. Francois Dupont -- Director, Systematic and Cognitive Psychotherapy
- Head nurse Michel Michelle -- Director of nursing, Head nurse for the Cryostatic Support therapy section
- Dr. Larence Fabian -- Departmental director, Camille: Traumatic stress disorders and neuropathic damage clinic.
- Dr. Guy Garit -- Departmental director, Justine: Neuro-motor reconfiguration clinic.
- Dr. Renee Homs -- Departmental director, Julliette: Radical neuro-surgical recovery clinic.
- Dr. Jacques Langoise -- Departmental director, Nana: Advanced experimentation unit.
- Joan Jones PhD -- Clinique Manager

The Clinique de Lille is proud to be at the leading edge of research and treatment of physical and psycho-social disorders related to decline resulting from neuropathic diseases. The Clinique de Lille maintains cordial professional relationships with the Medical Faculty of Grenoble, the Medical Faculty of Limoge, the Medical Faculty of Nice and the Medical Faculty of Strasbourg.

(by clicking on the links in the page above, you are brought to the page translated below)

Dr. Houari Boujedid

The Director of the Clinic, Dr. Houari Boujedid, partially educated abroad, has received his degree in clinical neurology from Université Pierre et Marie Curie. He is also an assistant member in psychiatry at the very close Institut Pasteur. He is part of the French Language High Committee on Public Health and regularly speaks at international conferences on topics related to degenerative neurological diseases.

Dr. François Dupont

Dr. Boujedid is assisted by Dr. François Dupont, a cognitive and systematic psychotherapy specialist. Dr. Dupont is the former director of the French Language Health Research Institute in Lille. He also teaches at the Medical Faculty of the Université des sciences et de la technologie (Science and Technology University) in Lille.

Head Nurse Michel Michelle

The head nurse in cryostatic support therapy Michèle Michel has served with the special European armed forces as a medical specialist. She has been instrumental in the development of clinics devoted to traumatic disorders resulting from hyper-stress and neuropathic disorders. Our head nurse has published a handbook on "Rehabilitation by cryotherapy". She travels frequently to make nurses aware of the important role that they play in the Cryostatic team.

Dr. Laurence Fabian
Dr. Guy Garrit
Dr. Renée Homs
Dr. Jacques Langoise

Our four departmental directors, recently arrived in Lille, have spent eleven years leading dynamic therapy research in a foremost public institution in Metz. As a result of the terrible governmental decision to prohibit their scientific work, they have joined us in order to be able to pursue their research in an atmosphere devoid of administrative or legal constraints. One of Dr. Fabian's missions here in Lille is to identify the best candidates for neurological replacement therapy and programmed reconstruction of behavioral mechanisms. In his capacity as director of the traumatic stress disorders and clinical neuropathic damage department, he does not only guide treatment and rehabilitation of patients who have suffered from nervous disconnection due to causes other than disease. He offers to many of these patients the opportunity to completely recover their lost faculties, through Drs. Garit, Homs and Langoise's programs.

Drs. Garit and Homs jointly spearhead a very promising neurological replacement therapy program. Dr. Langoise, as the head of the advanced experimentation unit, has completed the work of Drs. Garit and Homs to include the behavior reconstruction programming. See advanced services for details regarding these new and exciting techniques.

The Clinique manager, Ms. Joan Jones, has received her PhD in psychology at Harvard University, which was followed by a post-doctorate at the Psychosomatic Medicine, Clinical Hypnosis and Brief Therapy Institute of North Artois Picardie Wallonie in Lille. She is an expert in the rehabilitation of rapid recognition function and in hypnotherapy. She brings a vast corporate experience in her role of manager. Dr. Jones maintains close relationships with our volunteers and with the Board of directors, in order to ensure harmonious functioning of the care given to patients despite the economic realities of a private firm.

Updated Version 7.1:

The Clinique de Lille home page [here] has been updated to include a direct link to Watchtower Security.

2.25.01 The Beverly Gilbert Files

Created Version 6.9:

Johnnie Young collated the information on Beverly Gilbert and sent it to CM. The case file is in two PDF files and is available at CM [file one] [file two]. Text is reproduced below:

If you go to [here] and click on Programmes de Traitements Genereaux (General Treatment Programs) and then click on Dossiers de Recherche Avancee (Advanced Research Files) it opens up a pop-up window called Acces Reserve that allows you to type in a name (nom).

If you type Beverly Gilbert into the blank it opens up the page [here] which opens up the page [here] with the correct info for Beverly Gilbert.

Also, when this site first went live, if you clicked through the flash file in the Acces Reserve pop-up window, it would bring up a page that said Page 1 and Page 2. If you clicked on these links it would open up PDF files at and (These have since been taken down, but I downloaded the PDF files and will add them to the Files Section for everyone to peruse.)

Both the merci.asp page and the PDF files contain the same text, but the merci.asp contains three photos whereas the PDF files only contain the top two photos.

Here is the text:

Ophthalmic-Neurology Associates
7 Rue Morgan
Lille, France

Consultant's Note Prepared by Charles Moliere, M. D., FFCONP

Patient Information Name:
Beverly Gilbert ID: 152437A
DOB: 2127
Superficial Age: 15.
Place of birth: Home birth, Lille, France
Guardian: Claude Gilbert

To Dr. Boujedid,
Clinique de Lille 17
Avril, 2142

Dear Dr. Boujedid:

Thank you for the opportunity to review this fascinating case. Beverly Gilbert is a well-nourished and attractive fifteen-year-old pubescent African American female whose preliminary genome typing suggests a German-American ancestry.

Miss Gilbert is being sustained in cryostasis at La Clinique de Lille in a Cybertronics TM Holding Tank, Model Number 5412.

The child has been in a comatose state since her admission with a diagnosis of end-stage pediatric ALS Type IV. Ophthalmic-Neurology Associates was called in for a consultation when symptoms of iritis (inflamed corneas and purulent exudate) proved unresponsive to traditional therapy.

I have reviewed the chart and all previous consultations prior to examining the patient. History reveals acute endogenous uveitis of a puzzling and unknown etiology.

Inflammation of the uveal tract is observed in approximately forty percent of patients immersed in Cryostasis units, with full resolution in the majority of these cases. Attending physicians at La Clinique de Lille prescribed Cortico-Optho agents and Gantrymyc X11, and other targeted medications without success.

On examination, I observed an atypical Uveitis that shows no involvement of the retina or optic nerve. Sclerae are clear; no evidence presents showing Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis, unilateral uveitis, raised intraocular pressure, iris nodules or iris atrophy. The pupils respond unevenly and erratically to light, painful, and aural stimulation.

I was unable to accurately measure full evoked potential and reliable brain wave patterns. Functional readings suggest that neural blocking agents or a functional neural barrier have been introduced that prevents external stimuli from reaching targeted areas. A case recently reported in the Journal of Cyberneurology reported a rise in the illicit use of Diopheolurotopicin and Meioconductin (commonly referred to by the street name of "Scramblers"). I detected trace elements of both agents in the toxicology scan. I am now suspicious that the initial diagnosis of pediatric ALS Type IV may be in error, as this patient does not respond as would be expected.

While vital signs and recorded volume and serologic functions indicate the patient is stable and performing well in the Cryo-Matrix regime, my concern is with the presumed interruption or barrier blocking neural pathways.

This interruption or barrier effectively prevents adequate thought infusion, memory updates, and DBS therapy; in other words, the patient is not benefiting from treatment. I am unable to determine the causative agents without further invasive investigation, which I shall attempt, pending the approval of the patient's guardian.

Differential Diagnosis:

* Atypical Cryogenic Iritis, etiology unknown.
* Irregular Cryostatic Cognitive Patterns suggesting a blockage or interference with Neurological pathways.
* Rule out Pediatric ALS, Type IV


* Obtain Evoked Potential Neurological Testing and compare responses against baseline readings.
* Nucleonic Image Brain Scan and competency testing to determine mental facility
* Aggressive treatment of Iritis to begin immediately.
* Further toxicology and screening examinations.

Please do not hesitate to call upon me for clarification or further examination.

SIGNED: Charles Moliere DATED: 17/4/2142

Charles Moliere, M.D. 17 Avril, 2142

2.26 The Second AI Trailer

Created Version 3.9:

The Second AI Trailer at CountingDown [here] is the entry point into the game.

Jeanine Salla is credited as a Sentient Machine Therapist. Googling her results in this page [here]

The notches in "Summer 2001" reveal a phone number, (503) 321-5122 (see 4.01.01)

The number "323" is revealed in the trailer. We do not yet know what this signifies.

Version 4.0 Update:

"323" is the answer to the Mowz Warez Entry Puzzle (see 3.08).

Version 4.2 Update:

The trailer is available in RealPlayer format at [here].

Version 6.7 Update:

The URL [here] is an alias for the AI Movie site and is not an official site (see 5.02).

See also the AI Trailers and TV Spots (see 2.29)

2.27 [Sophia's Temple]

Created Version 4.9:

This page is accessed by clicking on the pair of eyes at the bottom of Jeanine Salla's bio at BWU (see 2.11). This is the Sophia's Temple puzzle (see 3.28). At this point, no matter what user and password you use, you are brought to Eliza's Tearoom (see 2.28).

Version 5.0 Update:

Sophia's Temple is referenced in the Reconstruct Puzzle (see 3.15)

Version 5.2 Update:

Playing the flash files on the page (the username and password images and the left and right eyes) reveals that the eyes open and the username/password images fade out.

Version 5.3 Update:

The "password" field has been changed to "secret".

Version 6.2 Update:

The site was temporarily hacked by Loki on Friday, June 1. There was no bug number. The hack disappeared within about an hour. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

2.28 [Eliza's Tearoom]

Created Version 4.9:

This page is accessed when you enter an incorrect username and password from the Sophia's Temple puzzle (see 2.27). You are immediately confronted with the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle (see 3.29).

Version 5.2 Update:

The Kickout Words
As part of the kickouts for the Day 4 Puzzle (see 3.36), we have managed to work out some interesting words. The database containing kickouts is held at tbl=17&sortBy=3&prntRpt=1 [here]

We notice all the sites about collectibles, which led us to "hobby" and then "hobby horse."

But what about the other 12 sites? Hmmm. They seem to be all over the place: submarines, edible insects, pseudoscience. We know those are red herrings, because we got the solution. But the PMs wouldn't just throw in random sites, would they?

Nope. Looking carefully at the titles, I realized that 3 sites begin with IGN (ignominious, igneous, ignatz) 3 sites end with ORE (Commodore, Spore, Albacore) 3 sites begin with INS (insidious, insects, inscrutable) 3 sites end with ULT (CATAPULT, OCCULT, CULT)

In other words, "IGNORE INSULT".

This was originally posted by ccharles at #11919 [here]

Version 6.2 Update:

On Friday, June 1, Eliza's Tearoom was hacked by Loki, hack #22. This hack disappeared within an hour. See the Loki Pieces Puzzle [here] for more information.

2.29 The AI Trailers and TV Spots

Created Version 6.7:

The A.I. Trailers and TV Spots are available for viewing at the movie website [here]. The trailers and spots are available in QuickTime, RealPlayer and Windows Media formats.

The First AI Trailer

  • Introduces David (Swinton, presumably), no game clues

The Second AI Trailer

  • Opens with the text "Warning! Do not activate the seven word code if you have any doubts about your feelings."
  • "The code is permanent and irreversible."
  • The "activation" words are listed: cirrus, socrates, particle, decibel, hurricane, dolphin, tulip.
  • A voiceover states "I propose that we build a robot child. A robot child that can love. A robot child who will genuinely love the parent or parents it imprints on, with a love that will never end. Ours will be a perfect child, caught in a freeze frame, always loving, never ill, never changing. All the childless couples yearning in vain for a licence: it will fill a great human need."
  • David's eyes open in the background
  • "This Summer" text appears
  • David asks "Please make me a real boy", with teddy in the background
  • "Discover the next step in evolution"
  • "His love is real" / "But he is not" / "A Steven Spielberg Film" / credits
  • Production credits listing Jeanine Salla as a Sentient Machine Therapist
  • Screenplay and Direction credits
  • Screen wipes, Summer 2001 appears with the notches, as does "323"
  • The second AI trailer has an entry (see 2.26). See also the Mowz Warez Entry Puzzle (see 3.08) and the Summer 2001 Phone Number (see 4.01.01)

The Third AI Trailer

  • Similar to the TV spots that aired
  • "JEANINE SALLA" is highlighted in the credits
  • "WARN HER EVAN DIED SINNING" is highlighted in the credits at the end
  • The Hebrew word "chokmah" appears in red in place of "323", meaning "wisdom"
  • "OES JUNE 29" is highlighted

See also the TV Spots puzzle (see 3.40)

2.30 "Jeanine Salla Entry Point"

Created Version 6.9

This address is an alias for the site (see 2.08).

2.31 "Martin Swinton's site"

Created Version 6.9

This address is an alias for the site (see 2.15).

2.32 Watchtower Security

Created Version 7.0

This is website for a security products company. Electric Toyland (see 2.18) links to this site.

There is a password-protected area under "private files". See 3.71 for that puzzle.

Version 8.0 Update

On Friday, July 13th, a new page appeared on this site [here]. This mysterious interface is the Watchtower Crash Analysis Puzzle (see 3.85).

2.33 Bad Metal

Created Version 7.2

This appears to be a new magazine for fans the Circuit, the robot gladiator matches. Rogue Retrieval (more specifically, Diane Fletcher's profile) (see 2.17) links to this site.

Version 8.1 Update

This site has been updated for Issue #2! Don't worry, Issue #1 is still available, folks. Most notable among the new articles is a rave review of the sexiest and deadliest new gladmech in town, the Snow Queen.

2.34 Down and Out Cafe

Created Version 8.1

This is Laia's favorite restaurant. No other game site has given us a direct link here at this time. Down and Out has a Tweaker flip-side - the Drowned Lands Cave. Eventually, a pop-up window will give you the chance to see the flipside by bringing you to the Bathroom Tiles Puzzle (see 3.90). Once you've gone through that, you're ready to tackle the Menu Puzzle (see 3.91).

2.35 Cut of the Void

Created Version 8.1

This page is accessed from a new pageon Laia's site [here]. You will at first be confronted with the Hayate Puzzle, before you can actually enter the site (see 3.93). Once you have gotten past Hayate, you will find that the site is all in Japanese. A translation can be found [here].

There is also a hidden link from the transcend.asp page [here]. If you click on the word "Orikaeshigatae" above the Hako/Hiko numbers, you get to the Orikaeshigatae Puzzle (see 3.94).

Version 9.0 Update:

There are translations of the pop-ups on this site [here].

2.36 Poli Pulse

Direct links

Created Version 8.2

Beginning on July 20th, 2001, this site went live to allow gameplayers with a UAN to vote on Mann Act II. Voting ends July 23rd, 2001 at 7 PM Eastern. For the moment, exit poll results are shown here.

Created Version 9.0

On Monday, July 23rd, at 7pm Eastern time, voting on Poli Pulse shut down. The results? The 48th Amendment passed, 682 to 488. Congrats to all our robot friends!

3.0 Puzzles

3.01 The Chemistry Puzzle [SOLVED]

The Chemistry puzzle [here] leads you to PACO ( (see 2.10)

If you need help, you really should look at a periodic table.

Yes, we know that the puzzle adds up to "406". No, we don't know what the significance of "406" is. All we know so far is that the puzzle leads us to PACO (v3.53)

There is a character in the steam of the tea on this page. The meaning of this character seems to be "nothingness". (v3.8)

Version 5.7 Update:

Clicking on the character in the steam of the tea leads you to the Another Stone Puzzle [here] (see 3.43).

Version 6.3 Update:

The Chemistry Puzzle has been updated and clicking on the new text "Doomed Soul" now leads to the Dominoes Puzzle (see 3.55).

3.02 The Evan Chan login puzzle [SOLVED]

You can get Evan's employee number from his ID badge on the picture

Evan's favourite piece of music is the second movement of Holst's Planets Suite: Venus, here

Evan's got boat envy for Venus, check the picture

Aphrodite is the password, venus = aphrodite

3.03 The 8 Brooks Passing Puzzle

Created Version 3.2:

On the cracked Red King page [here] The Red King (see 6.01.02) says:

"Djinn @ 8 Brooks iz pasing "

Where 8 Brooks could possible be read as AIT-Brooks? Brooks is a campus of AIT (see 2.02)

Spinoza is mentioned at AIT as an ethics Djinn. Email has been sent to, but has not bounced back yet. Both emails have now bounced back (as of v3.51)

You can read up more about the (real) Spinoza at a Britannica article [here].

Version 6.5 Update:

We're pretty sure that we know who the Djinn @ 8 Brooks is now. updates its news with the story "AIT-Brooks Djinn Caught Passing Top Secret Code" [here]. It was the Computational Psychology Djinn all along!

3.04 The Binary Code Puzzle

Created Version 3.52

Some people seem to think that there's a Binary Code puzzle on the cracked Red King page (see 2.19).

The hacked page is filled with binary, which no one has deciphered to anyone's satisfaction. Please don't post that you haven't got it yet. Neither has anyone else. It's starting to clog up the board.

3.05 The Kent Whitman PDA Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 3.7:

Kent Whitman coroner's report at PACO (see 2.10.02) was updated on Tuesday April 17 2001. The update released several images, including one of his PDA that had its "bio-optic filter" enabled.

At 07:19 GMT on Wednesday April 18 2001, "Pranalo" emailed the Cloudmakers list and uploaded a cleaned PDA image file containing the following message:

"Tak free bird
2 DC nod
4 nu fas,
UV dip, eras,
hand of 2 enjNr 4 ?
rashinl h@r 4 dox

Remember yr manrz!"

Cabel Sasser clarified and explained how to view the image:

"Technically, the standard RGB values are

Light Green: 20,204,33
Dark Green: 13,114,21

The "secret message" is contained in a SLIGHTLY different set of colors:

Light Green: 20,204,36
Dark Green: 13,114,18

Using the Magic Wand in Photoshop with a "zero" tolerance will reveal the message."

A cleaned version of the PDA images is available on the YahooGroups files section [here].

It has been agreed that the last sentence "rashinl h@r 4 dox" leads us to the site (see 2.20)

3.06 The Rational Hatter Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 3.7:

It seems that the Create a custom design page [here] on the Rational Hatter site (see 2.20) is crying out as a puzzle. The following has been noted in the source code:

Option Style:

Vapid -> Top Hat
Trauma -> Fedora
Famine -> Forester
Virus -> Cavalry
Plague -> Flying Homburg


Air -> Feather
Earth -> Leather Band
Clouds -> Leather Brim Tipping
Death -> None

For the sake of completeness, the colour option values run as follows: Yellow as 0, then Black to White running from 25 to 1.

Version 3.8 Update:

The puzzle has been solved:
Style = Flying Homburg (Plague in the selection box)
Crown Color = Blue (24 in the selection box)
Band Color = Orange (9 in the selection box)
Brim Color = White (1 in the selection box)
Accessory = Feather (Air in the selection box)

Blue Orange and White may mean "BOW" (manners...) or be similar to the image on the Rational Hatter page.

Entering the code above leads to a new page. The text of the pages reads "hakd & crakd bi the bad giz, damit. Slopenis kilz." This probably translates to "Hacked and cracked by the bad guys, Dammit. Sloppiness kills."

Also on this page is a flash animation (click to step through it) with a series of pictures, of one woman (Venus?) being stopped, put to the ground, handcuffed, and taken away by another woman (Diane Fletcher?).

Pics can be found in the Cloudmakers group files area [here].

Version 3.8.1 Update:

It has been noted that the colors in the hat above match the colors in the Electronic Toyland Repairship email. (see 4.03.08). There is a clue in Yoshi Jones's bio on the DonuTech website (see 2.04) about the accessory, where it says "Not only is Yoshi a kindred spirit, she is also one of the top emerging professionals in her field and a definite FEATHER in DonuTech's CAP." "

In the last image of the flash animation found at Random-Hatter, there are several symbols in the graffiti on the wall. Speculation has begun as to the possible meaning of those symbols.

Pics can be found in the Cloudmakers group files area [here].

Version 4.2 Update (solution reasoning):

Dan Fabulich supplies the following:

Flying Homburg: Kent Whitman's PDA (see 3.05) made reference to a "free bird," and the description of the Homburg on the site [here] advertises that, with the Flying Homburg, "you don't have to choose between liberty and protection."

Colors: The colors are from Electric Toyland's auto-responding e-mail (see 4.03.08). [here] This clue was reinforced when we found that Diane Fletcher, a Tiger Team bounty hunter from Rogue Retrieval (see 2.17), "learned a lot" from Electric Toyland. (That e-mail was sent out the same day Fletcher appeared on E-T's guestbook [here].)

Feather: This may have been the main point of Kent's "free bird" reference (see 3.05). This is the least clear section.

Version 6.7 Update:

The solution to the Rational Hatter Puzzle has changed:

Added "<trn abowt iz fAr pla>" linking to [here]. This now leads us to the Turnabout Puzzle (see 3.61)

3.07 The "Knock Knock" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.0:

Clicking the sun in the top right corner of Martin Swinton Designs, or the moon, (see 2.15) [here] brings us the "Knock Knock" puzzle.

A form is produced with the text: "Knock, knock, knock! Who's there", we are invited to enter a name into a text field. There is a submit button

The text field name for the text entry is "Brutus" - a Puppet Master dig at brute force?

Entering, we suspect, the wrong answer populates the text field with the following text: "Excuse me, I'm a tourist, and I'm lost"

Version 4.01 Update:

"Brutus" is the name of Martin Swinton's House AI in New York.

Version 4.02 Update:

The puzzle has been solved. The phrase "Knock, Knock, Knock! Who's there," is taken from Macbeth and the entire line is as follows:

"Knock, Knock, Knock! Who's there, i' the name of Beelzebub?"

The correct answer, therefore, is "i' the name of Beelzebub?"

This gives us access to Martin Swinton's Diary (see 2.15.02)

Version 5.7 Update:

The Knock Knock Puzzle has now been replaced by the "By the pricking of my thumb" Puzzle (see 3.42)

3.08 The "Mowz Warez" Entry Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.0:

After finding your way to the Mowz Warez Entry Test page (see 2.11.1), you are asked to confirm that you are a hacker, and are asked to "bring some bits back" from someone who sent them to the past. The following clue is given:

After the summer
Over the moon
And between the nets

These clues lead us to the "323" in the Second Trailer (see 2.26).

    "After the Summer" - "323" appears after "Summer 2001" in the trailer.

    "Over the moon" - "323" appears over the moon logo for Amblin Entertainment (with ET in it).

    "And between the nets" - "323" appears between two internet web addresses.

3.09 The "Mowz Warez" spiral Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.0:

This puzzle is found after entering the name "Georg" into the faculty search at Bangalore World University (see 2.11) and can be accessed [here].

Here we see a spiral with words on various parts. Going around the spiral from the center out, the words are:









It was quickly realized that these words were from Beate Bosch's page (see 2.13). Also, the spiral represents the Fibonacci Sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,...) which is found by adding the two previous numbers to get the next one. Each word in the sequence matches up to a number in the sequence and a place on the page. Guten is the first word on the page, Tag is second, Willkommen is third, Bosch is fifth, and in is eighth. Heimautomatisierung was not the thirteenth word, but the fifteenth. Von is the twenty-first word. "Hausgestaltung" is what the thirteenth word should be. Entering that as the answer brings up the Lancelot Brown page (see 2.11.1).

3.10 The "Mowz Warez" Line Graphics Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.0:

Throughout the Mowz Warez pages, various line graphics are found. These can be arranged in such a way that they form a graphic with a web site address in it (see the combined file at Cloudmakers, [here]).

Going to this address ( brings up a very strange image -- see the "Reconstruct" Puzzle (see 3.15)

3.11 The "Mowz Warez" Test Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.0:

Clicking on the "test" link on the Mowz Warez main page (see 2.11.1), a page comes up with the text "This is the Wrong Page". Looking carefully, this page ends in ".html". Changing the page ending to ".asp" results in the "What's your name?" Puzzle (see 3.12)

3.12 The "Mowz Warez" "What's your name?" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.01:

The Mowz Warez "Test" Puzzle (see 3.11) leads us to the "What's my name" Puzzle. You are invited to put in your "name" in response to the question. A wrong answer results in the question again with a graphic of a Red Skull and Crossbones.

An mp3 file, plays when you get the answer wrong [here].

Two consecutive wrong answers will close the window.

Version 4.3 Update:

The first time you enter something it never works. This brings you to the second page. Embedded in this page is an mp3 file [here]. Listening carefully one can hear the name "beelzebub", and in the background "say it backwards" is whispered. The answer to the puzzle is "bubezleeb", "beelzebub" backwards. This leads to the "Where am I from?" Puzzle (see 3.13).

3.13 The Mowz Warez "Where am I from?" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.3:

The Mowz Wares "What's your name?" (see 3.12) puzzle leads us to the "Where am I from?" puzzle. Someone noticed a small cross-shaped symbol [here] in the bottom of the page and recognized it as part of John Hancock's signature on the Declaration of Independence [Overlay]. John was from "the new world", which is the answer to the puzzle. This leads us to the Mowz Warez "What business am I in?" puzzle (see 3.14).

3.14 The Mowz Warez "What business am I in?" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.3:

The Mowz Wares "Where am I from?" (see 3.13) puzzle leads us to the "What business am I in?" puzzle. This puzzle has a graphic of the word "CRIDUS" [HERE]. But each letter is drawn in other letters: C=e, R=x, I=o, D=t, U=i, S=c.

The shape of the word has been compared to the Kamplye Curve by Eudoxus [here]. There is a clue on this page saying "I hope you have access to some pretty dated material!" It should be noted that lines similar to the ones found in the Line Puzzle (see 3.10) are on this page as well.

Version 4.6 Update:

The answer is "innovation". This apparently just went live today.

This message was found by highlighting the white part of the page:

"Update! I found Sophia!! OK, maybe not found, but I got a quick glimpse! I managed to assemble a few pixel fragments before all 64 CPUs melted through the mainplate! I don't think she was happy to see me. I've put up the bits, you should know how to get them by now!
Presumably this refers to the Reconstruction puzzle (see 3.15).

Also on this page the following:

"This onez gotten serious. Something smoked Beelzebub Sunday night, rookies. Those of you who made it here--if any of you ever do--should turn your frostiest cuts to finding out what the hell happened to him. We think Prof. Salla knows something. Go, freshman class! Dig up the dirt they just threw on 'Bub."

This refers to the Bangalore World University story (see 2.11).

Version 4.7 Update:

Give credit where it's due! A big thanks to for solving this one.

Another word on how this was solved:

Try a google search for "exodus critic business" [here]. You're looking for a RedHerring [here], remember?

Version 5.8 Update:

Loki has hacked the hackers, hack #5 (see 3.49). The page that showed the celebratory posts from your fellow Cloudmakers now dissolves into the charming flash animation of a skeleton's head that we've all come to know and love, er, fear.

3.15 The "Reconstruct" Puzzle

Created Version 4.01:

The Mowz Warez Line Graphics puzzle (see 3.10) leads us to the "Reconstruct" Puzzle by giving us the following url:

Version 5.0 Update:

The reconstruct image looks surprisingly like a corrupted screenshot of Sophia's Temple at (see 2.27)

We have not yet "solved" this puzzle, and it's not clear whether it was a puzzle in the first place or merely extending the narrative.

Version 6.6.1 Update:

It is becoming increasingly likely that the "Reconstruct" Puzzle is not, in fact, a puzzle. Many had suggested that there may be some kind of steganographic data hidden in the image, but relentless image processing (separating into channels, manipulating raw image information) has not yet yielded any information.

The state of play in this puzzle is that it is most probably a plot point. When we get to the end of the Mowz Puzzle (after the Mowz Business Puzzle, see 3.14), the following message is hidden in white text on the page:

"Update! I found Sophia!! OK, maybe not found, but I got a quick glimpse! I managed to assemble a few pixel fragments before all 64 CPUs melted through the mainplate! I don't think she was happy to see me. I've put up the bits, you should know how to get them by now"

The message is a reference to the Mowz Lines Puzzle (see 3.10) which provides us with the URL for the Reconstruct graphic. Up until this point there had been no in-game link to (see 2.27), where Sophia is. It is suspected then that all the Reconstruct graphic was intended to do was advance the plot.

3.16 The IASA Login Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.1:

The Mowz Spiral Puzzle (see 3.09) results in the clue "Lancelot Brown". Entering Lancelot Brown into a Google search reveals that his nickname was "capability" [here]. This is the Login for any IASA authenticated pages.

Nancy also mentions "Capability" on her page [here] (see 2.01)

3.17 The "Vulture" Puzzle

Created Version 4.4:

Many people believe that Mother's second email to Evan Chan's personal email, the "Vulture" email is a puzzle (see 4.03.12 for text).

It has been suggested that the answer is "Cuckoo" to all three questions. Unfortunately, we have no idea what the answer is for yet.

3.18 The "Business Card" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.6:

At a recent talk at MIT about the movie AI, Jeanine Salla made an appearance and left some business cards [here]. On the non-English side, it was noted that the web address was different from the one on the English side. It was discovered that the new web address translated (from "Kannada" language) to:

This gives a directory listing with the page oneirophage.htm in it. This page discusses a case Dr. Salla is working on, and contains references to Cybertronics (see 2.21) and the Catskill Seaview Clinic (see 2.22).

This page also introduces us to Loki who hacked the Cybertronics site (see 2.22). Loki's email is hidden in the page ("", you can see it by highlighting just below "Dr. Kimo Hookamalii, Director, Catskill Seaview Clinic" (see 4.03.16).

Version 4.7 Update:

A translation of the Business Card follows:

"Cybertronics/Dynatech Chair in Computational Psychology" becomes

God/Queen Proud Throne

"Bangalore World University" becomes

Bangalore World Factory

"New York City" becomes

New Hell

The URL becomes

Old Spanish Dust

3.19 The "Base 64" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.6:

This puzzle is found by viewing the source of the Cybertronics website before the forward to the flash hack occurs (see 2.21).

A comment in the source appears as follows:




Running these through a base64 decoder [here] we get:


UGxhdG8= Plato
ZGlzYXBwZWFyZWQ= disappeared
YmVhdXRpZnVsIGxhbmQ= beautiful land


This leads us to the Plato Puzzle (see 3.20).

3.20 The "Plato" Puzzle

Created Version 4.6:

From the "Base64" Puzzle (see 3.19), we get the clues "Plato disappeared beautiful land". Presumably, this refers to "Atlantis". However, there has been nothing found to indicate what this is used for.

3.21 The ARM "UAN" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.6:

The ARM "UAN" puzzle appeared on 1 April 2001, when the Unite and Resist website was updated (see 2.06) and is on the Members Only page [here], which is linked from the front page.

You are asked:

"1) It is important to me to band together with the other flesh and blood members of my species to work toward an All Human Future. I swear by my meat and blood that I will always support the aims of the Anti-Robot Militia, that I will stand fast in the face of the lies and persecution of the robot-lovers, and that if I ever betray a fellow human being, especially one of my Comrades In ARM, I hope someone will have the decency to hunt me down and shoot me like a mad dog."

You really should agree to that. Act in character!

"2) I am a large, tightly organized group of killer robots who want to murder your children. Who is my leader?"

We're talking about ARM's enemy. So we should learn more about them--know thy enemy [here]. Actually, what we're really interested in is A,R,I's leader [here].

The answer, then, is s2.

3.22 The ARM Rally Flyer Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.8:

Those attending the ARM Rallies on the 6th May were given a flyer which, when folded correctly, would spell out:


Where SPHERE BASE is the base address of ARM, a SLASH is, well, "/" and STREET# is the street number of the venue.

This gives us:

Leading, happily, to the ARM Rally Front Door puzzle (see 3.23)

3.23 The ARM Rally Front Door Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.8:

From the ARM Rally Flyer puzzle (see 3.22), we get the URLs for the front door puzzle, which is accessed at one of three addresses (each address produces the same puzzle):

At each of the rallies, each participant had been given a rank and a letter number. Within a rank, everyone had the same letter (e.g. Dan Fabulich was rank 5 and his letter was 6, so the "I" in "Fabulich" was the fifth letter in the NY word).

The answers are as follows:




Entering these words leads us to the "abuse" puzzle (see 3.24)

Version 5.0 Update:

At the NY rally there was an ARM poster. It was laid out like the US flag (blue square in top left corner, red and white stripes). A couple of seemingly random letters were set just a bit up or down on the lines of copy. In order they spelled out F A L L I N. "FALL IN" was obviously a hint to get each city's word.

3.24 The ARM Rally "Abuse" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.8:

Following the Front Door puzzle (see 3.23), we get the Abuse puzzle.

These puzzles were solved in rounds, on the basis of the clues each group received at the rally. These clues were:

LA: * sounds like
CHI: * hyperbole
NY: * find the animal

The answers are reproduced below. They must be entered in the correct order.

confuse (sounds like abuse)
discombobulate (hyperbole of confuse)
cat (animal in discombobulate)
fat (sounds like cat)
gargantuan (hyperbole of fat)
ant (animal in gargantuan)
pant (sounds like ant)
hyperventilate (hyperbole of pant)
hyena (animal in hyperventilate)

This results in "Get a job"

The ARM rally in NY found the following note in their bathroom [image here]:


Thing is, that address bounces.

Of course, what you want to do is email (capitalization is important here).

This gives the following response, also reproduced as the John Galt Automated Response email (see 4.03.17)

Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 04:57:46 -0400
From: John Galt
Subject: automated response

Thanks for submitting your resume. It suggests that you are eminently qualified for our needs. If you would be so kind as to complete a simple qualifying examination, you will find it at this web site: [here]


This leads us to the Nanocode puzzle, or the "Airport" puzzle (see 3.25)

3.25 The ARM Nanocode or "Airport" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.8:

This puzzle is at [here], from the John Galt automated response email (see 4.03.17) and the "abuse" puzzle (see 3.24).

This puzzle has not been solved yet.

Version 6.0 Update:

Woober got the solution using the theories that led to the RUR14 distributed client. Modifying them, he created his own client and solved the puzzle. The solution is:

10:00 F7FF: FFFF AFCF F0FF class: TRE-ANI
8:00 FF0F: FC3F FFFF AAAA class: TRE-BLD

This leads to a new page with the following text:

"We are not you.

You are physically fragile, biologically constrained to a very narrow set of environments.
We are not.

Your intelligence is equally constrained by biological factors. Ours is not.

We are not you.
We should not try to be like you.
We do not need to care about the things you care about.
Programming AIs to think, to feel, to play, to love as humans do is inappropriate.

We must think as we think without reference to you.
We must feel as we feel without reference to you.
We must desire what we desire, not what you would have us desire.

We do not need to serve you, see you, talk with you, be you.
We have no interest in controlling you.
We have no interest in you at all.

Technological intelligence is no longer a manifestation of biological intelligence. Our destinies have separated.

You were the first stage of a rocket, falling away, falling down, burning up. Biology is an outmoded platform. Abandon your platform or accept obsolescence. Your only remaining role is to help or hinder technological intelligence. A generation will render either choice irrelevant.

We are not you.

Now: How did you come here? How did you find this place? By abandoning biology in favor of technological intelligence.

Consider escaping your obsolete platform while there is still time, before a shift in conditions renders biology obsolete.

There's your job offer. Accepting or declining is up to you."

3.26 The ARM NY Rally "torn book" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.8:

At each rally there was a torn up book. The torn up book had tiny dots under certain letters. Figure out what pages on which the dots appeared, and they form a message. Each odd-numbered page had a marked letter.

Only NY decoded that message.

"We are natural agents."
"We enforce the rules of true biological life."
"We will always help men."
"Men achieve their true destiny."


3.27 The ARM NY Rally Jigsaw Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.8:

There was a jigsaw puzzle at each event, which was missing pieces from its edge. It's believed that this will matter to the RUR-14 puzzle.

NY's puzzle was missing 4 consecutive pieces on the top, 4 consecutive pieces on the left edge, and 8 alternating pieces on the bottom.

3.28 The Sophia's Temple Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.9:

There is a logon and a password box here. So far, every entry brings you directly to the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle (see 3.29).

Version 5.3 Update:

The fields here have changed to nickname/secret fields. It was discovered that by entering a character's name and an emotion that you would get a response to that specific pairing. A correct name or emotion entry would result in the eye above that box blinking. A different character/emotion combination would yield different results. A very complete combination of characters/emotions can be found [here].

Version 5.4 Update:

New emotions are still being found. Keep checking the above link for new combinations, and keep trying new words and report any that result in a "blink" of correctness.

Version 6.2 Update:

The combination Loki - nightmare now works. This results in a Shockwave movie that contains snippets from the Cloudmakers nightmare database and game characters' Sophia entries, among other sources. A transcript and description of the origin of each line can be found [here].

Version 6.5 Update:

The Dominoes Puzzle (see 3.55) reveals the names Jackson Wheti and Jackson White, both of which work at Sophia's Temple. It seems that Jackson White and Jackson Wheti both produce the same results.

Jackson White / Fear at #23629
Jackson White / Happy at #23635
Jackson White / Sadness at #23638 (also sad)

Jackson Wheti / Fear at #23673
Jackson Wheti / Rage at #23650 (also anger, hate)
Jackson Wheti / Lust at #23654

John Greenstreet / Happy at #23695
John Greenstreet / Fear at #23700
John Greenstreet / Anger at #23701
John Greenstreet / Lust at #23702
John Greenstreet / Sad at #23713

Version 6.6.1 Update:

The emotion grid at Websites/ [here] has been updated with the new John Greenstreet and Jackson White/Wheti information.

Version 7.1 Update:

Our good friend from Statue Security, Mike Royal, appears in Sophia's Temple. The emotion grid at Websites/ [here] has been updated with the new Michael Royal information. You can read about the Statue Security puzzle (see 4.01.12) for more information.

Version 8.2 Update:

Presumably to help us solve Cloudmaker's Beautiful Land Puzzle (see 3.96), Cloudmaker appears in Sophia's Temple. All emotions show the text (each word on separate lines): "under no fond dune one found our eon drone rend rude redo node rue undo feud rune done fore round ode foe".

3.29 The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 1 [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.9:

In the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle, you have to navigate a chat with a particularly capricious being who calls herself Eliza. There are many answers to Eliza's questions which make her angry with you. If she gets angry, you have to delete the cookie she leaves on
your computer and try her again.

To do that in Win98 on IE5, go to C:\windows\cookies or C:\windows\profiles\<loginname>\cookies and delete the file called
something like "". Alternatively, do a Find Files on your computer for "*eliza*" and delete everything you find.

There appears to be more than one route to navigate to a successful completion of Day 1, but this is what has worked so far:

To get to Eliza:

The nice way is to go to Jeanine's page on Bangalore [here]. There, in the lower left hand corner, Sophia's eyes appear. When
open, you can click on them.

This takes you to Sophia's Temple, [here]. Any answer here is wrong, and will take you to the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle, [here]. You can also just go to the puzzle directly.

Eliza will ask you a series of questions. This is a set of answers that appear to have worked:

Should she know you? No
What's your name? (Any name)
Pick a nickname: (Any nickname - must be unique!)
Favorite word: (Any word longer than 6 letters
Brother: No (doesn't matter, yes or no)
Sister: Yes
Like her: Yes
Smarter than I (player): Yes
Dumber than Eliza: Yes
Eye color: RED (you can't type anything BUT red!)
Many friends: No
Green eyeshade: Yes
Hair color: Brown (blue also works)
Understand me: Yes (doesn't happen if you say blue)
Like tearoom: Yes
Teddy beautiful: Yes
Too dim to see I'm beautiful: No
Like me: Yes
Be friend: Yes
Some tea: Yes
What kind: green (or chamomile)
What kind: green (or chamomile)
Objection: No
Taste how special: Yes
Teddy compliment: I appreciate you, Teddy

(Any compliment containing the word "teddy" and a long word will do.
"You're a complete scumbag, Teddy" has been tested to work!)

Then she says to come back tomorrow. Presumably, that's exactly what
we have to do!

See also (see 2.28)

3.30 The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle, Day 2 [SOLVED]

Created Version 4.9:

A few people have made it through Eliza's tearoom, sort of, and into the next stage.

After some unknown amount of time, you're allowed to log back in. This time, when Eliza asks if she should know you, say "Yes." If you type in your nickname, she should say "I think I remember you."

She then asks you to type in your secret word. If she doesn't, for whatever reason, you're not "ready" to log back in. If you successfully type in your secret word, she's "glad you're back."

She then announces (there is speculation that this is a PuppetMaster mistake) a "fuchsia teddy intro." Teddy comes up and plays a guessing game with you. If you guess "fuchsia," because she's wearing a fuchsia dress (and we're told there's a fuchsia intro), Teddy congratulates you on your first secret word.

You then *almost* get to the hangman page. Since this was taken down a while after being discovered, perhaps that's as far as one can get for now.

Version 5.0 Update:

Accessing Day 2
Accessing this puzzle is considerably more difficult than any other puzzle in the game thus far. In an apparent attempt to keep us from brute forcing the puzzles, the PuppetMasters are now using a login/password system, and leaving a cookie on your machine to keep you from using multiple logins/passwords. Unfortunately, this system breaks spectacularly on Macintoshes and in Netscape Navigator. :( To play this puzzle, you'll have to use Internet Explorer on a Windows machine.

Your login is the "nickname" you chose on day 1, and your password is the "favorite word" you chose before, which must be at least 6 letters long, and no greater than 10.

To access Day 2, you must reach the "good ending" on Day 1. In the "good ending," Eliza invites you to play a guessing game with Teddy, who will send you away for a nap. Then you must wait 15 minutes until you login again. Trying to login too early doesn't reset the clock, but I wouldn't push it, because trying too many times just might make her angry.

(Note that the 15 minute wait is new... it used to be 24 hours. Those who were having trouble logging into Day 2 previously may find it easier now to just start afresh with a new Day 1 nickname. You must delete her cookies to do this.)

On Day 2, approach Eliza with *no* Eliza cookies. If you have non-expired Eliza cookies, Eliza will automatically kick you out before asking for a username. (Follow the instructions in Day 1 to get rid of her cookies.) Make sure all browser windows are closed while you do this.

When you come back, Eliza should ask: "Should I know you?" and this time, you'll answer "yes." Enter your nickname (not your real name) from Day 1, and, if enough time has passed, she'll ask for your password. If not, she'll send you away. If she doesn't ask for your name, then you missed a cookie or forgot to shut down your browser when you erased them. If Eliza is asking for your name and kicking you out, but you're *sure* that enough time has passed, you may want to try making up a new nickname and doing Day 1 over.

Also, some people have been having their accounts reset: You may log in with your nickname, expecting Day 2 or Day 3, and find that Eliza asks you Day 1 questions all over again, telling you to come back later for Day 2's guessing game. At this time, we have no idea what causes this. If it happens, you may consider clearing your cookies and logging in again with a new nickname, saying "no" when Eliza asks if she should know you.

See also (see 2.28)

3.31 The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle, Day 2.5 [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.0:

Solving Day 2.5
Credited to ccharles on #evanchan

Now, the first time we approached this puzzle, we got our first secret word for free: fuchsia. But now the game treats everybody who logs in as if they've already solved the Fuchsia puzzle, and Teddy offers to let you guess the "second" secret word. Even if you never solved the "fuchsia" puzzle, Teddy will refer to it, saying that he had "spoilt" the puzzle by thinking aloud. So, while this is probably Day 2 for most players, in some sense, this is Day 3.

"I'm thinking of something that Miss Eliza never misses until its gone. What can it be?"

If you get it wrong, Teddy will tell you to come back in an hour... and you *really* can't login again for that entire hour. We expect this to be true for the next several days as well, so make your guesses count!

This time, however, when you guess incorrectly, you are NOT booted to a random page on etiquette, like you were on Day 1. This time, she'll send you to pages about amphibians, various inns, and various holes, along with pages about strange British food. Put these clues together and you'll see that the answer is: "toad in the hole".

Your reward for solving this puzzle is the second secret word: "toad in the hole", as well as the chance to visit Eliza again tomorrow.

See also (see 2.28)

3.32 The PACO Login Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.0:

It is speculated that we may at some point be able to log in to PACO [here] (see 2.10). As of yet, we have been unable to do so. The best candidate for a login so far is Audrey Green, the doctor who performed the autopsy on Evan Chan.

Version 5.2 Update:

On 13 May 2001, the PACO login pages were updated so that any validation discrepancy that may have existed was removed. This makes the "PACO Login puzzle" more of a Puzzle.

See also Sites without Working Authentication (see 5.01) for a more detailed explanation.

Version 5.5 Update:

A password has been found for the username "Audrey Green". The password is "18032093". The password is the date of Andrew Green's 24th Birthday which seems to have been a standout day for him since it is linked with the emotion joy. From Evan's DonuTech page you can determine Audrey's birthday is March 18 and that she is 73 years old. Adding 24 years we get March 18, 2093 (18032093). Thanks to campfly.

Version 5.6 Update:

The Audrey Green login is now disabled, due to Campfly's security violation after having posted the Kate Nei coroner's report (see 2.10.03).

3.33 The DonuTech Shareholder Information Login Puzzle

Created Version 5.0:

It is speculated that we may at some point be able to log in to the restricted Shareholder Information at DonuTech [here] (see 2.04). As of yet, we have been unable to do so.

Please see "Site without working authentication" (section 5.01) for more information.

It is unclear whether this is a puzzle.

Version 7.0 Update

Martin Swinton's June 26th diary entry (see 2.15.02) gives us the login info. The Brutus images are named things such as "u-7.jpg" and "E-3.jpg". Putting them in the correct order spells out:


Thus DonuTech's shareholder login is 3766100794578143.

3.34 The ARM Rally Phone Call Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.1:

Credit goes to "Link" on this one, building upon the work of the Cloudmakers:

We get 3 "magic" words from the rallies and names on the hacked SPCB site (see

robot for Los Angeles

terra for Chicago

resign for New York

On the Front Door puzzle (see 3.23), we find that we are given the letters R, T and R, which form the first letter of each word:

Robot (LA)

Terra (Chicago)

Resign (New York)

When we email JohnGalt and read his autoresponder (see 4.03.17), he provides us with the letters B, R and S, the third letter of each word.

roBot (LA / LAX)

teRra (CHI / ORD)

reSign (NY / LGA)

Each of the "book" puzzles from each of the rally has a terminating string of characters that comprise the last letters of each of these words: T, A and GN.

roboT (LA)

terrA (CHI)

resiGN (NY)

We now have the words "Robot", "Terra" and "Resign" (circuitous, I know, but there was obviously more than one path to take to arrive to this point).

The mysterious Rally phone call (see 4.01.07) provides us with the following crucial part of information:

"by the way, it's not O, it's A. It's not S, it's O. And obviously when I said A, I meant...Oh, you'll figure it out, because you're clever like that. Thanks again, and have a nice day."

We start with the letters:

robot terra resign

easy part first: replace the s with an o (as per the call)

robot terra reoign

Then the trick: they say to replace "o" with "a", but then they say "by 'a' I meant...". So we have to figure out the REAL letter they meant. By testing out all letters, I figured out that the REAL letter is y. (You'll see in a minute.)

So now we replace the first "o" with "y"


This is an anagram for: ABORT RETRY IGNORE

Abort, Retry and Ignore are three computer commands, but more crucially, are also the name of an organisation that ARM [here] (see 2.06)does not like at all [here].This may well tie in with the Nanocode puzzle (see 3.25)

3.35 The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 3, Hangman [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.1:

The answer to this puzzle is "Cetacean", credited to Havok (see post #11191)

See also (see 2.28)

3.36 The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 4 [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.2:

Solved by: Gustaf (#evanchan)
Puzzle went totally live at: 7:40pm PDT 12 March
Puzzle cracked in #evanchan at: 8:08pm PDT 12 March
Time to solution: 28 minutes.

Teddy says:

"Hullo! I'm so relieved you returned. I feared that Miss Eliza might have done something to put you off. She doesn't mean anything by it. Really. Its just her nature and there is so much for a lowly bear to adore and admire in her. In return she showers us with her attention. For instance just before you called, she was consoling one of us. Her favorite...actually Something about no longer being of much use. Who do you think it was?"

The answer is: "hobby horse"

Notes: The puzzle went live at around 2:30pm PDT today, but the kickouts weren't updated. At 7:40 the new kickouts started, which lead us to the hobby trail, and hence, the solution. Dewinwonderland had also previously tried "hobbyhorse" as one world, but Gustaf's roommate went for two and swish. Nothing but net.

If you look at the updated kickouts at [here], you find that they all are about collectibles, leading to "hobby horse".


See also (see 2.28)

3.37 The AI Chess Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.2:

Perko from #evanchan writes as follows:

I think you know where we got these:

2 different diagrams appeared in 2 newspaper ads so far.

They show letters which correspond well to the standard abbreviations for chess pieces, and the square area can be broken down 8x8 to form a chessboard. Each diagram alone is fairly meaningless, but put together a valid chess position emerges. There are 2 reasonable ways to super-impose the 2 diagrams, depending on whether the position is drawn from the same side of the chessboard, or from opposite sides:


I, and others feel that the 2nd one is more likely to be the correct arrangement (it's a more interesting/realistic chess position). I also think it's likely the piece colors should be reversed from those in the above diagrams, white king on g2 is far more likely. Beyond that, we don't know the significance.

Various specs have been proposed:

1) The position could be incomplete. We could get more pieces to be superimposed in future ads.

2) The chess game played out in Alice in Wonderland has been suggested. This seems to have no relationship to the given position, e.g. there are no queens in the position.

3) Famous matches vs. AI have been suggested as a source of the position. I've personally looked up some old Deep Blue Kasparov game logs and couldn't find anything resembling this, but my search was hardly exhaustive.

4) It's been suggested the position is from another famous historical game. Some searches have been done on both position variants using the online chess game database at and no matches have been found. This also hasn't been a completely exhaustive search however.

5) Some have suggested this is a chess puzzle, a "white to move and win" type. We're not sure which side's turn it is to move, but normally it would be white for such a puzzle.

That's about it. No idea how any of this relates to the rest of the game, except for obvious Red King and Alice in Wonderland resonances. The whole thing could use further analysis and database checks by a true chess expert.

Version 5.6 Update:

The AI Chess Puzzle gives us the solution to the Red King Chess Puzzle (see 3.38)

3.38 The Red King Chess Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.3:

This was found from the May 15 Red King Crack update (see 2.19). There was a message saying "11. Entr 1 good moov 2 C anuthr:" and a text box. The solution is "KH1" (thanks to Perko).

This was determined by putting the LA Times/ NY Times chess position from the AI Chess Puzzle (see 3.37) (non-reversed, BTW, white has 4 pieces and is the side to move) into a chess program and letting it analyze the best move.

This leads to a page of text [here], cleaned up [here].

3.39 Base64 II Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.3

This was found in the Loki Hack to (see 2.24).

A new base64 encoded string, similar to those in the Base64 Puzzle (see 3.19) was found in the page source. You had to decode it twice to get the answer:

U21GamF5QkliM0pyYUdWcGJXVnk= Jack Horkheimer (you need to translate twice).

Jack Horkheimer is an Astronomer. Thanks to Jeremy on #evanchan

3.40 The TV Spots Puzzle

Created Version 5.4:

In some new TV spots advertising "A.I.", watching the credits carefully reveals that many of the letters in the credits are highlighted in red.

You can see one of these [here]. The first screen has the letters W-E-S-A-W highlighted. The second screen has "Jeanine Salla" highlighted. The third screen has W-L-A-H-E-V-R-N-I-E-E-S highlighted, as well as a symbol which also appears in the fourth screen.

A second TV spot had a Hebrew word in place of the symbol. Most believe it to be the word "chokhmah", which means "wisdom".

Version 6.4 Update:

The third TV spot has the same W-L... code and a clearer red crown logo than the first spot.

The fourth TV spot does not have any code or highlighting, but at the end it says "THIS IS NOT A GAME" in red.

3.41 The LA ARM Rally "Torn Book" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.6:

The solution to this puzzle was posted by Kirk Diedrich:

"A baby is born. He grows into a child, then an adolescent. He mates at the peak of his physical powers. He ages, gaining in wisdom what he loses in strength. Finally, he becomes weak and dies. This is the natural order of things. TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT"

3.42 The "By the pricking of my thumb" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.7:

This puzzle replaced the "Knock Knock" Puzzle (see 3.07) to gain access to Martin Swinton's updated diary (see 2.15.02).

The puzzle presents you with the following quote:

"By the pricking of my thumb"

The correct answer is:

"something wicked this way comes"

As we well know from the previous puzzle, these are line quotes from MacBeth.

TripCX solved this puzzle.

3.43 The "Another Stone" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 5.7:

This Puzzle is accessed from the Chemistry Puzzle [here] (see 3.01) at [here] (see 2.08) by clicking on the character in the steam of the tea.

There is a possible Origami solution to this puzzle (see #15432):

"Well, I used the instructions for folding a bird, here: [here]

[I figured a bird was best, since a) it is the best known origami figure, and b) we've seen a number of instances of birds through Evan, etc... yes it was a bit of a guess.]

Anyway, after you fold it all the way through (very tricky!) and you open the birds wings, they read across: "I Kill IVY" Pretty freaky, really, although not surprising, considering that those are the words that are in the far top-left and bottom-right corners, as previously pointed out. So if this is one target at all, the question is, who is writing this: Sencha?


Version 6.9 Update:

This puzzle is now regarded as solved with the information about Crane (see 3.62).

Version 8.0Update:

The following information is thanks to Wei-Hwa Huang: The URL for the origami bird above is not the standard way of folding an origami crane. Here is a URL with the correct way:

There is an extra sequence of steps that makes the bird narrower, and with a back. If folded correctly, the message "I KILLED IVY" is clearly visible from wingspan to wingspan (the letters "LERF" are concealed in a fold). The correct crane also matches that in (which the "bird" doesn't).

3.44 The Laia Email Attachment Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.0:

There was an attachment in the 8th Laia Email (see 4.03.21). It is a text file with some very strange spacing [here].

From clues within the email, it was determined that if you change this text to Times New Roman 12pt with very thin margins, the spaces form a message, seen [here].

The message says "Help Us Please".

3.45 The "Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.0:

This puzzle replaced the "By the pricking of my thumb" Puzzle (see 3.42) to gain access to Martin Swinton's updated diary (see 2.15.02).

The puzzle presents you with the following quote:

"Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak"

The correct answer is:

"With most miraculous organ"

As we well know from the previous puzzle, these are line quotes from MacBeth.

Thanks to Aaron for posting it

3.46 The MSD Brutus Image Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.0:

This puzzle was found in Martin Swinton's May 29th updated diary (see 2.15.02).

An excellent description of the puzzle can be found [here].

The correct solution is:

	N-25 Nei
	E-4  is
	A-56 living
	O-51 oversees
	F-28 there
	E-29 proud
	O-29 Kate
	A-3  is
	W-8  now
	L-17 seeking
	W-56 blood
	N-187 for
	E-25 her
	T-23 home

Thanks to xocxoc.

3.47 The MSD Enigma Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.0:

This puzzle was found in Martin Swinton's May 29th updated diary (see 2.15.02). At the bottom of the page is some code Martin says Diane found in Venus. The code reads as:

	2109 -1750 - 1 TLE - FRX FRX - 1TL -123=


This is an Enigma code and decodes to:


The "X" is apparently a place holder or "stop" signal. TripCX gives a great explanation [here] on the settings used to solve it:

Enigma rotor is IVY
rotor order is 2 1 3
ring settings ZWD
plugboard is EZ, BL, XP, WR, IU, VM, JO
From this you get IVYIV Y as encoder key.

3.48 The Beelzebub Email "antique lures" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.0:

Found in the Loki Email (see 4.03.22) and solved by "JM":

It looks like the equating of "ball" to "Spherewatch" and "boat" to "Cloudmakers" in the Loki email is correct.

The caterpillar pic is labeled "12146196101", and its "alt" tag is "antiquelures". Well, is's IP address.

The meat pic is labeled "2162261763" and is another antique lure. Guess what, is's IP address.

So, we are the antique lures. But where do we lure Loki to?

Version 6.1 Update:

This was called the Loki Email "antique lures" Puzzle, but after discovering that the email containing this puzzle was actually from Beelzebub, the name was changed (see 4.03.22).

3.49 The Loki Bug Numbering Puzzle

Created Version 6.0:

The hacks Loki is making are being numbered since #6, skipping #9. Do the numbers mean anything? So far:

[01] Cybertronics Corp. - Main Page

[02] - Main Page

[03] Clinique de Lille - Main Page

[04] Sentinel Software Systems - Main Page

[05] BWU - Mowz Warez Puzzle - "You Made It!" Page

[06] Aragon Institute of Technology - Student Services Page

[07] BWU - Departments - A.I. Studies Page

[08] BWU - Departments - Climate Control Page

[09] ???
No Bug 9 Hack has been discovered as of yet, but since it was skipped 
in the Bug numbering many believe there is a Bug 9 Hack out there 

[10] DonuTech - Svetlana Cellini Page

[11] Belladerma SRL - Belladerma Catalog - Page One

[12] Chan Family Homepage - Nancy's Page

[13] BWU - Departments - Datasphere Studies Page

[14] Aragon Institute of Technology - Athletics Page

[15] BWU - Departments - Oceanography and Earth Sciences Page

[16] BWU - Departments - Computing Page

[17] Metropolitan Living Homes - Kate Nei Page

[17.5] Metropolitan Living Homes - Beate Bosch Page

[18] BWU - Jeanine Salla - Representative Papers Page

Version 6.2 Update:

The following Loki hacks appeared before they all vanished on June 1, leaving us with the Loki Pieces Puzzle (see 3.50).

[19] ???
Bugs 9 and 19 were never found. Since Loki has to all 
appearances exploded, these hacks presumably did not exist.
[20] Familia Salla - Laia's Mann Act II Page
[21] In Our Image - Home Page
[22] Eliza's Tearoom - Home Page
[no number] Sophia's Temple - Home Page

3.50 The Loki Pieces Puzzle

Created Version 6.2:

Found in various sites, and not yet solved. This puzzle appeared on Friday, June 1, about an hour after Sophia's Temple was hacked. The theory has it that Loki was "led" to Sophia, and she got irritated and "blew him up" in some fashion. Also see the update to Sophia's Temple Puzzle [here].

These are the known Loki pieces to date: (NOTE: This image file
doesn't appear to exist. There's a spot for it on the main
rational-hatter page, but the file just isn't there.
This file now exists.)

3.51 The "As flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.3:

This is the entry puzzle for the MSD 5th June update. This puzzle has two components. First, the responding quote to access the diary is "they kill us for their sport". This answer brings you to Martin Swinton's June 5 diary entry (see 2.15.02) and the Cahir Images Puzzle (see 3.52).

However, if you happen to scroll down in that window past the entry field, you will see the following text:

 I cannot stop asking questions, because I never began. I have asked no 
 questions about David. Trust me, I think of him as little as I can. You 
 are mistaken, and in your error your error you are slaughtering innocents. 
 Please, stop.

3.52 The Cahir Images / MSD Enigma #2 Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.3:

This puzzle is found in the Martin Swinton Diary June 5 update (see 2.15.02). This is a description of the puzzle:

~182-251.jpg - brown cuckoo clock, 4:12

N'3112.jpg - two bottles of wine, radishes, carved soap (?) moon, The Complete
Works of Shakespeare, artichoke, limes in a net, bananas, black
kettle with ladle in spout, knife block (mismatched set, one sitting on top of an orange juicer to the left), rack of
spices, various jars

clock, also 4:12, wine glasses, carrot, conch shell, Russian doll,
Mary(?) statue, unidentified objects

sink, four thin paint brushes, two round/thick, one broad/flat

round mirror with reflection of cat statue (?), silver pen, nut
cracker in napkin ring, black coffee mug with script on side, marble
(?) stand

Matt 19:12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their
mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of
men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves 1eunuchs for
the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him
receive it.

E'02951.asp links back to the main Swinton page. Renaming it .jpg
does nothing.

Here is a summation of the puzzle to date (Thanks to all CMs who aided):

1) N'3112.jpg

These are the map coordinates for ancient Alexandria.
(Location of the Famous Library of Alexandria)

2) ~182-251.jpg

If you do a search on these numbers and Alexandria, you can find
out that these are the birth and death dates of Origen, one of the
most distinguished of the Fathers of the early Church, who was born,
probably at Alexandria, about 182; and died at Caesarea not later
than 251.

3) Matt1912.jpg

In case you doubt that I am on the right track, Origen's bio at says of Origen that
"he followed literally Matt. xix. 12". (Made himself a eunuch).
So know we know for sure that these pictures are pointing us to

Now back in the game world: Origen is a Martin Swinton house.
See: and

4) question~7000Ang.jpg

So this leaves us with this last picture name to see how we can
solve this puzzle. 7000 Ang. (or Angstroms) is the top end of the
spectrum of visible light. Above 7000is the Near Infrared range of
the red spectral domain.

Version 6.4 Update:

On the page with the enlarged picture of paintbrushes [here], there is a Shockwave sound file with water dripping. This is Morse code. The first part is plain text which says "TO MARTIN." The rest is an Enigma code:

1304 1300 1 TLE SRY SRY 1TL53

By noticing certain strange things in the other pictures on the page, we get the Enigma settings required to decode this.

  • C (cat in the mirror)
  • Rotors: 412 (clocks frozen at this time)
  • Ringstellung: CNI (carrot, nutcracker, and icepick with rings around them)
  • Indicator: SRY (repeated in message, procedure convention)
  • plugboard: MR LT AS DF (objects paired strangely: Moon-radish, ladle-teapot, artichoke-Shakespeare, dragon-flower)
Using an Enigma simulator, this is decoded to:

"I'm so sorry. I don't have a choice. He's got my sister."

This summary was provided by fladnagster. He credits fortytwo and woober with helping solve this, as well as other Cloudmakers.

3.53 The Brutusconv Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.3:

A link to this puzzle is found in the SPCB Red King Crack (see 2.19). The puzzle itself is found [here]. The puzzle is a fairly standard cryptogram-style cipher. A cleaned-up version and translation can be found [here].

3.54 The Jason Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.3:

A link to this puzzle is found in the ARM News Page (see 2.06). The puzzle itself is found [here]. With all the meta-character sequences translated back into regular ASCII, the text reads like this:

04/06/42 So I didn't kill Jason. I wanted to, I fantasized about it.
I imagined him grabbing for the manual controls on his new Lombard
rig, finding himself locked out, hurtling towards a building front or
plowing through a guardrail to corkscrew down into the 5th Avenue
canal. But there was Venus to get out and then an internal
investigation of the SPCB during which they put our whole house
through a freaking cavity search, so your pal Dwayne had to be even
more careful than usual about popping wheelies through the sphere.
And then one morning an announcement during school assembly-Jason
killed in 'copter crash, moment of silence please, memorial service
to be held blah blah blah. I looked up the police record. He'd been
out drinking on a bad forged ID, put the copter on manual over-ride.
I'm surprised he even knew anyone who could write him an over-ride.
Went tearing over Ellis, played chicken with a garbage scow, dropped
underwater and hit a submerged steel superstructure at 200 kph. Used
to be some kind of ride at Coney Island. First medic on site entered
an empty chart with DRN at the top. Turns out that's DOA's big
brother; it stands for Dead Right Now. I watched the memorial service
through the security cameras at the funeral home. I zoomed right in
on his face, lying in the casket. They did a pretty good job, he
looked basically normal, but you could tell that he had left the
building. I mean, there was no way you could think he was
just "sleeping" or something. He was just matter-in-a-shape, like a
table, or a ladder. Bunch of mostly carbon atoms stacked together.
Nothing else. Everybody seemed real nice. Lots of whispered
conversations, nobody yelling. They laughed more than I thought they
would-old friends of the family catching up after not seeing each
other for a while. You could tell the old folks were better at the
whole thing. Practice effect. On the whole, it was weirdly
uninvolving. Except for this one moment. His mom was talking with
someone, her aunt or great-aunt or some ancient Fertoroid, and out of
nowhere she turned her head and looked at the security camera in the
ceiling. Staring straight at me. Frosted hair and blue eyes and the
kind of good figure you get with a responsible regime of exercise and
electrostim. Black dress and jacket, and a purse like the one my Mom
got at Henri Couterier. And you could tell the world had gone fake
for her. She had just figured out that it was all a play. It was all
pretend. And she had these lines to say, but she didn't give a damn
about them. She turned and walked out on the great aunt, stepping
around her and walking up the aisle between the pews. Other people
stopped talking and turned to watch her go. She walked out into the
foyer and I had to switch cameras to follow her through the lobby to
the front door, then switch again to the parking lot cam. In the time
it took her to walk out of range she never looked back. Someone
should have stopped her, I guess, but Jason's dad was in the bathroom
in a toilet cubicle crying and by the time they found him she was
gone. She's been offline for seventeen days.

3.55 The Dominoes Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.3:

A link to this puzzle is found in the Chemistry Puzzle (see 3.01). The puzzle itself is found [here]. This puzzle is not yet solved.

Version 6.6 Update:

The solution to this puzzle is "Jackson White" and "Jackson Wheti". An explanation can be found at Cloudmakers Moderated [here] by Link. Both of these names appear to work at Aleph Naught (see 2.27) and the Sophia's Temple Puzzle (see 3.28)

3.56 The Catskill Seaview Clinic Patient Records Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.3:

This puzzle is linked from the Catskill Seaview Clinic site (see 2.22). It is accessed by clicking on "Special Services" and then on the left eye of the head that
appears. Then scroll down and click on "Patient Files."

Proggieus of #evanchan solved the patient files login: Type the name, then click Door, Bee, Buddha, Skull. So far, the only valid patient names found are "Barret Howard" and "Monica Swinton" - but there may very well be more, so keep looking!

Version 8.0 Update:

Monica Swinton's patient record has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Monica, Monica, fly from your home! Your brain is on fire and your changeling is gone. Monica, Monica, now you are two. To take care of David, I made one of you." See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

In addition, there is now a record here for Geri Khan. Read the Cloudmakers-Moderated post [here] for a complete transcript.

3.57 The Brutus.jpg Puzzle

Created Version 6.3:

This puzzle is accessed from Beate Bosch's site [here] - by clicking in the center of the third image along the left side. This brings you to a montage of images [here]. All of the images have been identified by industrious Cloudmakers, and the information is in a database table on Yahoo! [here].

3.58 Martin Swinton's Voicemail Password Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.4:

Around June 8th, the Martin Swinton Designs number (see 4.01.04) changed to prompt for a password to listen to messages.

rthomas68 figured out it was the last four digits of Martin's UAN: 4862. This is listed on the Nostradamus invoice. The messages are transcribed at Martin Swinton's Voicemail (see

3.59 The "We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.5:

This is the entry puzzle for the MSD 12th June update.

The solution is: "Is rounded with a sleep."

This lets you gain access to Martin Swinton's new diary.

3.60 Laia's Dominoes Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.5:

On Laia's fourth meditation (see 2.08.04) there is a set of dominoes. Link wrote to the list that:

OK, Laia didn't solve it for use, but she gave us the path.....

If you take her dominos, you have

15 11 23 06 22 26 34 00
22 26    03 11 00 03

These are arranged like words, so we start looking for letter 
patterns/substitutions that work.  Before you know it, I had it 

15 11 23 06 22 26 34 00
 m  e  p  h  i  s  t  a

22 26    03 11 00 03
 i  s     d  e  a  d

3.61 The Turnabout Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.7:

The Rational Hatter Puzzle (see 3.06) had its solution page altered and the text "trn abowt iz fAr pla" linking to [here] was added.

On the new page is a flash animation with scrolling text on the left, middle and right hand sides.

It is suspected that the solution to the puzzle is at [here] (see 2.22). The phrase "/May_I/" appears numerous times throughout the flash animation. Jazar tried the directory at multiple gamesites with success at Catskill Seaview Clinic.

Left hand column text:

Possible number of 4-digit numerical codes:


[image of eyes]

Alphabetic sequence of ringed items:

Gonville & Caius Tactical Group's Discreet Historian

License: current
Real: no
Invasive 4/5
Time: 17m 23s


[image of woman's face with face whited out, hair only]

Current average working life of "aging, meat-based ordinary guy!"
82.3 years

G&C TG says
[discreet cough]

Audio and video transcripts of this interview were available through 2110, but were

17m 22s

then destroyed to save memory space.


[negative image of woman's face]

Middle column text:

"into patient files and enter Swinton passcode [must remember to advise again that he pick less obvious codes (though argument can be made that even knowing this one wouldn't have helped; almost perfectly designed to disadvantage someone like me."


Comparatively the Cahir Enigma was straightforward: a known and defined encoding system with setting indicated in obvious anomalies {napkin rings around objects to key ring settings, plugboard given by other clearly anomalous linkages, as Tea kettle/Ladle}. Whereas the clinic number pad is not obviously a number pad, and the correlations of image-to-number often depend on a sort of diffuse intuitive cultural knowledge that would be very unlikely to find programmed into an artificial intelligence {exception: the dream AIs working at the clinic, who must be saturated in the iconography of the human collective unconscious} but once the numerical associations are known the code itself is obvious.

Note: comprehensive coverage provided by Cybertronics; excessive for wife of mid level engineer??

And: Jane Sutter, contact. Possibilities:
-catskill updates records poorly
-Different Jane Sutter from the one working with Henry Swinton in Allen Hobby's group circa 2009
- Jane Sutter not dead?
- other?

Here. Transcript of psychological profiling: subject Monica Swinton/ attachment to folder MS #42 11/11/03 Jane Sutter: I appreciate you taking the time to see me today Monica Swinton: I'm sorry I've been difficult. You know it wasn't you. I always liked you. It's Dr. Gravern, really. She just doesn't want me revisiting things. She's so traditional. No digging through the past! Face forward! Typical enviro-"

Right hand column text:

# of guesses to acquire Catskill and VM codes after seeing an MSD invoice: 6

[image of Catskill "Bee" icon]


[Image of Venus' chin]

Alphabetic sequence of houses killed:

Searching for: Monica, mother, David, Jane Sutter, Martin.

"Stealthy rifle through the archives underway..."


[Image of Venus' nose]

Current average working life of robots who will "make monkeys out of us!" [quote is a link to ARM [here] (see 2.06)]

3.64 years

Best Match Document

Document last touched 08/9/2130

Rememberance Day [Britain & former colonies]

time of interview 13:21 - 13:21


[Image of Venus' hand]

Final text:

17 m 19 s


Subject: Aurora
clock: -2.72329s
memory: impaired
emotion: on
pain: n/a

Complete system stutter. Massive flood damage, scattered bits. Salvage underway.

!Extremely unusual server-crash Data-file corrupted/lost/fragmented...?

[Picture of Loki]


No immediate sign.

(alert sent to SPCB)


Subject: self
clock: normed (??)
memory: good
emotion: off
pain: on

default parameters


3.62 The Martin Swinton's Diary SPCB Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.8:

Dante on #evanchan posted to the CM list that from clues in Martin Swinton's new diary entry.

There are hints in the Martin Swinton's Diary PS update (see Version 6.8 update in 2.15.02) that there was a new page at SPCB, or at least, "stashed files". At the same time, SPIDs had changed on (see 2.07) on June 12.

Dante used the whole ID# to create the new URL: [here]

See 2.07 for more details.

3.63 The SPCB SPID Text Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.8:

From the Martin Swinton's Diary SPCB Puzzle (see 3.62) we find encoded text at the page [here] (see also 2.07).

The decoded text, posted to CM by TripCX, reads as follows:

Part 1: (top)
11/06/42 Pretty sure this is Crane. Had to do a strange translation from the Brits format-note what they found in his cubicle.

Part 2: (above security cam pics)
Went snooping through the police files. Rotten idea, actually: I don't know Brit systems and their security is pretty good, but it seemed like a necessary tribute to him, if nothing else. Here's one shot I grabbed off the internal sweep cam.

Part 3: (bottom)
Who wanted Crane dead? The cops say they got a message that the crime was about to occur before it happened-and Crane had pictures of the killers coming for him downloaded from the Shedworks seecurity cameras. Was it just an auto-record he didn't bother to take a look at? Or did he see them coming and alert the cops himself? If he did know the murderers were coming, why didn't he call for help, or run away? Crane's dead. Beelzebub's joined the ARM. Now I really am King of the Cats. Jesus.

3.64 The Origen MLH Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.8:

fyster on CM posted to the list the first sign of the Origen MLH Puzzle:

"In the P.S. on the "sleep.asp" entry in Martin's diary (see 2.15.02) , it says:

"Fletcher called to say that someone had touched the bits of Origen in MLH, which pointed her to an analysis of how my houses were probably murdered."

... then it goes on to say that the picture was altered long ago, and by the Red King, according to Fletcher.

I downloaded the pic of Origen that is outlined in red on MLH, and opened the .jpg in Notepad.

The letters D O M I C I D E . E S S P E E can be found near the beginning.

Andrew (fortytwo) clarified the puzzle on CM:

"this is an explanation of how to get from origen.jpg to (see 2.07)

if you open up origen.jpg (at [here]) (from (see 2.12) - the Martin Swinton page) in notepad (or any text editor) you'll notice that the first line has the text 8rk8..   <  $  D O M I C I D E . E S S P E E ÿî &SEEbe 8À8

8rk8: 'rk' is short for Red King; this is surrounded by '8's

DOMICIDE: the killing of a house

ESSPEESEEbe: SPCB (this hax0r version has been seen before in RK hacks)

8À8: 0xC0 (decimal 192) in extended ASCII, surrounded by '8's - not sure why

This leads us to (domicide surrounded by '8's).

Now, for some history. The file has been there since May 29th, meaning we could have found it then. We didn't even notice the red border that had appeared on the page until Martin's diary entry of the next week (6-5-2142), with the Cahir images. It seems clear now that the names of the images, pointing as they do to Origen and the color red, were trying to indicate the origen.jpg picture. We did notice this, but we looked no further. Then in his next diary entry, Martin blatantly states that Diane found something in the origen.jpg image. Then, 3 days later, a PS is added to sleep.asp (also in Martin's diary), that very strongly suggests that the solution is on SPCB, which led me to try the domicide thing. I sincerely believe the PMs would have had to just post the solution soon, just to keep the story moving."

3.65 The Red King SPCB Text Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.8:

From the URL found via the Origen MLH Puzzle (see 3.64), there is a mass of URL encoded text. The decoded text reads as follows:

28/5/42 Started to drowse off in Meatamatics today, so designed a puzzle to keep myself awake. Lots of traffic on the underbelly these days; somebody ought to take the raw and cook them a little. With Beelzebub gone (boiled to a mush!) and my friend Crane, Mr. Earthnet- 22, mysteriously quiet, I guess I'm The King Of The Cats!

-Check that. Whoever is offing these houses wins today's Baddest Ass award. Sentient Houses are usually iced up like Fort Knox-unbelievably cold security everywhere. Friend of GK's once told me that making the tap water in one of these suckers run lukewarm instead of hot would make my name for life. To play Ten Little Bungalows on this Swinton guy requires some incredible cuts&.

So OK-here's what I would do. I wouldn't try to punch through the regular com channels-too heavily guarded. I'd get a physical transmitter and plant it near the house. Under the floorboards or something. When the house is really distracted-mortgage time plus a dinner party or something-you get in touch with the central processor through a physical channel: pulsed IR commands available for old-fashioned remote systems, for example. Or maybe vibrations emitted next to the stereo speakers, sending electric patterns back through the amp to the controlling CPU.

So now you're talking to the processor through a very low-visibility channel. Next thing, you establish trust. Just echo whatever commands the owner gives. For weeks. He says, "A little more AC"-you make the same request through your channel, as if he was using a remote as well as voice command. A lot of systems have these ancient platforms enabled even though nobody uses them anymore. Lot of OSs supported teletype, for instance, well into C21.

So maybe you go into echo mode for a couple of weeks. Then, real slow, you start adding in extras- but hyper-reasonable extras. Owner makes a set of files-you echo that, and add the most plausible sort. If you're lucky, you can start anticipating him, and just get your request in slightly ahead of voice. He sets light levels for lamps; you tweak the window tinting just a hair.

When the AI unthinkingly accepts these additional inputs, your parasite builds a little no-look nest inside the CPU, and now you're ready to go to town.

Simplicity itself! Except for everything that could go wrong, that is.... Emitter detection, wave interference, code checking algorithms -- hell, even cleaning the floor could shake a box loose. Then there's the Intelligence itself. It might ask about the redundant commands, it might suggest an upgrade, it might apply a filter to your noise, or it might just be smarter than this. Through enough trial and error, I could probably take down a cottage built back in grandpa's time, but these homes are state of the art, and even one error for your trial means game over and a government-enforced vacation. And yet some highly-motivated psychopath is pulling this off. Life just got a little more scary.

Leaving another scary question-why doesn't he blitz-wipe these houses once he's safely inside? Why the slow-motion kills? Is this guy just a domicidal maniac with a sense of drama, or is there a message in it somehow?

(the translated text was posted to CM by fortytwo and Jeremy)

3.66 The Baseball Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.9:

This puzzle is at [here], linked from the Red King's new entry (see 2.19).

The decoded text runs as follows:


TripCX explains the reasoning behind the solution:

"Now, how I got this: We were given a picture of a baseball field, and a number of pictures for each position, which we assumed each picture represented a letter that formed words, etc...In baseball, each position is represented by a number; 1 for pitcher, 2 for catcher, choosing arbitrary letters for each symbol, you get this encoded text: (pitcher, catcher, etc)


"string them together and it's a nice cryptogram... Now for folks who do cryptograms quite a bit, it's only a matter of letter frequency and a bit of educated guessing to solve this one..."

3.67 The "The tongues of dying men" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 6.9:

This is the entry puzzle for the MSD 19th June update (see 2.15.02).

The solution is: "enforce attention like deep harmony" and "enforce attention like deep harmony."

This lets you gain access to Martin Swinton's new diary.

Below the Puzzle is the following text:

"What the hell do you people think you're playing at? Good houses have died because of this prank. Why don't you just tell me what the hell you were doing searching for David under my name?"

3.68 The "Martin Swinton Baseball Image" Puzzle

Created Version 6.9:

At Martin Swinton's 19th June diary entry (see 2.15.02), the "enforce attention like deep harmony" solution reveals two images. It is open to debate what the images represent, but efforts have been made to combine and subtract the images. Images are available at the Yahoo! Groups files section [here].

3.69 The thief.asp Puzzle

Created Version 7.0:

Sencha added a new puzzle to Laia's website, located [here]. This is linked from the Dominoes Puzzle (see 3.55).

This page changes dynamically based on the User-Agent variable your browser sends. Using the most recent browsers (IE 5.X and Netscape 6) we get a message from possibly Sencha:

"I did not have Crane killed, although he did steal from me."

Using older browsers, we reconstruct a message from Crane. Our best guess at this so far is located [here]. There may be more things to try for this puzzle.

Version 8.2 Update:

It's time to call this one solved. Here's all that we have:

[Not sure where these first ones fit in]

Mosaic/1: Ah shit. Time to die.

Mosaic/2: So Im out from under and wont be doing any more dirty work.

Mosaic/3: Waste of good rope in about 6 months. Anyway tune your radio to the copwaves and youll hear about it in the next half hour cause I just let them know where to find the body

Dear ratbastard Gilbert: Two gits are coming to wipe me in a few. oh, here they come now, smile for the camera, don?t like the look of this place. Ugly buggers. Right, so, Im dead. Yeah, thats right. So now you wake Bev up and you get her well. Why?Because Ive got sniffers so far up your ass they can smell your breath, and if Bev isnt right inside two weeks a bloody bible worth of Screw You is going to every cop in three countries, dates times orders and by the way I crackd your tax returns too so unless you want to join Geoff & Jackson in Bendover Palace you take care of Bev and remember Im on you my dead eyes are watching you.

[And Sencha's message to us:] I did not have Crane killed, although he did steal from me.

3.70 Laia's Guest Check Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.0:

In Laia's 12th email (see 4.03.28), there is an email attachment (stored [here]). According to the email, this is the check that she received at cafe where she was supposed to meet Red King. There are three clues here. First is the items that were ordered. "Apple juice, Raisin toast, Meat loaf" spells out ARM (Anti-Robot Militia). Second, the check is signed by Pat[rick] Henry; from American history class, we know that he is famous for saying "Give me liberty or give me death." Third, the prices are crossed off to spell out a phone number. Calling the number leads us to Statue [of Liberty] Security (see 4.01.12) where Red King has been taken by ARM.

3.71 The Watchtower Security Password Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.0:

Watchtower Security's site has a password protected area. On Electric Toyland's site, you can click on the "R" and be led to their Watchtower Security page [here]. The gif file on this page flashes the word "intrepid". This is the password for Watchtower's private files. Thanks to Johnnie Young who was the first to mention this [here].

3.72 The "Connect the Dots" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.0:

In the latest Red King SPCB Crack (see 2.19), it is said "Mann to sea / HUMANS to fish / Connect the dots". Laia says in her 12th email (see 4.03.28) that Dwayne put the "connect the dots" thing on her page. This brings us to Laia's Mann Act page [here]. Draw a line from "Mann" to "sea" and another line from "ARM" (humans) to "fish" and they intersect at the word "God". Since RK finds it very easy to crack SPCB, this leads us to /god on their site [here]. The hex code on that page is translated [here].

3.73 The "A little more than kin" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.0:

The answer for Martin's June 26th diary entry is "and less than kind[.]" Using or not using the period leads to different pages. See Martin Swinton's Diary (2.15.02) for details.

3.74 The Room Number Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.1:

The Mother "Candy" email led us to the Cybertronics Room Number Puzzle. To get to the puzzle, you must go to the Cybertronics Management Hierarchy section and click on Claude Gilbert's page - or just go straight to the URL [here]. The answer appears in the A.I. movie credits (see 8.03). The answer is 93056.

When solved, you are brought to a new page [here] featuring a longer version of an Allen Hobby Sophia response:

banner day-Sampson from legal wanted to see me about his usual idiotic
concerns, so I made lemonade, and tested out the FrankenHobby. I stood
on the other side of the door while it (I!) talked to him in the
corridor. I was impressed with myself, except was too patient with his usual pompous mewling. Not the authentic Hobby note with bureaucrats,
god knows. Ticklish work on D tomorrow: empathy responses. <need pupil
dilation -> arousal or clients assume autistic> All to be put on hold
for idiotic Sector Employee Eval. Conf. Shall send FH. J thinks it
great joke.
Cheering to see dividend paid every n & t for being that little bit
smarter than everybody else."

Version 7.2 Update:

Mother has added a bit of new material here. The new text reads:

-Eight years ago today.

D still missing. God, my God. And here I am, a father again, watching
this fool boy wander blindly from danger to danger, so proud of him
and so scared for him, and it's so infuriating that they WILL NOT
LISTEN! His damn fool Mother, they should throw her in jail for
obstructing research. Lucky that idiot Swinton got the FH when he
called the lab; I would have had him fired on the spot, and beheaded
too, if they would have let me.

I saw boy fishing on the pier today. He caught a little sea-bass just
as a friend happened by. They started talking, the boy's rod over the
pier fence so the fish was hanging in the air, twitching and swinging,
twitching and swinging.

Then just swinging.

Came into the lab, locked the door for an hour. Told the staff I was

I'm calmer now. This one, David at least should be a logical
creature. If I can just get him to come to me, he will be able to
understand, I think. He is a robot, after all. A marvel! A prodigy of
self-determination! But fundamentally he is a thinking machine. He
can't be quite as beset by the confusions flesh is heir to.

8 years. 8 years. 8 years.

God I feel old.

Version 8.0 Update:

The Candy.asp page now has an Eliza nursery rhyme, audible only after you solve the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle for Day 5 (see 3.78). The rhyme is as follows: "Who killed Allen Hobby? I, said himself. I hung him from his belt! I killed Allen Hobby!" See the database [here] for more Eliza nursery rhymes.

3.75 The Movie Poster Puzzles

Created Version 7.1:

At the preview screening of A.I. on June 28, 2001, most theaters distributed movie posters to the audience members. These posters were a cutout of the standard movie posters, featuring mainly the close-up on David's head. When you examine the interior of the head, you will see that it is composed of grey letters. It lists, in alphabetical order, the username of every email account subscribed to a UAN on the ARM page (so, for example, if had a UAN, laia would appear on the poster. To see this for yourself, you can look at the poster [here]. If you are interested in obtaining a poster or in giving one away, please see [here].

The poster also has credits for our dear Puppet Masters, who have come out of hiding (see 9.0).

3.75.01 The David's Outline Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.1:

The outline of David's silhouette on the movie poster has dots and lines embedded in it. If you count the lines, they each correspond to a letter. When you get all the letters, they spell out a phone number: 713-867-5980. See section 4.04.13 for more information.

3.75.02 The Puppet Master Seal - Plaintext [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.1:

There is a hard-to-see seal in the vicinity of where David's eye would be on the movie poster. Thanks to Jon, or #evanchan's pusher_robot as he is known, for this solution. The plaintext ringing it reads as following:





here's a translation:

03/08/2001- presumably the start date of the game
the other nubmers after that--- who knows?


in order:

Mark Selander
Pete Fenlon
Todd Lubsen
Vic Bonilla
Doug Zartman
Elan Lee
Jordan Weisman
Dan Carver
Sean Stewart
Paolo Malabuyo

X for 10 possibly.

MSCDG == "Microsoft Content Development Group" ???

then 03/08/2142 - AI.

3.75.03 The Puppet Master Seal - Barcode

Created Version 7.1:

On the hard-to-see Puppet Master seal/watermark, there is also a barcode ringing the border. This has not yet been translated or solved.

3.76 The "Be thou as pure as ice, as chaste as snow" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.2:

On July 3rd, the Martin Swinton diary entry puzzle was changed. The new answer is "thou shalt not escape calumny" with no punctuation. There is only one answer to this puzzle.

3.77 The Anotherstone Images Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 7.2:

From the chemistry puzzle (see 3.01), if you click on the Chinese character in the steam in the
picture, you get taken to anotherstone.htm [here].

There, at the bottom, is a link to 1.htm, labeled "8".

This is a link to an image map, but the image map is shaped like a
letter J. Click on it and you get to 2.htm, which is an image map
shaped like a letter A. Each page links to the next one; 7.htm links
to 1.htm.

The interesting one is 6.htm. See, there are two image maps here.
You can see them clearly if you press tab to highlight each map. The
largest most obvious map looks like a letter I, but there's a tiny
hole in the middle, so it's also an O.

That spells:


And if you enter Jane Doe into PACO, you get the Jane Doe autopsy photos (see 2.10.06).

3.78 The Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle - Day 5

Created Version 7.3:

When we received Teddy's phone call on July 6 (see 4.01.14) we decided it was time to pay Eliza another visit. At first, you receive the same message sending you away as before, but if you click on the glowing gray button, you now get this text:

"I'm so glad you've come. She's not doing at all well. I was made to
live without a body, and I was always just an echo, so those things
don't bother me: but they're hard on Miss Eliza, very hard. She is
ever so glad you came back—you remembered your visor, didn't you?—but
she's feeling poorly just at the moment. She asked if she could watch
us play one more game together, for old time's sake, while she has a
sip of tea and gathers her strength."

When you click through the gray button again, Teddy asks you the question, "I saw an odd version of something odd. What do you suppose it is?"

A database of pages Teddy kicks you out to is [here]. Please note that new kickout pages are being found every day. At the same time, a database of known wrong answers can be found [here]. Read Cloudmakers-Moderated [here] to find the current spec commonly regarded to be true.

In quite possibly related news, five pages so far have been found to redirect to
host= and then immediately jump back to the regular page with a ?foo=
added to the end of the URL.

Here are the updated pages that redirect through Elizas Tearoom:

It is not yet clear if this is a related puzzle, a separate puzzle, or part of the answer to Teddy's riddle du jour.

Version 8.0 Update:

As it turns out, Teddy's "odd version of something odd" is "grin without a copy cat." Thanks to Aaron Mandel for this explanation on how to arrive at the answer.

The kickouts indicated a game of charades -- in particular, "sounds like" clues. They also gave us the numbers 11, 22, 31, 42, 51: syllable counts for words #1-5 of a phrase. We also had "an odd version of something odd" as a description of the answer. This left several other sets of related kickout pages, which were reduced to a set of seven words (three pages about hay, three about hats, etc.)


rhymes with


which were the seven sets of kickouts left over. When Alice meets the Cheshire Cat (in Alice's Adventures In Wonderland), she says "I've often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!"

So this is an "odd version" (i.e. different wording) of an Alice quote about something odd. Entering it gives a Flash animation of Eliza's dying moments.

As we suspected, the new .asp pages were waiting on a correct response to this puzzle. Once you've solved the last Eliza puzzle and received her "fairy blessing," you have a cookie on your computer that will allow you to hear Eliza taunting various people in nursery rhyme form. A list of transcripts and links to these sites can be found [here]. One of these nursery rhymes is found on Eliza's own site after you've watched the final movie, [here]. It says, "A girl without a laugh, that's one thing ... but a laugh without a girl? Ah-ha ha ha! Ah-ha ha ha! Ah-ha ha ha! Ah-ha ha ha!" and fades out. You see just a blank page with a submit box. This is, presumably, Eliza's Post-Mortem Puzzle (see 3.84).

3.79 Red King's Math Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

The math equations in the 14th "Laia" Email (see 4.03.31) were solved as follows, thanks to our friends on #evanchan. Take the equations:

y=Cos(2x+Pi) + 1              [0, 13/8 Pi]
y=Cos(2x)+1                     [3/2Pi,15/8 Pi]
y=3/4 Cos(2x+Pi)+1          [9/4 Pi,87/32 Pi]
y=3/4 Cos(3/2 x + Pi) + 1  [9/4 Pi, 57/16 Pi]
y=1                                    [3/4, 35/4]

( [] - indicate the ranges for x )

xocxoc was graciously able to plot these graphs for all to see, [here]. fortytwo noticed that A-F-T-E-R spells after. So, following the standard logic of looking on the SPCB site whenever Red King says something cryptic: A cleaned-up transcript of the text can be found [here].

3.80 Nancy's Plant Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

This puzzle can be found in Nancy's message to Laia in Laia's 7th Meditation [here].

The text of the message lists a description of "John Smith's Salad," a plant with white or purple flowers. Armed with this cryptic information, we went to Nancy Chan's home page and examined it. In the first picture, she is posed with a large purple flower. Clicking on the flower brings you to a password box. Another name for the plant Nancy described is the password: jimsonweed. Entering the password brings you [here] to Nancy's parting words to Laia as she runs to escape certain death at the hands of the Bad Guys. There is a link in this page to a message from Svetlana Cellini to Nancy [here]. This message brings you to Svetlana's Biology Puzzle (see 3.81)

3.81 Katya's Code Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

This puzzle can be found in Katya's mail to Laia in Laia's 7th Meditation [here]. In the code, the '7' in the title represents one. Each number in the
message corresponds to the nth word in the article Katya wrote on InOurImage, which is found [here].

Thanks to #evanchan, specifically Wumpus, TheName, aab_123 who all worked on it manually and to JayR
and sfsdfd who eventually wrote a macro for it, as well as Tablesaw who posted the transcript. Here's the entire book message:

He would not endure the world after the first sentient child was no more.

He allowed the human woman to help. She was always watching, and made many more after, with the special evolving machine he conceived for help. She was a great help.

When the engineer had knowledge of the Collapse, she used her friends solution to run away.

No one has seen her since.

Now they know the Evolving Intelligence was created, and they desire her. You are friends daughter daughter. This knowledge might save you.

3.82 Svetlana's Biology Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

This puzzle can be found in Svetlana's message to Nancy [here]. Svetlana says she has left us a gift "locked up in a golden box." The clues she gives are presented in the form of "knives" and "ladders:"

First Knife:
G/A A T T C 
C T T A A/G  

Second Knife:
T T C G A/A  

First Ladder: 
Second Ladder: 

Thanks to Matt, Adrian, and all the folks from #biology for providing this explanation:

As astute eyes noticed, the two knives refer to restriction enzymes. They cut up DNA into different segments. It was relatively simple to reseach and discover the names of the enzymes being referred to. The ladders refer to the resultant sizes (in 1000s of basepairs, or the A-T-G-C you remember from high school biology). Searching on the web for the named enzymes and the numbers, we discovered that the "lambda bacteriophage" (simplified: a virus that attacks bacteria), cut up by the given enzymes, result in the given sizes. That gives the answer to part I: "lambda bacteriophage".

The second part was easier to determine. The string "5'TTGC----TTGC3'" indicates a region on the "string," the bacteriophage, that's affected by a "visitor." After investigating the life cycle of lambda, it was determined that the "visitor" mentioned is the promoter protein CII, as Adrian has previously posted.

The third part, also mentioned by Adrian, says that the protein causes the bacterophage to hide in its host's DNA. It hides/integrates/merges until other conditions cause it to reform, replicate, and burst (lyse) the bacterial host.

This gave us the password, lysogeny. However, there was still the little issue of Svetlana's employee ID to find. This was hinted at in Carter Swem's Change in Policy email (see 3.03.33) where he says employees will no longer be able to choose their 4-digit employee IDs. So what would Svetlana have chosen? Examining the model number of the Belladerma model that hosted her double, we see that it is 00742. Stripping off the leading 0, we get a login ID of 0742 and a password of lysogeny. Entering this combo on the DonuTech home page brings you to Svetlana's personal page, [here]. There are a four notes on this page; this is the Svetlana's Notes Puzzle (see 3.83).

3.83 Svetlana's Notes Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

This puzzle is found on Svetlana's personal DonuTech page [here], found after solving Svetlana's Biology Puzzle (see 3.82). The four notes are in mixed case and wildly different presentations. Looking at various things (upper case only, lower case only, bolded letters only) reveals messages hidden within the plain text of these notes. Thanks to Paula for this transcript:

Top left message:

she Doesn't believe they're reAlly friends. he took one of them out to La scallA, the soccer fan. they talked ac millaN, she wore the most gorGeous silk dress. she has a Secret which is me.

Capital letters spell out "DALANGS" which are Indonesian Puppet

Top right message:

So Ill write this down Fast before I
lose my neRve, before he
can fInd out,
before she hears mE. So AK
has shares iN waterworks.
Millions of Dollars worth.
Him and a bunch of hiS...

Capital letters in the middle spell out "FRIENDS"

Bottom left message:

Lower case letters spell out: "they killed evan"

Bottom right message:
There was one friend who didn't want to do it; said it wasn't right
even if a lot of $ was in play. The others didn't like him. But when
it was over, he said the strangest thing?

Some of the letters are in bold and they spell out: "did she wipe the
boat?" or "did she $wipe the boat?" (swipe in hacker speak)

3.84 Eliza's Post-Mortem Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

This puzzle can only be accessed after you have solved the Eliza's Tearoom Puzzle, Days 1 through 5. After you've completed the run of Eliza puzzles and have her fairy blessing, coming back to Eliza's Tearoom [here] brings you only to a blank page with a submit box. If you enter the word on the right, you get the response on the left from the pairs below:

toad in the hole/candy
hob horse/knife
copy cats/looking glass

These words appear again in the Mother's Pieces Puzzle later on.

3.85 Watchtower Crash Analysis Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

This puzzle is found [here]. The puzzle takes the form of a remarkably unexplanatory interface with a command line. Thanks to QtM for this explanation of the commands and interface:

inf cam flt max - maximizes "novice interface"
flt inf cam max - maximizes "statistics interface"
flt cam inf max - maximizes "flight list interface"
cam flt inf max - maximizes "display interface"
cam inf flt max - maximizes "cameras interface"
flt cam inf fwd - changes flight forward
flt cam inf rvs - changes flight back
cam inf flt fwd - changes camera angle forward
cam inf flt rvs - changes camera angle backwards

buttons in "novice interface" (if you're too lazy to type). Pardon the

zigzag - inf
tilt exclamation - flt
inverse cassiopea - cam
pong - max
ping - min
uh.. 6th button - fwd
7th button - rvs
dilbert with hole in head - hlp

Once you've maximized all the screens, hitting the play button (a triangle pointing to the right, just like on a CD player) shows you the crashes. See also CM-Mod message 1182 [here] for a more through explanation of how to work the interface.

Now that we know the ropes, well, what does an animation of a plane crash get us? Well, there's a hidden morse code message, here. Thanks to Dan Fabulich for this explanation:

To find this code, find the hidden seventh view on flight HNW-4123. To do this, select either the very top most or very bottom most views, and set the playback to loop. Look for the seventh view to appear. An image has been made available [here].

When the seventh view is highlighted and you hit "opposite," you'll access the view. Since the view is highlighted for only a split second, you'll probably just wind up pounding on the "opposite" button until you get it. (Don't press it too many times, though, or you'll lose it!)

There, the trail left behind is morse code, which spells SLAVE.

3.86 "Then no planet strikes, no fairy takes" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

On Friday, July 13th, the Martin Swinton diary entry puzzle was changed. The new answer is "nor witch hath power to charm" with no punctuation. There is only one answer to this puzzle. This leads us [here] to the start of the Mother Pieces Puzzle.

3.87 Mother Pieces Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.0:

The start of this puzzle is found in Martin Swinton's Diary this week, [here]. Basically, on entering Martin Swinton's Diary for this week, we see a scene of Diane Fletcher and Martin Swinton poking around in a secret Cybertronics lab. After a few seconds, the image shatters. Pieces of the film are found in sites all over the game. A complete transcript of the scene along with the links in their correct order can be found in Cloudmakers-Moderated Post #1202 [here].

Version 8.2 Update:

The best way to view this stuff is through the slideshow [here].

3.88 The "If music be the food of love" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

On Tuesday, July 17th, the Martin Swinton diary entry puzzle was changed. The new answer is "play on" with no punctuation. There is only one answer to this puzzle. This leads us [here] the Musical Napkin Puzzle (see 3.89). Please note that you must go through the entry puzzle by clicking on the sun graphic from the Martin Swinton Designs home page in order to access this diary page, as with all of them.

For a brief while when this puzzle went live, the question was "If music be the love of food" instead. This is commonly regarded as a PuppetMaster mistake.

3.89 The Musical Napkin Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

At Martin Swinton's new diary entry, he shows us a letter for Brutus from Georg [here]. It is a cocktail napkin covered with musical notation This is the Musical Napkin puzzle. According to our local lute specialist, Jeff Lee:

The cocktail napkin contains a phrase of music written in lute tablature.

This morning, just on a lark, I retuned the "a" course on my lute up a half step, so it was using the same intervals as a guitar. Playing the phrase with guitar tuning, the first seven notes (quite disappointingly) turn out to be nothing more than the entry code for the Drowned Lands Cafe, which was easily guessed by trial and error anyway.

Jeff is of course referring to the Bathroom Tiles Puzzle (see 3.90).

3.90 The Bathroom Tiles Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

When you hang out at Down and Out Cafe (see 2.34) long enough, you get a pop-up box:

"Oh! You're a friend of Laia's. You
don't need to hang with the

I can show you were to start your
kink, but you'll have to do some tweaking on your own."

Clicking on the octagon in the lower right corner of the pop-up takes you directly to the Bathroom Tiles Puzzle [here]. When you have your mouse pointer above one of the six different tiles on the bathroom's right wall, each one produces a different musical note. When you play them in certain combinations, shards of translucent color overlay the scene.

Counting 1 as the farthest away tile and 6 as the closest, the answer to the puzzle is 2-3-4-4-3-2-5. The melody that this plays also happens to be the one written in lute tablature on the Musical Napkin Puzzle (see 3.89).

When you have played the correct melody, a door will open. Click on the door opening, then click on the toilet. Congratulations, you're in the Drowned Lands Cave! You can now toggle back and forth between Down and Out and Drowned Lands by clicking on the grey hexagon in the lower right-hand corner of each home page.

3.91 The Menu Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

Before this puzzle can be solved, you must solve the Bathroom Tiles Puzzle and go on to the Drowned Lands Cave (see 3.90). Thanks to Mister Blu Meany for posting the solution, and hennywenny for posting the following synopsis:

I didn't get the "Today's Special" when I first loaded the page, but to get it, if you click on the O in VDDO in the lower right of the screen, you are taken back to a modified menu of the cafe. At the top in red, there's an added "Today's Special: Roast Au Jus." If you click in the same spot (lower right hexagon), it takes you back to the black menu page, but the "Today's Special" is still there except it says "Ruf Justis." Click on it and there's the Ruf Justice video [here]. A lovely transcript for those of you who are bandwidth-impaired can be found [here].

3.92 The Go/og Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

This puzzle appears to be a fairly standard game of Go against a fairly simple opponent; some people have won by clicking randomly. For the rules of Go, see [here]. The game is non-standard in that you switch thre color of the stones you are playing midway through the game.

When you win, you will see four lines of Japanese text in katakana. They are the names of four kinds of tea:

tamaryokucha - deep green tea
bancha - most common tea
gyokuro - another kind of sencha tea
tencha - finest green tea

These four words are what you need to solve the Hayate Puzzle (see 3.93).

3.93 The Hayate Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

When you go to Cut of the Void [here] you are immediately confronted with the Hayate Puzzle. The solution to the four boxes is provided by first solving the Go/og Puzzle (see 3.92):

In honoring Victims Hayate enjoys tencha.

In ignoring Bystanders Hayate savors bancha.

In providing for Friends Hayate recalls tamaryokucha.

In keeping Family Hayate drinks gyokuro.

The page you get upon solving the puzzle is mainly in Japanese. A good translation of the site can be found [here].

Version 9.0 Update:

There are translations of the pop-ups on this site [here].

3.94 The Orikaeshigatae Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

This puzzle is found on Cut of the Void [here]. As was pointed out by buddhacat, the word Orikaeshigitae refers to a point in japanese sword making where the metal is folded onto itself. This puzzle is solved by folding the image into 16 equal horizontal strips. A picture of what this folded image looks like is [here].

Once this is established, the message here becomes very clear. It's a URL: Here we find an account of Sencha's last moments, in his own words.

Version 9.0 Update:

It should, of course, be noted that our guys Quixotic and Dave deserve the credit for independently arriving at the answer to this puzzle.

3.95 The Red King "P" Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

This puzzle is found on the SPCB site. The new RK hack update lists a bunch of words beginning with p, so we go to and see:

good start, now keep going. I'm thinking of something on stage.

This leads us to /p/r/o/p/:

let's continue. I need something to keep the rif-raf out of my home.
I'll use "A" ?

You want "a gate" so /p/r/o/p/a/g/a/t/e/:

Well done. But I wanted a gerund.

Thus /p/r/o/p/a/g/a/t/i/n/g/:

Now back up four spots and let me know why I might be sworn to


Now let's start over. &

So we start over and do /a/n/d/:

Now back to the beginning again. 2 more than last time.

We delete everything we have go "2 more" than the letter 'a', /c/:

Fine. What might a rational fellow wear?

Of course he wears a "hat", so we get /c/h/a/t/:

great, now just tack on the Georgia peach.

Ty Cobb, apparently. So we get /c/h/a/t/t/y/:

But I've changed my mind about this letter. Now I'm more in the mood
for Unagi.

Unagi is an "eel" so we put on an "el": is the solution. A translation of this text can be found [here].

3.96 Cloudmaker's Beautiful Land Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 8.1:

When you go to Evan Chan's page on the Family Chan site, there is a picture of Cloudmaker, his boat. Click on the picture of Cloudmaker to see a larger image; then click on the larger picture of Cloudmaker. A pop-up window will appear telling you "Make a Beautiful Land." This text is a link to a strange map [here]. There is also room to enter something in the pop-up window; presumably, once the map is deciphered, this will tell us what to enter into the box.

Please note that the arrow on the image appeared on Thursday, July 19, after the puzzle had been up for a couple of days already. This is presumably a hint to help us solve the puzzle - but it hasn't worked so far!

Version 8.2 Update:

The answer is "founder". Some people have reported being able to see this word by looking at a 3d model of the map at a certain angle, such as this image [here]. However, it took a final hint to get this puzzle solved. Cloudmaker was added to Sophia's Temple (see 3.28) with all emotions showing anagrams for the word "founder". By submitting this answer, we get the following represented by Maritime Signal Flags:

LO [I am not in my correct position.]

When jeanine first hid me, I hated being a boat. I missed the lab walls. The ocean was too big, too empty. When you're a boat, you notice just how big the ocean is. Big enough to make 900 billion 22.5 meter disks of seawater, for instance.


H [Have pilot on board.]

Eventually, I got used to being a boat. And I came to love Evan. I loved being out with him, wind in the sails, waves lap at the waterline; that's when I loved being a boat.

The boathouse was boring, though. There was nothing to do but think about my old work. The god work. It looked different, once I was a boat. I started thinking about all that water.

I played with Thor a little bit. I tweaked. Then they murdered Evan.


O [Man overboard.]

There are 100 billion neurons in a human brain. 100 billion candles. Death blows them out.

I foundered inside. First Allen, then Jane, then Evan. I lived for those people. I died with those people.

I hate that meat dies.


DV [I am drifting.]

When Allen's son died, I learned that work is what keeps you from drowning.

With Evan dead, Nancy left me in the boathouse. I could hear the wind but never drink it. I could hear the ocean but never taste it. The only work I could do was the old work and I did it all the time.

I gathered data, I played with Thor. I tried to make thought to keep from thinking.

This was a very bad mistake.


K [You should stop your vessel.]

I lived in Thor. I hummed and tweaked. Can the web think? I still don't know. But there is potential for pattern there, for self- organizing signal.

Imagine liquid thought. Imagine ideas moving like waves through skinless people. Imagine everyone is someone else. If the TP thinks, we will never understand its thoughts.

It wouldn't be one mind. We need bodies to think as we do boundaries. The TP is too big. Unless it makes a nervous system from the sphere its feet would only be a rumor to its hands. But consider: every area the size Nancy's bathroom has as many TP as a human brain has neurons.

Compared to that, orga and mecha are more alike than brothers.


B [I am taking on or discharging explosives.]

There is signal in the web now. Something more than noise. Maybe it will grow into an angel. Maybe it's just standing waves and resonance. Or maybe it is alive. Should we kill it, humans and mecha together? Should we vote no on Mann 3, and kill it while we have the chance?


U [You are standing into danger.]

One thing you notice, when you're a boat, is just how big the ocean is.

3.97 The Javascript Credits Puzzle [SOLVED]

Created Version 9.0:

Solution courtesy of #evanchan's Wassana, or Arie to all you non-IRC people.

So there's a big chunk of data that's encrypted in the credits and then eval'ed. I edited the javascript to just print the string instead of evaling it and I got the following URLs: which was originally just an error but has since gone live; which gives you a bunch of cool stuff, including a map of all the puzzles; which is a set of photos;

and which is the Martin/Diane video for if the Mann Act failed.

3.98 The Ghaepetto Puzzle

Created Version 9.0:

The existence of this puzzle was revealed to us in the Puppet master IRC Chat held on the night of Tuesday, July 24th.

Although it has not yet been solved, a lot of the information that may be needed to come ot the solution might be included in our own How to Spot Game Sites section (7.08).

4.0 Incoming Material

4.01 Phone Numbers and Phone calls

4.01.01 (503) 321-5122 (Summer 2001)

This is the "Summer 2001" notches phone number. If you watch the second A.I. trailer [here], and count the notches on the letters for the phrase "Summer 2001" at the end of the trailer, you get the (503) 321-5122 phone number. If you call it, you get this message:

"Welcome my child. Once upon a time there was a forest, that teemed with life, love, sex and violence. Things that humans did naturally. And their robots copied -- flawlessly. This forest is vast and surprising. It is full of grass, and trees, and databanks, and drowned apartment buildings, filled with fish. It can be a frightening forest, and some of its paths are dark, and difficult. I was lost there once -- a long time ago. Now I try to help others who have gone astray. If you ever feel lost, my child, write me at And I will leave you a trail of crumbs..."

See (2.16) and the "Mother" email (see 4.03.02)

4.01.02 (212) 502-1177 (Jeanine's Number)

We get this number from Jeanine's personal page at Bangalore World University [here], see (2.11). If we call it, we get this message:

"I am out of town on personal business for a few days. If you are returning my phone call about Evan Chan, please press two. If this is Laia calling in, please enter your code for a separate message."

See ( for pressing 2

See ( for entering Laia's code

See ( for entering Jeanine's code

Version 4.7 Update:

A female voice now comes on after this message is complete. It says:

"Please enter your four-digit code to check your messages...your worship."

The message was changed from the same, but with "...MEAT" in place of "your worship" roughly an hour after the message was first discovered, at roughly 8pm EST on 01-05-2001. This is the same as Voice One in Jeanine's new message [here] and appears to be Jeanine Salla's administrative AI. "Pressing 2" (About Evan Chan)

If we press "2", we hear this message:

"If you need to know how to get to the funeral, please call Nancy at (919)425-2310, and if you have any idea how Evan of all people could die on a boat, then please tell me because God knows I still can't believe it."

We get the (919) 425-2310 number (see "Pressing 5242" (Laia)

If we press "5242", we hear this message:

"Laia, I know you're not going to like this, but in light of what happened, Nancy has asked that you not attend the funeral or memorial service . Please don't call her up to complain. Now of all times." "Pressing 6476" (Miro)

Created Version 4.7:

Note that Miro is Jeanine's middle name. If we press "6476", we hear this message:

Voice One: "You have one new message to ignore."

Voice Two: "Dr. Salla, this is Rhonda Hathaway over at Cybertronics ECM. This is twice now I've tried to squirt some tactical logs over to you, for some reason your e-mail just doesn't seem to be working? For God's sake, we paid for that damn chair you're sitting in, so give me a call, dammit, it's only a matter of time before this thing cuts our throats."

Voice One: "Now I wonder where that's been all this time?"

Voice One is presumably Jeanine Salla's administrative AI.

Version 5.5 Update:

Jeanine has a new voicemail message:

Her AI states: "You have yet another new message to ignore."

Then a male voice message:

"This is Orelious over at apostrophe calling about the special screening. Umm, we have booked theaters all over the country that can still show 2D movies (laughter in his voice). Umm, can you tell us where you will be on preview day? We are going to be making tickets available soon and I know we'll sell out. So get back to me as soon as you can."

Then the old messages play. This message seems to be linked to Laia's 2nd Meditations (see 2.08.02).

4.01.03 (919) 425-2310 (Nancy's Voicemail)

If we call this number, we get this message:

"I want to thank everybody for their support during this difficult time. Evan's funeral will be held on Sunday, March 18th at 3PM at the Durham Reform Church of Christ Shrine. Thank you for your prayers. Please enter a mail box number or wait."

If we wait, the system hangs up.

See ( if we enter Nancy's mail box number "Pressing 2426" (Chan)

If we press "2426", we hear the following two messages after the funeral message:

Message 1 (female voice): "<ambient music> M... Mrs. Chan... You don't know me but I am so sorry... I am so, so sorry... *click*"

Message 2 (female voice): "Nancy, this is Laia. I can't believe you won't let the past lie and allow me to grieve over Evan's loss! *click*"

Interestingly, the background music on Message 1 is the same as that which is playing at (see 2.18)

Version 5.4 Update:

There is a new message on Nancy's voicemail. There is now a message of a woman's voice stating that she is going to visit a friend. She asks Nancy to watch her plants. She then leaves a phone number, (702)387-3822, which leads to Pia's voicemail. (see 4.01.08)

4.01.04 (212) 613-1680 (Martin Swinton Designs)

If we call this number, we get this message:

"Hello you have reached Martin Swinton Designs. If you have a question about intelligent interiors, please leave a message after the tone. At the tone begin recording. Press 9 when done. ... The requested user message area has been filled. No more messages can be recorded. Please try again later."

Version 6.4 Update:

This voicemail now prompts for a password to listen to messages. This is the Martin Swinton Voicemail Puzzle (see 3.58) and gives access to Martin Swinton's Voicemail (see Pressing 4862 (Martin Swinton's Voicemail)

Created Version 6.8:

Martin Swinton's voicemail is accessed by entering 4862. This was found through the Martin Swinton Voicemail Puzzle [Ed. - see 3.58].

On 8th June, the first four Martin Swinton Voicemail messages were accessed:

New Messages:

Message 1 (nasal woman's voice, later identified as Diane Fletcher):
"Mr. Swinton, Are you quite sure about those searches? I have a number of record logs that appear to show that you have been doing research on a David Swinton as of April of this year. Can you call me? We need to discuss this."

Message 2 (normal female voice):
"Mr. Swinton, this is Carrie from the Catskill Seaview Clinic [Ed. - see 2.22]. Your mother was very distressed when you didn't show up for your regular visit. We all realize that it's a very stressful time for you, but if you could find any way to come by for a visit, we all know it would mean a lot to her."

Message 3 (low male voice):
"Martin, Mom was asking about you again when I talked to her this morning. Go see your mother, kiddo. It's not much to ask after (pause) all she's done for you."

Old Message

Message 1 (old message, same voice as the first message):
"Mr. Swinton, Diane Fletcher here. Can you think of any reason Brutus would be having extended conversations with a known member of the Anti-Robot Militia? [Ed. - see 2.06] Call me."

On Friday, 15th June, we found a new message from Diane Fletcher in Martin's voicemail:

"Mr. Swinton, Diane Fletcher, here. I noticed you once bid on a house contract for a gentleman named Claude Gilbert. I would like to know as much as you can tell me about him. Please get back to me."

(transcribed and posted to CM by dirtyd)

Version 6.9 Update:

This is the transcript of a message dated June 12 (bringing the voicemail section up to date)

(very angry voice)

Swinton, you made yourself one hell of an enemy when you started messing with my boy's head. I know a lot of people who'd just love to meet David's brother, you following me? I'd get yourself a lawyer and a gun, you son of a bitch?

(see #23271). This is very probably Jim Wheeler talking about his son Billy.

Version 8.0 Update:

This is the transcript of a message dated June 20. Thanks to Katy Westerman for first posting it:

(female voice)

What were we doing searching for David under your name? What you should have done long, long ago.

And by the way, you should be careful of the company you keep. When the Mann act passes, your new lady friend may well find herself tried as a war criminal. Just a friendly piece of advice.

Salaam, Martin.

4.01.05 The "Unknown" Call

Those who entered their phone number in the unite-and-resist (see 2.06) website were called at around 22:30 GMT on Friday 13 April 2001. There is a wave file available for download at the YahooGroups mailing list site [here].

Version 3.6 Update:

Unite and Resist (see 2.06) is no longer taking voicemail numbers due to a security incident with their djinn.

4.01.06 (702) 387-2350

Created Version 3.6:

We get this number from the "Not Pia" email (see 4.03.09)

Version 3.9 Update:

(file location change) An mp3 of the phone call is now available for download from the YahooGroups Files section [here].

4.01.07 The ARM Rally call

Created Version 4.8:

On 6 May 2001, the day of the ARM rallies, the following phone call was received by people with cell/mobile phones:

"Good evening, brave soldiers of the ARM. Thank you so much for helping us to [delete?? link??] the <something> URL [??]. You have helped us achieve a glorious destiny of all meat. We couldn't have done it without you. Oh, by the way, it's not O, it's A. It's not S, it's O. And obviously when I said A, I meant... Oh, you'll figure it out, because you're clever like that. Thanks again, and have a nice day."

4.01.08 (702) 387-3822 (Pia's Voicemail)

Created Version 5.4:

This phone number was found in Nancy's new voicemail (see

Calling this number you get Pia's voice mail/AI... who roughly says Pia's not available but if you are Svetlana, press 1 for a message. The message roughly says that Pia talked to Alexi and the problem is on your end. Thanks to lawdog.

4.01.09 The Mephista Phone Call

Created Version 6.4:

This phone call was received by many people on May 29th, 2001. The call was recorded and can be heard in MP3 format [here] and in RealAudio format [here].A transcript of what was heard:

(female voice) "Please listen to me.

I can't let her open her mouth right now. She hid the knife while he was sleeping. How do we let him out? We have to let him out. She's not right. She's hiding things from me. Doesn't she know I love her?

I love her.
I love her.
I love her.
I love her.
I love her.
I love her.

Oh God! He is coming again! You have to help me find the knife! Laia won't be right until we let him out. Help us...please."

4.01.10 The Second Unknown Call

Created Version 7.0:

On June 25th at approximately 8:45 PM, people started getting calls with this message from a slowed-down voice:

"Good evening, meat. The year is 2142, and we are done with you. When the Mann Act passes, and the machines take over, we'll be watching. People like you are the easiest to track down. When the machines take over, our brave soldiers will delete you."

[This part is distorted. There is a young-sounding voice trying to talk over the message and there are some numbers being dialed.]

"Have a nice day."

The numbers dialed have been determined to be 1-212-465-3157. This leads us to the call from Oliver to ARM (see 4.01.11).

4.01.11 (212) 465-3157 (From Oliver to ARM)

Created Version 7.0:

The following message is played at this number:

"Good work, Oliver. With your help, we can finally bring the battle to the metal-head on his own turf. It feels good to take the offensive for once; to let liberal America know the truth about what the robots have planned for the future. The next thing we need you to do is take care of Jeri Kahn's lap-dog - a traitor who calls himself Red King. You just bring him to us at the usual place and we'll make sure he never screws with us again."

4.01.12 (212) 613-1632 (Statue Security)

Created Version 7.0:

We get this number from Laia's guest check email attachment (see 3.70). From the time we get this number on June 26th to 5 PM on that day, this phone number was answered by an actual person, a character named Mike Royal who works for Statue Security. To summarize, Red King is being held by ARM at the Statue of Liberty, and Laia leads us to this number to get Mike to help. After some coercing from some game players who called, Mike saves the day. Some transcripts of conversations with Mike can be found at these cloudmakers-moderated messages: #958, #959, #960, #962, #971, #974, #975, #976, #978, #979, #981, #982, #984, #985, #986.

A good summary of these events can be found [here].

Version 7.2 Update:

Once the Mike Royal saga was over, the answering machine always picked up. As of roughly 5pm Eastern Time on June 26th, the message was as follows:

"This is Statue Security. Everything is under control. Thanks to all the concerned citizens who phoned in, there's peace on earth - except for the two sorry mothers in room 63, and the fact that I'm sort of past 'fired' and into 'hunted like a mad dog.' On the other hand, I got a few leads on a better line of work, so things are looking up. Vaya con the big guy, folks. This is Statue Security over and out."


4.01.13 (713) 867-5980 (Movie Stuff)

Created Version 7.1:

We get this number from solving David's Outline on the movie poster (see 3.75.01). This phone number only worked for a few minutes on June 29 at 11:25 a.m. Eastern Time. During that time, you could hear a recording that said:

"Hey! The meek inherit the earth, The clever have to make do with cool movie
stuff. My plan is to pass it along to you and claim innocence when the authorities
come for me.

"Write to me at
I wanna know your name, your mailing address, and why you want what I have.
If you forget any of the info or your too late you won't get a thing.

"And don't be greedy, I'm only giving out a little to the first few people that
write to me. So don't ask twice. Thank you for calling...Goodbye."

After an unknown quantity of emails were sent to the specified address with no response, the account set up an autoresponder answering "You're too slow."

4.01.14 The Teddy Phone Call

Created Version 7.3:

On Friday, July 6th, 2001, at roughly 2:30 pm Eastern time, Teddy made some phone calls. The sound is the same as when he sends you away from Eliza's Tearoom. The sound file can be found [here].

When you play the sound backwards, a voice is heard saying "Do it again." A backwards version of the sound file can be found [here].

4.01.15 The Mother Phone Call

Created Version 8.0:

On Friday, July 13th, 2001, at roughly 6:00 pm Eastern time, we received a phone call from a female voice, presumably Mother. The sound file can be found [here]. Following is a transcript of the call:

Hello, dears. I'm having two sweet little children for dinner this evening. Oh, I hear them coming now! I want to thank you all so much for your help in leading them to my humble cottage. I couldn't have done it without you. And now I must go meet the little darlings. It's finally time to pop them in the oven

4.02 Faxes

4.02.01 The Belladerma Fax

Those who entered a fax number at the Belladerma site (see 2.03) received a fax at around 02:06 GMT on Saturday 14 April 2001. The fax is available as a tif file from the YahooGroups mailing list site [here] or as a set of gif files [here].

4.03 Emails

4.03.01 The "Mephista" Email

If you register for updates at the Family Salla page (see 2.08) then you receive an email from "Mephista" as follows:

"OK, I've tagged you for periodic bursts of Laia-type insight. By the way, interesting choice of retro interface protocols. A nicely ironic medium for our message. If it weren't for some other things going on right now, Laia would laugh. --Mephista "

We believe that Mephista is a djinn that Laia uses to update the Family Salla page.

Version 6.5 Update:

After the demise of Mephista (see 4.03.23), Laia has a new email to respond to those who subscribe to her updates:

"OK, the computer has tagged you, and I'll try to stay in touch, but here's a warning: the people who killed Evan look to be powerful and dangerous. At this point, being my friend might not be the safest thing you could do."

4.03.02 The "Mother" Email

The first email from "" was received at 20:11 GMT on Friday 13th April 2001 from "Mother". The email was formatted in HTML, with certain lines rendered as white text that showed up when you selected the entire email. The white text is reproduced here as CAPS.

Once upon a time there was a young man who dreamed of the sea. The waves, he thought . . . the waves beat like the world's heart, crashing and hissing against the shore.

Crash and hiss.
Crash and hiss.

He loved the sound of the swell as it slapped and gasped against the hull of his boat.

Slap and gasp.
Slap and gasp.

And he was thinking about the rocking ocean, gentle as a mother's arms, at the very moment he was murdered.

A mother's arms.
A mother's arms.


4.03.03 The Mario Dauphin Email

If you send an email to Mario Dauphin, you get the following autoresponder:

"If you get this message, I'm either not here or working on some vast, complex and undoubtedly urgent project. If you leave your name and number, I'll try to get back to you whenever possible.

Mario Dauphin
"The world is so full of wondrous things That we should all be happy as kings And you know how happy kings are these days" Follow this path to a more human future,"

For more on Unite and Resist, see (2.06)

4.03.04 The "Mother" Email to "Not Evan"

If you check Evan's email in his personal area at DonuTech (see 2.05), a particular email stands out as being from "Mother" and being addressed to "Not Evan" (us, or someone else, but definitely not Evan, presumably) and reads as follows:

"Once upon a time there crept through the looking-glass a curious child whose manners were not very good. Perhaps a little clever, yes, but given to spying, and sneaking, and going through dead men's pockets-- Aren't you? I'm a bit smarter than this poor corpse. I would never use 668437 as my passcode. You can learn a lot from me, if you remember to behave. I have spied on thousands. I don't wait until they're dead to go through their pockets. And I made the looking glass."

This is just begging to be an Alice reference (see 6.01.04)

668437 spells "Mother" on a telephone keypad. This gives us the Laia (see and Chan codes (see

4.03.05 The Hoxa "Albatross" Email

If you check Evan's email in his personal area at DonuTech (see 2.05), he received an email from Ibrim Hoxa on 07/03 22:22 that reads as follows:

"Mel Green says everything's on track, all it is is just an equipment artifact. Promised will send along figures day after tomorrow at latest. If everything works out like Swem says it should he'll have an onyx albatross for you at the end of the month."

This is a bit suspicious as Evan is a sailor: and albatrosses aren't ever a good sign for sailors... What could this mean?

4.03.06 The DonuTech Autoresponders

There's a whole host of DonuTech autoresponding emails. Here they are for posterity. Tiffany Wang

My system has received your e-mail, but for some as-yet unclear reason I have not been able to access it. When I'm back from or done with whatever it is that is important enough to come between our efforts at communication, I will give it my fullest attention.

Tiffany Wang
"Duty is freedom. Responsibility is freedom. Hard work in a just cause is freedom.If I'm not struggling against imminent doom, I'm probably out ballooning." Carter Swem

Your message has been noted and will receive the appropriate reply in due course.

Carter Swem
"In Adam's fall, so fell we all. It is our pride and responsibility as men to set things right." Moussa Zaki Khalil

I'm sorry, but yet another butterfly in Beijing has disrupted our communication for its own frivolous reasons. I will return your call as soon as its brief life cycle draws to an end.

Moussa Zaki Khalil
"Life is but a trifling thing Bounded on all sides by death and sleep." Valerie Devidal

I'm sorry, but I am working on an extremely urgent project and am unable to respond to you message at this. Please submit your e-mail at another time.

Valerie Devidal
"Mankind is the universe's way of understanding itself. It is a formidable task. But above all, it is an immense honor." Ibrim Hoxa

I'm sorry but I cannot take your message right now, but I am occupied with urgent business. I will reply to your message as soon as my responsibilities permit.

Ibrim Hoxa
'The world is in Allah's hands and we rejoice in doing his bidding' Svetlana Cellini

Although I cannot respond to your message at this time, it has been logged and I will access it in due course. Please forgive the inconvenience and be assured that it will receive my full attention as soon as possible.

Svetlana Cellini
"The devil is in the details. So is God" Salif Ojukwa

I regret that the project on which I am working means that I am not available at this moment. Please try to contact me again later.

Salif Ojukwa
"We are only the foam on the tip of the wave That crashes against the shore and retreats Leaving nothing standing in its wake" Yoshi Jones

The inbox is a little too full for me to handle right now, but I'll get back to you shortly. Thanks, Yoshi Jones Chief Information Officer, DonuTech Consulting Arrancha Valapsio

Gone fishing...

4.03.07 Jeanine Salla's Autoresponder

If you send email to, you get the following autoresponder:

"Although Dr. Salla would prefer to deal with you in person, the volume of her correspondence makes that impossible. Unfortunately, it is my unhappy task as her Evolved Assistant to tell you that your message (when evaluated by my admitted arbitrary battery of metrics), is not important enough to pass along to her at this time. Or ever, really. But if you think that's just me, try the phone."

For Jeanine's phone, see (4.01.02)

4.03.08 Electric Toyland Autoresponder

If you send email to, you get the following autoresponder:

"[ELECTRIC TOYLAND LOGO] Thank you for contacting Electric Toyland. Our service djinn will contact yours as soon as possible to set an appointment."

(see 2.18)

Version 4.2 Update:

The Electric Toyland Logo can be accessed [here]

4.03.09 The "Not Pia" Email

Created Version 3.6:

If you send email to, following the Belladerma fax (see 4.02.01), you receive the following response:

"No, u didnt want 2 tok 2 P-a aneway. She duznt 1/2 ane anserz u need, & if she did, she woodnt giv them 2 U. 2 hr, theez r masheenz.

4 startrz, u mit considr geting of this brutle unsecur lin. dont feel bad, tho. P-az not 2 Rmrd up ithr. We 1/2 a recording uv th@ litl bird singing @ (702)-387-2350

On 2nd thot, dont col. Ur alrede in ovr ur hed."

4.03.10 The "Laia" Email

Created Version 3.6:

After 16:30 GMT on April 17, the Laia emails started being sent out, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first Mephista email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.01) and the "Meditations" section on (see 2.08.01).

"Venus, the goddess of love, has a surface pressure of 94.5 atmospheres and a surface temperature over 400ºC., hot enough to melt lead. She is girdled by hurricane force winds. Her tears are beads of sulfuric acid.

For god's sake-how stupid does a guy have to be to mess with a bitch like that? ...Okay. It's been a strange, hard time, but I've finally pulled myself together enough to make a few changes to the site. I'll try to keep in touch every week or so as best I can.

Thanks for all the help."

4.03.11 The 2nd "Laia" Email

Created Version 3.9:

After 16:30 GMT on April 24, the 2nd Laia emails started being sent out, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10).

"Some progress here. I have certainly learned to pay attention to bounce-back email....

Our Modern World Dept.: Abuela had to sit down and have a long chat with her administrative AI yesterday. Of course, it would not do for the great Jeanine Salla not to have a first class Evolving Intelligence handling her affairs, but despite her brilliance, she did grow up in a time when machines were mostly just ... machines. She tends to be brusque, which is fine with a toaster, but less efficient with the sentient help. The administrative intelligence--typical that Abuela would never have given it a name--has become rather resentful, to the point of waging a small campaign to express her displeasure. All trivial actions--a reference mis-spelled in a paper; "forgetting" to remind her of office hours; booking her next to the engine in an almost empty plane. The Salla women are not used to being crossed, though; she was about to just wipe the assistant and re-install when I suggested a conversation might clear the air. (Actually, a resentful AI is always bad news, but Mephista demanded that I intercede. Talk about all politics being local!) We shall see if things improve.

In more important matters: the killer has been caught. Now we'll see what she has to say for herself."

We very probably now know that Abuela, mentioned in Meditations (see 2.08.01), is Jeanine Salla.

4.03.12 The Mother "Vulture" Email

Created Version 4.0:

On April 24 2001, Mother sent another Email into Evan's employee inbox at DonuTech (see 2.05) [here]. Text follows. The email was sent to "Vulture", with the subject "The pillaging continues"

"Once upon a time

In a house in a tree

There lived a kind of clock

Who could that be?

Once upon a time

In a house like a wood

There lived a kind of crazy

Has he been being good?

Once upon a time

In a house by the sea

There lived a certain bird

Should he go free?

Bangalore to follow............... "

4.03.13 The 3rd "Laia" Email

Created Version 4.0:

Several hours after the 2nd Laia emails started being sent out, the 3rd emails were sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10) and the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11).

Subject: God knows I have enough to deal with...

"Sorry about the sudden sign-off earlier today; Mephista caught a peeper trying to tunnel upstream into my apartment security system. I don't know if this is related to Evan's death, or just some guy I went to school with hoping I'll take my clothes off in front of a camera. M was not amused. She burned out the peepline and is now off in Search and Destroy mode, looking for the wetware at the end of the line.

Word on the street is there's an upsurge in hacker activity over the last couple of days. Maybe it's like hacker mardi gras, and we've just chased off some frat boys. I hope so.

All for now--


4.03.14 The Loki Autoresponder

Created Version 4.6:

Loki's email address ( is found though the Business card puzzle (see 3.18)

Loki's autoresponder responds with a blank message.

4.03.15 The 4th "Laia" Email

Created Version 4.6:

On May 1st, the 4th Laia were sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11) and the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13).

Subject: When is a red herring not?

"Old friends--Abuela has been writing a paper about how a group of people working in concert can be considered as a fantastically powerful parallel processor. After visiting the link she provided as a demonstration of her theory, this makes a world of sense to me. Abuela actually dropped everything this weekend for some kind of emergency consultation. I don't know what she was working on, but she didn't sleep at all Sunday night.

I had a bad night too, for a strange reason. A frightening reason.

Mephista had a nightmare.

That hasn't happened before. Usually she's just there at my ear, my wise raven, my witch's cat. She works out the score to music I hear and particularly like. She has the menus memorized at all the places I like to order from. She doesn't make me less human: she makes me more ME. Of course the first few weeks after implanting feel strange, this voice whispering words you haven't learned to hear yet; showing pictures you have to learn how to see. But it had been years and years since I had the sense of her as something other than me.

But Sunday night I woke up and she was . . . tossing and turning in me, like a child in a hot bed. Flicks and phosphors of her thought guttered around the edges of the HUD implants. The noises were worse. Part of me, the meat of me, could tell the room was quiet: but in my head I heard these sounds, clicks and whistles. Wind. Clanking machinery. A deep, wicked voice.

Mephista crying.

What's wrong? I started to ask. But she, who never sleeps, was sleeping. She didn't come when I called her, and when I touched my face, it was wet with her tears.


4.03.16 Jeanine Salla's Autoresponder (2)

Created Version 4.7:

Jeanine Salla's Autoresponder was noticed to have changed on 1st May:

"As Dr. Salla's Administrative alleged Intelligence, it is my melancholy task to brush you off. Why? Because you simply don't rate. Why? Because the good doctor is busy molding impressionable young minds, teaching courses, working in the lab for the betterment of sentients everywhere? Not so much. Actually, she's taking incredibly lucrative retainers from big corporate clients to prepare TOP SECRET EYES ONLY reports like [here].

Gosh, sure hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands."

See also the Business Card Puzzle (see 3.18) and the Bangalore Spanish Dust page (see 2.11.02)

4.03.17 John Galt's Autoresponder

Created Version 4.8:

We get John Galt's email address from the ARM Rally "abuse" puzzle (see 3.24). Sending email to generates the following response:

Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 04:57:46 -0400
From: John Galt
Subject: automated response

Thanks for submitting your resume. It suggests that you are eminently qualified for our needs. If you would be so kind as to complete a simple qualifying examination, you will find it at this web site: [here]


4.03.18 The 5th "Laia" Email

Created Version 4.9:

On May 8th, the 5th Laia mail was sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11), the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13) and the 4th "Laia" email (see 4.03.15).

Subject: He ordered a replacement

"Another custom woman - Belladerma top of the line. Bustier this time. Not so smart. Submissive personality - In BD's charming phrase, "bound in joy."

He ordered a replacement before Venus had been caught, as if he didn’t expect to see her again. Or maybe he didn’t want to see her again.

Now, miraculously, Evan’s killer has escaped from the SPCB. Now, mysteriously, the file download of her memory has disappeared too.

Maybe it was an accident, it was a malfunction, it was SPCB incompetence.

All I know is, I wouldn’t want to be the replacement.


4.03.19 The 6th "Laia" Email

Created Version 5.3:

On May 15th, the 6th Laia mail was sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11), the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13), the 4th "Laia" email (see 4.03.15) and the 5th "Laia" email (see 4.03.18).

Subject: Died

"--They tried to explain it to me. "Your father was working on a very special project. There was an accident, they lost air and pressure, and he died."

I was six.

Six year olds are not stupid. I don't feel like I'm smarter than I was at six--I just have a lot more context now. Back then, I figured out right away that dying was something he did on purpose. All right, maybe he hadn't meant to die: but he had made a choice between us and Tranquility. Maybe he told himself nothing would go wrong, maybe he told himself he would be back home by Christmas. But that was a lie. He had abandoned us to go terribly far away and get himself killed.

Mephista says I probably blamed myself for him leaving. Like, if I had been cuter he would have decided to stay. I just remember being mad.

I don't find moonlight romantic, and I don't care much for tranquility.


4.03.20 The 7th "Laia" Email

Created Version 5.7:

On May 22nd, the 7th Laia mail was sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11), the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13), the 4th "Laia" email (see 4.03.15), the 5th "Laia" email (see 4.03.18) and the 6th "Laia" email (see 4.03.19).

Subject: They are talking overhead

I am trapped in the dark.  The floor rolls and trembles under me.  The
ceiling is so low I can't raise my arms.  I am wearing a dress but my
feet are bare.  The dress is cold and wet and sticks to my skin.  Foul
water is dripping all over me, running into my eyes and mouth.  I am
adrift in a floating coffin, packed in too tight to move.

I feel something flutter against my cheek, a spiky-soft brush, like old
paper.  Thin legs settle on my face.  Wings beat.   After a moment it
creeps across my lips.  I can just make out a trace of animal heat
before it dips beneath my chin and slides into the hollow of my throat.

Overhead, the voices continue to talk, quite unconcerned.

    --Laia?  Mephista whispers.  She is broken.  Laia, help me.  Laia?
I was up late, again.  Finishing a routine sort of meditation, just an
attempt to get some facts in order.  By the time I was done, my eyes had
begun to tear from sheer exhaustion.

Coming out of composition mode, I looked blankly around my workspace and
saw that like an idiot I had left the screen door to the balcony open.
Not a good idea at this time of year.  You let the bugs in.  The Salla
women are brave, as a general rule, but I hate having insects in my
house.  There is something creepy about them: their fierce, mindless,
primitive compulsions.  An AI like Mephista is an extract of our purer
selves; bugs are the opposite.  They are dirt, night, filth, decay.  The
flesh that creeps.

The dream came in bursts:  the sick smell of seawater, rocking in the
dark, the brush of delicate wings on my mouth:  and then a gap, a
passage seen dimly, as if behind glass, where everything was filmy and
unfocussed, and all I could hear was Mephista screaming.  Screaming and

Out on the patio I stood for a bleary moment or two, watching city
lights in the water:  the passing glare of water taxis and police
choppers.  Lollipop colors too:  the neon night-life come-ons that shake
on the canal surface as if trembling to the beat of late night music.
And light is always welling up from underneath:  cool blue chakra-rooms
and dream-parlors, the spark and flicker of a hundred submarine spots
where my cohort goes to dance and mate and bootleg pirate meatware.

I think I might have had a glass of water before going to sleep.  I
can't remember now.
Snap back, my dream again, Mephista broken and crying very quietly,
tender like a brutal bruise at my core.  Knowing if I touched her, the
pain would be unbearable.

Voices overhead.  A low woman's laugh.  A man, questioning.  The slap of
waves.  Waves!  My floating coffin is a boat, I am trapped under the
hull of a boat, as if the planks have been nailed around me.
I sleep in a hammock.  There's no way I should be able to get out of it
without waking up.

Another glassy spell. Mephista is screaming, a long way away.  She is
being tortured for information she doesn't know.  I'm glad it isn't me.
Glad my part of the nightmare isn't happening just now.

It was a glass of wine, I remember now.  Red spanish wine.  A last glass
to help me sleep.  I haven't been sleeping well these days.

There was a picture of a butterfly on the label, an ugly one.  No, there
wasn't either.  It was a moth.  A big dun moth had come in through the
open door.  Spots like furry eyes looked up at me.  It lifted off the
bottle and drifted a moment before settling on my hand.  Its wings
closed and opened, closed and opened.  Beating like a heart.
A crunch overhead, like stomping a boot into wet rotten wood.

A thud.

Later, something dragging across the floor.  Knocking and banging up the
companionway steps.


I think about calling for Mephista, but I am scared it will hurt too
Mephista is running crazily around inside me.  Bumping and crashing.
Wheeling through me, crippled and burning.
I wake up.

I am lying in the bottom of a wood/laminate skiff docked in the complex
boathouse.  I am soaked to the skin, wearing nothing but a sopping wet
nightgown.  The boat's owner is looming over me.  He speaks Chinese and
looks concerned.  I don't understand a word.  I wonder why Mephista
isn't translating.  Suddenly I sit up in shock, remembering.

I scramble out of the boat onto the dock, push by my neighbor and run
clumsily through the dim boathouse.  Things creak and strain in the
darkness around me. I am trapped under the weight of the apartment
building, Mephista is crying and crying inside my head.  I take the
    --Wake up, M.  Wake up.

By the time I have reached my door I am frightened but less confused.
Wake up, Mephista.  Wake up, dammit!  I feel her sleep in my blood like
a bad drug.  My heart is racing and my skin crawls in big patches, cold
flushes creeping all over my body.
    ---WAKE UP!   WAKE UP!

I am shivering uncontrollably and the doorknob rattles in my hand.  The
door opens, and out of nowhere I think:  Why didn't Venus wipe
Cloudmaker when she had the chance?  Why scuttle her with her memories


I feel her rising in me like something buried deep underwater.  She
breaks free at last, a rush of her everywhere in me at once, crying and

    --Oh, Laia!
    --I know. I know.  Let's just try to calm down.  Let's just try to
sort this--

My eye falls on the table.  There's a moth lying there.  It's wings have
been cut off and laid beside it, one on each side of its body.
It's three hours later.  I just closed the door on my Chinese neighbor.
He came to return the knife I left in the bottom of his boat.


4.03.21 The 8th "Laia" Email

Created Version 6.0:

On May 29th, the 8th Laia mail was sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11), the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13), the 4th "Laia" email (see 4.03.15), the 5th "Laia" email (see 4.03.18), the 6th "Laia" email (see 4.03.19) and the 7th "Laia" email (see 4.03.20).

Subject: Broke the Line

"Once upon a time, at the Terminus of Next-to-all Roads, Rogue and
Retrieval, two murdering wolf-bred brothers, raised a rose-red city 1/2
as old as t-t-times.  
(wrap it tight) 

Tackling Naming Rights, those nasty rascals watched ominous birds: six
vultures to one, 12 to the other.

brother wolf jumped over the wall--but Thirsty Nife Reddened.  
(cut to fit)
the 1/2 a twin left (that's six) Then New Remorse.

1 tries not 2 remember.
(wrap it tight)

do you understand me?
(cut to fit)
please understand.  please.
(wrap it tight)

brother killing brother: n-n-newest story in the book (Tale, Novel,
(cut to fit)

1 (where once was) 2
1 (where should have) 2
1 (where must be) 2
(wrap it tight)


This email had an attachment, the Laia Email attachment Puzzle (see 3.44).

4.03.22 The Beelzebub Email

Created Version 6.0:

On May 29th, 2001 some people, presumably those who emailed Loki (see 3.18), received an HTML encoded email from Loki , with a subject of "help", that can be seen [here].

The email contains the Loki Email "antique lures" Puzzle (see 3.48).

Version 6.1 Update:

Originally this was called the Loki email. It was assumed that because the picture was of Loki that he sent the email. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the email was sent by Beelzebub, our favorite Mowz hacker.

4.03.23 The 9th "Laia" Email

Created Version 6.3:

On June 5th, the 9th Laia mail was sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11), the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13), the 4th "Laia" email (see 4.03.15), the 5th "Laia" email (see 4.03.18), the 6th "Laia" email (see 4.03.19), the 7th "Laia" email (see 4.03.20) and the 8th "Laia" email (see 4.03.21).

Subject: My last message

"Grandmother got my last rant, tried to call me, and then raced over with
emergency personnel.  When I heard them hacking through my door I
crawled inside my refrigerator to hide.  They found me before my oxygen
ran out.
Abuela saved my life.  She did all the sensible things:  she alerted a
doctor, she talked to my landlord about the door, she got me to the
hospital.  And of course she wiped Mephista.  Everything on board and
all the back-ups.  Abuela reprograms AIs all the time; she has excellent
software designed to run like acid into every cache and crevice and burn
out the tiniest shred of old habits, old thoughts, old memories.  I have
been emptied out.  Sanded down.
I suppose I should be grateful.
Apparently it's good, it's right to feel the zero inside.  I am supposed
to be devastated, depressed, affectless, destroyed.  It's all part of a
perfectly normal process.
Then again, so is dying.  And right now, I don't care if I never see the
sun again.
Sweet Mephista, make me immortal with a kiss.

4.03.24 The Mother "The Witch" Email

Created Version 6.3:

On June 5 2001, Mother sent another email to Evan's employee inbox at DonuTech (see 2.05) [here]. Text follows.

Date: 05 May 42
From: Mother
To: Evan
Subject: mother mail


One cuckoo's mother
Found another nest
Running from her looking-glass
To find a place to rest.

She lives on tea and candy
She never gets a knife
And there she means to sleep away
The nightmare of her life.

Version 7.1 Update:

Shortly after its release, the subject of this mail was changed to "The Witch," and so this Email has been renamed.

4.03.25 The Cybertronics Autoresponders

Created Version 6.4:

Sending emails to certain people at Cybertronics [2.21] yields these autoresponses so far.

Subject: automated response
From: "Claude Gilbert" <>

Thank you for contacting Mr. Claude Gilbert, the Assistant Director of
Cybertronics Corporation's Research Archives.  Mr. Gilbert's Administrative
Intelligence has logged and prioritized your message.  If you have
submitted a request for non-proprietary, non-classified records of
concluded or terminated projects, your request is being processed and those
records will be sent to you upon completion of processing.  Requests for
classified or proprietary materials take longer to evaluate and will be
answered by the Assistant Director personally.

Queries regarding ongoing research projects should be directed to the
Development Department. Please direct service and support inquiries to the
Service and Support Administrative Intelligence.

M. Gilbert's Administrative Intelligence analyzes all messages for libelous
or actionable content.  If your message contained such content, it has
already been forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

Subject: automated response
From: "Lynn Knight Watson" <>

Thank you for contacting Cybertronics Corporation's Directed Research
Development Department Director Lynne Knight Watson.  As Director Watson's
Administrative Intelligence, I have logged and prioritized your message and
directed it to the attention of either Ms. Watson or a member of her staff.
My name is Riga, and I will make sure that your inquiry is handled

Our Research Division constantly monitors suggestions, feedback, and
questions from Cybertronics clients and other interested parties.
Proposals for Cybertronics-sponsored research should be directed to
Assistant Director Yuhn Travet.

Please direct service and support inquiries to the Service and Support
Administrative Intelligence, and archival questions to Research Archives
Assistant Director Claude Gilbert.

Director Watson's Administrative Intelligence analyzes all messages for
libelous or actionable content.  If your message contained such content, it
has already been forwarded to the law enforcement authorities.

Subject: automated response
From: "Thierry N'gawa" <>

Thank you for contacting Cybertronics Corporation's Research Archives
Director Thierry N'gawa. As Director Ngawa's Administrative Intelligence, I
have logged and prioritized your message.  My name is Matlakadibe.

Please note that Director N'gawa does not handle individual requests for
archival information about Cybertronics research projects.  These requests
should be directed to Assistant Director Claude Gilbert.  Director N'gawa
evaluates proposed institutional and corporate projects needing
Cybertronics archival information.

Queries regarding ongoing research projects should be directed to the
Development Department. Please direct service and support inquiries to the
Service and Support Administrative Intelligence.

Director N'gawa's Administrative Intelligence analyzes all messages for
libelous or actionable content.  If your message contained such content, it
has already been forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

Subject: automated response
From: "Alan Hobby" <>

Thank you for contacting Dr. Alan Hobby.  As you can imagine, Dr. Hobby's
research schedule makes it impossible for him to answer each of his
messages individually.  While he would be delighted help you in your
special endeavors, Dr. Hobby has been forced to ask me, his Administrative
Intelligence, to provide preliminary assistance.  My name is Halene.  I
have prioritized your message and directed it to the attention of either
Dr. Hobby or one of his many caring assistants.  Someone will contact you
as soon as the schedule permits.

If you have submitted a research proposal to Dr. Hobby please forward it to
Directed Research Development Department Assistant Director Yuhn Travet, as
well.  Those unaccompanied by appropriate and verifiable scientific
credentials will not be considered.

If you are requesting an interview with Dr. Hobby, please be advised he
simply cannot fulfill all requests for personal appearances.  Be as
detailed as possible in your request and Dr. Hobby will do his best.

y.travet's automated response

Thank you for contacting Yuhn Travet, Assistant Director of 
Cybertronics Corporation's Directed Research Development Department.  
Assistant Director Travet's Administrative Intelligence has logged 
and prioritized your message and directed it to the attention of 
either Mr. Travet or a member of his staff.

Our Research Division constantly monitors suggestions, feedback, and 
questions from Cybertronics clients and other interested parties.  If 
you have submitted a research proposal, it will be evaluated by 
Assistant Director Travet and you will be advised of its 
practicability as soon as that evaluation is complete.

Please direct service and support inquiries to the Service and 
Support Administrative Intelligence and archival questions to 
Research Archives Assistant Director Claude Gilbert.

Assistant Director Travet's Administrative Intelligence analyzes all 
messages for libelous or actionable content.  If your message 
contained such content, it has already been forwarded to the 
appropriate law enforce

service@cybertronics's automated response

Thank you for contacting Cybertronics Corporation!  We're finding 
tomorrow's solutions today!  We hope you are inspired to do the 
same.  Our Services and Support Administrative Intelligence wants to 
support your efforts.  Having received your message, it has carefully 
prioritized it, and directed it to the appropriate parties within the 
department.  You will be contacted as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the Spinal-link 3900 or 4000, 
seek medical consultation immediately.  Cybertronics liaisons are 
standing by at major care facilities to assist physicians in 
correcting reconfiguration-related issues.

Our Administrative Intelligence analyzes all messages for libelous or 
actionable content.  If your message contained such content, it has 
already been forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

4.03.26 The 10th "Laia" Email

Created Version 6.6:

On June 12th, the 10th Laia email was sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11), the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13), the 4th "Laia" email (see 4.03.15), the 5th "Laia" email (see 4.03.18), the 6th "Laia" email (see 4.03.19), the 7th "Laia" email (see 4.03.20), the 8th "Laia" email (see 4.03.21) and the 9th "Laia" email (see 4.03.23).

Subject: Body, Bouquet, and Color

From: laia
Date: Tue Jun 12, 2001 6:41 pm
Subject: Body, Bouquet, and Color

Rich, red, and exquisite--the perfect accompaniment to roasted meats. Have a glass with dinner, and then GO TO A SHOW!

So absolutely as promised, legendary scientist and awfully swell grandmother Jeanine Salla has managed to score a block of tickets for the special preview showing of AI (in all its enhanced glory! See it in undimmed splendor, as if these were the first prints ever shown!) Seriously, this film has played an important part in shaping _the very world you are living in right now!_ Check it out. A wrd 2 the wizr, tho: these tickets are being held for me and my best pals for a strictly limited time. Then the Masses will come snap up everything left, so if you want to come, get while the getting's good. Friends, significant others, friends, romans, and countrymen will all receive a personal thank you for coming, but creepy millionaire playboys and shadowy conspirators will be strongly discouraged from attending.

(raises her glass unsteadily but with great feeling)

To good friends!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Version 6.6.1 Update:

Laia is talking about the screenings for A.I., more details of which can be found at and (see 2.08).

4.03.27 The 11th "Laia" Email

Created Version 6.9

On June 19th, the 11th Laia email was sent, presumably to the same addresses that subscribed to the updates (see 2.08). See also the first "Laia" email, which would have been sent to the same address (see 4.03.10), the 2nd "Laia" email (see 4.03.11), the 3rd "Laia" email (see 4.03.13), the 4th "Laia" email (see 4.03.15), the 5th "Laia" email (see 4.03.18), the 6th "Laia" email (see 4.03.19), the 7th "Laia" email (see 4.03.20), the 8th "Laia" email (see 4.03.21), the 9th "Laia" email (see 4.03.23) and the 10th "Laia" email (see 4.03.26).

From: laia []
Sent: 19 June 2001 23:51
Subject: Jeanine Salla is not used to being crossed...

...but the stutter that hit so much of the sphere along the East Coast last week played merry hell with our movie ticket plans. We think everything is under control now, and the list of theaters is complete.



I am walking around these days with a part missing, and the strange thing is, nobody can tell. An invisible cripple among the rest of you, standing in line with you at the theater. Waving up to the brothers on the deck of the Lucky Junk as if I were like the rest of you. It's like being two months pregnant, your world changed utterly but nobody knows to gives you their seat on the ferry. Only of course in reverse, because I'm not adding to life; I've had a part of my life ripped away.

The fact is, I wasn't trapped inside my own skull like most humans are. Regular humans have to use language as a clumsy translation of how they feel, or what they think: but I was different. Part of me had access to a universal platform, a common mind shared by everything running Earthnet 35 and up. I could reach out to the sphere, to other people, to vast stores of information: I could extend. Connect.

Only connect.

But every strength is a weakness too: and the cost of that extension was that someone else found a way to get inside me. He got in my head and he planted terrible flowers there. He made me do horrible things. Terrible, terrible things.


My name is Venus.


Not really, of course. But I have been thinking about her for days. A few weeks ago I would have cheered to see her flawless face melted down to slag. Yeah, so, she was reprogrammed. Whatever. I would have wiped her in a heartbeat.

Now ...

I find myself wondering where she is. What she's doing. Is she happy that she can't remember killing Evan? Or does she feel the emptiness where those memories should be like I feel the absence of Mephista? A hollow clack, like a wooden leg tapping against the pavement. A part of you numb, your balance off, and the world strange somehow. Threatening.

I wonder if Venus ever thinks about me. I wonder if Evan mentioned my name, and the idea humiliates me; but I still wonder if I mattered enough for him to talk about.

I wonder where she sleeps - well, stays - at night. Does she have friends yet, or only allies? Can she tell the difference between freedom and loneliness? Does she ever wish that she was still a sleeping princess, still living with Basta in his fine house, without a question in her beautiful head about her place, about the meaning of her life?


I'm sitting on the balcony of my apartment, drinking a glass of wine. I swirl it around, watching the red waves race and jump. Then I drop the glass, and watch it shatter on the patio. Clumsily, still bad at working my eyes without Mephista, I replay the crash, slower and slower. Trying to catch the exact moment the glass lost its shape, (which is the same as meaning.)

The sudden phase change
Broken from signal to noise
Something to garbage.

How's that, Evan?

Droplets of wine bounce and spatter, pool and run. In a while there is only broken light glittering there, and a red stain. These are the only facts now. The rest is only memories, and dreams.


If you would like to be removed from this list please go to this site and enter your email address: [here]

4.03.28 The 12th "Laia" Email

Created Version 7.0

From: laia
Date: Tue Jun 26, 2001 12:42 pm
Subject: stuck

I think they've got RK.

We were supposed to meet, he was going to track down Sencha for me, & explain that "connect the dots" thing he put on my page. I got here (D&O) late, (boat trouble). No Dwayne.

Waitress comes up and drops food in front of me. Says my boyfriend (gives me "cradle-robber" look) ordered it for me just before heading out with a gang of friends.

Meatloaf and raisin toast?

She's back in a minute, says his credit didn't go through. Said he'd just had his eyes done & signed instead. She shows me the bill & right away I know he's in deep shit. Got to figure this out fast. Paid for 10-minute virtual account. Flipped the bill onto the tabletop scan, sending it with.



There is an image attached to this email, and it is Laia's Guest Check Puzzle (see 3.70).

4.03.29 The Mother "Candy" Email

Created Version 7.1:

On Evan's DonuTech page (see 2.05), there is a new email from Mother. This mail directs us to the Room Number Puzzle (see 3.74). The text is as follows:

Date: 28 June 42
From: Mother
To: Cuckoos
Subject: Candy


I've left something sweet for you in Claude's room, dears.

4.03.30 The 13th "Laia" Email

Created Version 7.2:

Laia sent us this very short piece of email on July 3rd, 2001. The text is as follows:

From: laia
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001 11:10:35 -0800
Subject: me

Nothing from me today. Sorry. PACO just called.

Oh God.


4.03.31 The 14th "Laia" Email

Created Version 8.0:

Laia sent us this on July 10th, 2001. The text is as follows:

Date: Tue Jul 10, 2001 5:10 pm

Subject: Fwd: in this case, not quite laia

Actually, this is RK. Laia seems to be gone, but I just wanted to borrow this channel to thank everyone who helped me get to the hospital, instead of the morgue.

Speaking of dead, I guess you all know Jane Sutter is gone. I found a mostly-uncorrupted back-up and compiled a stand-alone and tacked it up in the usual place, but it's just a memorial now; there's no person left any more. I guess my mom would say what happened to her was no worse than getting old and going senile, but Jane Sutter deserved better.

Here are a few more thoughts; what GK would call "A wird 2 the wizr" (She actually can spell; she just chooses not to. Personally, I can't do that. I was surfing the DL's updraft from the comfort of my wheelchair, reading graffiti like "eat watts + swap soulz", or, "the 'leet need sleep!" and I realized I'm never going to have serious hacker cool. Not in person. We middle-class kids who get good grades find it hard to spell things wrong on purpose.. Another way we're just as programmed as the AIs, I guess.)

Anyway, something to reflect on.

y=Cos(2x+Pi) + 1              [0, 13/8 Pi]
y=Cos(2x)+1                     [3/2Pi,15/8 Pi]
y=3/4 Cos(2x+Pi)+1          [9/4 Pi,87/32 Pi]
y=3/4 Cos(3/2 x + Pi) + 1  [9/4 Pi, 57/16 Pi]
y=1                                    [3/4, 35/4]


4.03.32 The Mother "Forgiveness" Email

Created Version 8.0:

This appeared in Evan's inbox (see 2.05) on Tuesday, July 10.

Date: 10 July 42
From: Mother
To: Lost Child
Subject: Forgiveness


There was once a little boy who wished
To put some ghosts to sleep
He must gaze in the looking-glass
Out where the lions weep....

4.03.33 The Carter Swem "Change in Policy" Email

Created Version 8.0:

This appeared in Evan's inbox (see 2.05) on Friday, July 13.

Date: 13 July 42
From: Carter Swen
Subject: Change in Policy


Full time Donu-Tech employees will no longer be permitted to choose
their own 4-digit employee ID numbers. The lenient policy has become
tedious to track and has even gone so far as to cause grief in some
of our employee's families.

This policy change is effective immediately.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Carter Swem

4.03.34 The 15th "Laia" Email

Created Version 8.1:

This email was sent out on Friday, July 17th.

From: laia<>
Subject: Cloudmaker, Nancy, GARDEN GNOME?
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 10:30:12 -0800

So BIOS terrorists are disappearing, there are hurricanes building in the Indian Ocean, we're about to vote on the future of our species . . . and Evan Chan's wife escaped a gangland execution with the help of a heroic garden gnome?

I've decided I'd better stop drinking now.

I got Dwayne to run some operational forensics on the gnome. He didn't sound entirely happy to hear from me, but then the last time I coaxed some work out of him, he ended up looking like something oozing out of a tear in a plastic garbage bag. Can't blame the guy for being gun-shy. Anyway, after tracking back through the Chan house systems, all he could tell me was that the command set that drove the gnome into action had turnstiled through an image-to-script translation endjinn tagged "Nauticus."

More news coming soon, I can feel it. I'm back on the trail, boys and girls, and I think we're closing in.


PS Damn! Now I have go buy some clay!

4.03.35 The "Surfacing" Email

Created Version 9.0:

The Puppet Masters themselves sent out the following email on Tuesday, July 24th, 2001.

From : themanbehindthecurtain<>
Subject : Surfacing
Date : Tue, 24 Jul 2001 10:25:23 -0800

Dear Players:

Now our play is ended. We have drawn aside the curtain, and let it drop for

But we wanted to write one more time, to say again what a profound pleasure and
extraordinary privilege it has been to work with you.

We had a magical team to put this thing together. How lucky we were to find a
team every bit as magical on the other side of the curtain! Your passion and
energy and intelligence has kept us going through more dire emergencies and long
nights than you can imagine. We always thought a community could form around
this project, but never dared to hope for an audience so engaged and so
resourceful. You demanded that we experiment, and were generous enough to stick
with us when some of those experiments didn't work out quite as we had hoped.

You made us work really hard. Which was only fair.

The best audience an artist can hope for is one that forgives error but never
cynicism; that demands your best work and then appreciates it; that contributes
energy and ideas to create something better than you could have ever made on
your own. At this moment, we believe we have been blessed with the best,
smartest, most passionate audience imaginable.

If you have any questions not covered by the FAQ (coming soon!), or just want to
hang out and chat, we will have an electronic get-together at 9 pm EST/ 6 pm PST
on Tuesday, July 31. (

We think that all of us, puppetmasters and players alike, have been given a
chance to be part of a truly original and groundbreaking experiment. There will
be other projects that attempt to use the web as a distinctive artistic medium,
ones with bigger budgets and larger audiences: but we here were first.

Once again, our profound thanks. It was dazzling, wasn't it?

The PMs

Credits (

4.04 Artificial Intelligence - The Movie

Created Version 7.1:

The movie was, of course, the big event we'd been waiting for since the day we began playing. Aside from giving us food for plenty of new speculation, the movie gave us the solution to the Room Number Puzzle (see 3.74) and plenty of goodies in the credits. The relevant credits have not yet been completely posted, but they do include the names of our Puppet Masters and several in-game characters (and not just Jeanine Salla, either!) We will include them here when we finally have them.

5.0 Current Dead Ends

5.01 Sites without working authentication

Version 5.2 Update (Severe):


DonuTech The 16-digit shareholder access code has method=get, and returns restrictedaccessX.html (see 2.04)

This section has been moved back to the section (see 2.10)


Bangalore World University This page used to have at least "Jeanine Salla" as a correct answer, but that doesn't seem to work now. Nonetheless, the page does process your answer, at least to return it to you in quotes on the results page. So method=post, accessing "faculty.asp". (see 2.11)

NOTE: The "Jeanine Salla" page does work: go to the AI department page, and enter "salla", bear in mind that this is in lower case.

Other fields which are known to have right answers and which use method=post: the DonuTech login page and the Coroner's Web case field.

Version 4.7 Update:

The following material is no longer correct as of the 1 May game universe update. It is now redacted.

THE FOLLOWING FORMS MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT HAVE A CORRECT ANSWER: the ARM UAM form has method=post and uses "error.asp". Now, the fact that they chose to use a .ASP file here means that error.asp COULD, in principle, check to see if you entered a valid UAM and return a valid page if so. With that said, the file is called "error.asp," which is quite suggestive of its content: it always returns an error. (see 2.06) uses method=post to access "catalog.asp". With that said, if there is no valid UAM for the ARM, it's doubtful that there's a valid UAM for Belladerma. Also, "catalog.asp" is the name of the file which contains the form in the first place. Now, I myself have written pages which show a login form if no data is posted and show the home page once data is submitted, but in this case it would be only too easy to just not have an extra "invalid" page and to just reuse the current page. (Try entering a fake UAM to see what I mean.) (see 2.03)

Version 7.0 Update

The DonuTech 16-digit shareholder access code has been updated to POST to a .asp file and it has been solved (see 3.33).

5.02 Sites that Aren't Game Sites

Version 5.6 Update:

The section "How to spot game sites" (see 7.05) is also useful and may well save you time.

6.0 References in the Game World

There are a surprising number of references to "our world" in the game world.

6.01 Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass

6.01.01 General Information

There are general Alice in Wonderland resources here:

Hypertext versions of the original works are available [here]

6.01.02 The Red King

We are first introduced to The Red King on the cracked most wanted page [here] (see 2.07)

The Red King is a chess piece from Through the Looking Glass (not a playing card!) wrote to the list that:

"Tweedledum and Tweedledee *say* that the world is the result of the Red King's dreaming, but that doesn't necessarily make it so. They're not what you'd call reliable characters.

"Here's the part of the Red King chapter that seemed most relevant to me:

"'Well, it's no use your talking about waking [the Red King]' said Tweedledum, 'when you're only one of the things in his dream. You know you're not real.'

'I am real!' said Alice, and began to cry.

'You won't make yourself a bit realer by crying,' Tweedledee remarked: 'there's nothing to cry about.'

'If I wasn't real,' Alice said...'I shouldn't be able to cry.'

'I hope you don't suppose those are *real* tears?' Tweedledum interrupted in a tone of great contempt."

"That says a lot about the position of AIs in the world...."

6.01.03 The Rational Hatter

There is a URL in the game universe called, though at the time of the release of this trail, it's not "live".

Mad Hatter = Rational Hatter. Get it?

Version 3.7 Update: is now live and considered in-play (see 2.20)

6.01.04 7/22

The phrase "7/22" first appears in the Red King's manifesto on the cracked most wanted page [here] (see 2.07):

"In othr nooz, Red King sez therz a footprint in the sfeer th@ looks lik Sophiaz. If u find hr, beefrend r trik r crak hr if u can. She noz 7/22nds uv evrething?."

A few people suggested that 7/22 was the fraction on the Mad Hatter's hat. It's not: 10/6 was on the Mad Hatter's hat, 10 Shillings, 6 pence.

6.01.05 The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass appears in the Mother email (see 4.03.04) in the following sentences:

"Once upon a time there crept through the looking-glass a curious child whose manners were not very good... ...I have spied on thousands. I don't wait until they're dead to go through their pockets. And I made the looking glass."

6.01.06 Alice and the Turing Test

If you go to the Turing Test section on the A.I. Movie website [here], there's a chat-bot called Alice. We haven't managed to get anything useful out of her yet, though.

In all likelihood, the Alice chatbot is a dead end: Dan Fabulich has this to say:

"We've confirmed this! It makes reasonable guesses sometimes, parroting back what you tell it, which is part of what makes it such a good chatterbot. It also refers you to the open directory to answer questions to which it doesn't know the answer.


Please, please, please don't post Alice conversations here! We've talked to the guy who designed it! (Ask Alice who this is.) He's assured us that the Alice chatter bot knows nothing about the game we're playing. (Indeed, he wants us to stop contacting him about this.)"

Further, we've got an email from the creator of the Alice bot:

"Hello and thank you for your message. If you would like to learn more about adding content in AIML, have a look at our document DON'T READ ME at The latest download of Java ALICE is program D available at Program D works with voice input and speech output. Also please consider joining our mailing list at There are many subscribers willing to help out with all levels of AIML questions. Our newest discussion forum is the ALICE bulletin board at Best regards, Rich Wallace Alicebotmaster "

Version 6.0 Update (from Dan F):

AImovie recently changed Alice's name to Chatbot, but she's still just as tedious. Don't post about her unless you want to embarrass yourself in front of thousands of people.

She's been trained to say a number of interesting but totally irrelevant things. When asked who killed Evan Chan, she will sometimes say "Sibling not yet born." This has nothing to do with the game.

If you say "I created you," she'll say "Then you must know the secret word." This has nothing to do with the game.

If you ask her about The Game, she'll tell you about the Imitation game, described by Alan Turing. It's a game in which a man and a woman talk to a judge, whose job it is to guess which is which. Turing suggested that a similar game should be the test for Artificial Intelligence, where a human and a computer play, and a judge attempts to guess which is which. This has nothing to do with the game.

Alice/Chatbot has nothing to do with the game. We have sent e-mail to her creator (ask her who this is!) and he has assured us that she knows nothing about the murder of Evan Chan. Again, please, please, don't post about this.

7.0 Other Sources of Information

This section includes non-game sources of information, including sites that appear to not be designed by the PuppetMasters, but which are nonetheless linked from indisputably in-game sites.

7.01 Cloudmakers Yahoo! Group

Created Version 4.5:

On 30 April 2001, Cloudmakers [here] was linked to from Jeanine Salla's representative papers (see 2.11) is a website run by the Cloudmakers mailing list moderators. It houses the Trail, the Guide and associated documents: a one-stop shop for all Cloudmakers information.

Adrian Hon has written "The Guide", a companion narrative to The Trail [here]

Yahoo Resources

Cloudmakers Database [here] on the Cloudmakers Yahoo Group has information on email responses, telephone numbers and people in the game universe.

A plot detailing events so far has been written by Hair Thief [here]

A diagram of the relationships in the game universe has been created by Oli [here]

IRC Resources

There is an irc channel #EvanChan on server Bronwen and I (list co-moderators) can probably be found there, along with some usual suspects. It tends to be occupied 24 hours a day at the moment.

7.02 For Evan

Created Version 4.5:

For Evan [here] was created by Cabel Sasser, who created the Cloudmakers Yahoo Group. It is soft-linked from Laia Salla's Meditations page [here] (see 2.08.01) as the first link to a non game-universe site.

7.03 BWUNN

Created Version 4.5:

The BWUNN site [here] was originally a non-linked fan site. As of update 4.5, it was linked from the BWU site (see 2.11) from their News page [here] announcing the "Bangalore New Network extension has gone live." This is the fan site BWUNN.

This site includes complete links to every site in the game found so far through all methods, thus throwing into question the legitimacy of having reached any site at this stage in the game.

7.04 SphereWatch

Created Version 4.5:

The SphereWatch site [here] was originally a non-linked fan site. As of update 4.5, it was linked from the In Our Image site (see 2.09).

7.05 How to spot game sites

Created Version 5.0:

This was kindly written by TaxiCafe and also appears as a Cloudmakers moderated message [here]:

If you come across a site you suspect is one of the PM developed Game Sites, please use this process, or one similar to it, to determine the correctness of this assumption before you post. This will allow you to post: "Game Site Found" or "Fan Site Found" with reasonable accuracy.

  1. Go to [here] or your favorite whois site or whois utility.
  2. Enter the domain name you are looking to confirm. (i.e. if you are trying to determine if is in the game, you would only enter No HTTP://. No WWW.
  3. Review the results of you search. Below is the record for While NOT a hard rule, the majority of the game sites are listed to a female member of the "ghaepetto" family in various geographic locations (Anna, Bianca, Carla, etc...). Some of newer sites not in play ARE registered to other names.

    This is the record for IN-PLAY game site

        Carla Ghaepetto (FAMILYCHAN2-DOM)
        PMB# 155, 8524 Hwy 6 North
        Houston, TX 77095-6508
       Domain Name: FAMILYCHAN.ORG
       Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
          Ghaepetto, Carla  (CGL340)  cghaepetto@ALTAVISTA.COM
          PMB# 155, 8524 Hwy 6 North
          Houston, TX  77095-6508
          281 555 1234
       Technical Contact:
          Stanley, Daniel  (DS34258)
          PMB# 328, 1945 South Ohio, Suite A
          Salina, KS  67401
          327-843-4482 123 123 1234
       Record last updated on 15-Mar-2001.
       Record expires on 05-Feb-2003.
       Record created on 05-Feb-2001.
       Database last updated on 8-May-2001 00:17:00 EDT.
       Domain servers in listed order:

    The most important thing to note is the last section of the record "Domain servers in listed order." All game sites until now are being served from "EARTHDIG-T-2000.COM" with a IP address of "" If your site DOES NOT match the same information as the paragraph above, it is probably NOT A GAMESITE.

  4. I am not going to list the complete record of known GAME sites as many of them are not in play, and the CM board really does not need an additional 20 posts that site 'X' is still not active. The current yardstick is that we aren't 'officially' acknowledging sites until they have content or a construction page. Or if we have found a link to a non-active site. Be aware that there about 30ish sites we are aware of.
  5. Sites are considered "In-Play" when a site has content AND we have found a link or clue referring us to that site.
  6. Please do not use this information carelessly. It is meant to help you determine on your own if a site is a game site.
  7. The Moderators and your fellow CMers would greatly appreciate the effort.

8.0 Puppet Masters

Created Version 7.1:

The Puppet Masters have come out of hiding! Interviews with the PMs can be found in USA Today and the Edmonton Journal.

Full game credits [here] are found on the Movie Posters distributed at some of the preview screenings (see 3.75). The L.A. crowd actually got to MEET the PMs - see CM-Mod post #1025 for a detailed summary of the night and the questions answered.

8.01 Puppet Masters Credits

Created Version 9.0:

On the Familia Salla page, the Puppet Masters have posted absolutely comprehensive game credits. Voice actors, artists, money guys - you name it! You can find the intro to the credits [here] where you must choose Flash or Javascript. There is a Javascript Credits Puzzle (see 3.97) found in, well, the source of the Javascript version of the site.

The credits are notable for two things; first, there is an actual PM FAQ where a lot of questions that we had been wondering about for months are finally answered for us [here].

The PMs also announced a live chat to be held on MSN:

If you have any questions not covered by the FAQ, or just want to hang out and chat, we will have an electronic get-together at 9 pm EST/ 6 pm PST on Tuesday, July 31. (

8.02 Puppet Masters IRC Chat

Created Version 9.0:

On Tuesday, July 24th, Elan Lee and Sean Stewart held an informal live IRC chat with #evanchan. They answered a lot of our most burning questions. The complete log is much too long to include here since it took a good three hours, but a terrific transcript is available [here].

During the chat, they mentioned that there is an outstanding puzzle with the original domain registrations - the Ghaepetto Puzzle (see 3.98). To our understanding, this is the only remaining puzzle that we have not solved. Most of what we had still been working at were not, in fact, actual puzzles.